Monday, January 2, 2012

I am going to quit writing for a while, maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe forever.

First of all, I am in my usual winter mood and I am rarely, if ever, funny when I am in this stupid dark place.
It was mentioned to me that I post about shopping a lot, which I enjoy doing, and it sounds like I am bragging and have a lot of money in a time when people are struggling. 
Someone else told me that I leave out some of the "real life" stuff that happens and only focus on the good.
I started this as a journal but there are personal things that I cannot write about because it would infringe on others privacy. There are other things I would like to say but they are not nice.

I will continue to read blogs as I have time.

I will say this: 2011 was both wonderful and horrible. 
We got out of the franchise and re-named our business, we kept our heads above water in a crappy economy, we paid down some huge debts and went on a dream vacation to Hawaii. We made some great new friends and watched family buy new homes, get their lives back on track and get engaged.
We also had some family drama. My mother-in-law was diagnosed and died of cancer within 7 months time, we dealt with depression, debt and anger from a few family members. We let our house, yard and kids go while we went through all kinds of emotions and are just now reeling those things back in. Our oldest son quit school, moved back in/out/in again. My husband had his gallbladder out. I had my knees examined. 

We have big plans in store for 2012.
We are going to remodel the restaurant (cosmetically) and do some changes to our house like flooring and cleaning bad areas (hello garage) along with finishing some projects I started a while ago.
We want to improve our work staff, lift their spirits and change their attitudes.
We want to get closer to the kids, spend more time with the dogs, work on the yard (leaves???) and enjoy our home more instead of trying to escape it.
My sister is getting married in March. I want to be involved in the planning and enjoy her special day.
We need to go through my MIL's house this spring and get rid of 35 years worth of junk.
I want to maintain our friendships and make new ones. 
I want to have dinner parties and barbeques and get-togethers at our home.
Above all, I want to make my mom and MIL proud by keeping in touch with family and making sure everyone knows that they each have a special place and their place is as important as everyone elses.

Till later.......


  1. Geesh for crying out loud with the people mentioning this and that to you about how and what you share on your blog, key word here is your blog. You should be free to write what you want, when you want without people criticizing you in anyway and if they feel the need to say something, they shouldn't and move on. People forget it is the person's blog to write what they want.

    I personally will miss your writings, whatever you write, but I truly do understand. I think 2011 was a hard year for you indeed but you came out of it still trying to strive to do and be the best you can and that is an accomplishment! Sounds like you have great plans for 2012 too! Lots of exciting things. I don't know, I get a sense of anticipation about 2012, that it is going to be a good year.

    Take the time to regroup and I hope we do see your writings so very soon.

    (I came back, but came back with a new blog and retiring the dog; changing focus on what I write. Maybe you can find the right balance for you in a similar way down the line?)

    I'm an email away........

    hugs to you.........


  2. You're witty and wise. Blogs are about being true to yourself. If you want to write about shopping or clothes, feel free. If not, ok. Everyone finds a niche, what works for them. You've had alot on your plate for awhile now, so taking a break from this place sounds like a plan. Take all the time you need. Being with family and taking care of business should be your priority. ENJOY. We'll be here if and when you get back. But we're going to MISS you in the meantime. TAKE CARE.

  3. Well good luck, hope this gives you the time to get back on track and check everything off your list. I think everyone needs a "life readjustment" every once in a while, so go for it. For all those that comment on your shopping, do not pay attention. This is your blog and you can write about what ever your heart desires (or doesn't) if they don't like it they are not obligated to read, so move on complainers!
    See you when we she you. Peace out.

  4. How about a huge hug?

    2011 was definitely a roller coaster for you. I will say one thing and that is: NOBODY has a right to criticize what you write about and tell you it sounds like you are bragging! Whatever. You are writing about your life and if they are jealous then they can either keep it to themselves or quit reading.

    You've worked very hard for everything you do and have. You've also paid a huge price in the way of the other things that you mentioned wanting to do in 2012. I hear ya about your blog supposing to be a journal and yet some things just have to left out. I've been dealing with that more and more lately because so many family and friends now read my blog. Sometimes the truth hurts and I never want to hurt anyone.

    Anyway, happy 2012 and hopefully as the winter blahs lift, you will continue posting. I'm going to miss you if you don't!


  5. Well! I never thought you were bragging. If it's a journal, it's a journal! It's your life and you shouldn't be ashamed of success.

    Geez, I just started reading you. You can't stop now!

  6. Well I hope you don't leave for too long. You'd be missed! It's your blog and you can write about anything you'd like to write about. That's why it's your blog. I hope that people didn't mean those comments in a hurtful way. I'd like to think they didn't know it might come across like that.

    You did have a roller coaster year, and I hope 2012 is full of blessings for you!

    And again, don't be gone too long, ok?

    Happy New Year!

  7. Understandable. It must be difficult to feel you need to be a cheerleader when what you really want is to vent but don't think you can here.

    I always read blogs and take them with a grain of salt. No one's life is perfect, bloggers just present the best parts.

    I find difficulty when bloggers write that they want to hear from readers and then they get pissed when the readers don't agree with them (Not you, you've never written to me).

    The blog I found you on has been going through this for a couple of weeks now and it is discouraging.

    Your blog has been fun to read and I like your sense of humor. I think you've had ups and downs like the rest of us and you've written about those.

    Good luck and don't stay away too long. If you'll answer my FB request, I can at least keep up with you there.

  8. Don't quit writing. What will I read?
    Write about whatever you want to. I am one of those people going through rough times, and I don't ever feel like you are bragging! Maybe they shouldn't read your blog if that's how they feel.

  9. Hi there, just as I am about to meet you, you decide you just might want to quit. Don't do that, you seem to have much to offer. We all go through rough times but I like that you have a good sense of humour. Happy New Year. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  10. Gonna miss your posts. They always make me smile. Winter is a dark place for me too so I totally get where you're coming from. Here's hoping spring arrives quickly!

  11. I will miss you....always looked forward to reading your blog.

  12. :(. Sorry to hear about your break. I really enjoy your blog. Even the shopping comments and pictures. I absolutely HATE shopping for myself, but I LOVE seeing what you bought :)

    Take as much time as you need. And thank you for sharing your life with us. I think way more people read than you probably know (I don't know how they track readers :) )

    So go buy some new sandals, a "Springy" blouse and a smashing new purse--just for the heck of it ;)

  13. *shin kick* to the naysayers, twice.

    I was going to be depressed if you weren't going to post for a while I have to say because yours is one of my favorite Blogs to read.

    I love that you are "real" and adore your sense of humor.

    I will be waiting.


  14. Sounds to me like a lot of people here want to keep the Funny coming, no matter what you write about. Maybe this is your opportunity to get real with the blog and use it more as a journal that you can really write in. You're funny no matter what you write about. Hell, I've never laughed harder than in Mom's last days, and that is sick and proof that we are just laughers in this family.

    Don't stop. Believing. Hold on to that (blog) feeeeeeling! A little Journey to soothe your way.

  15. Hello there, new reader here for a few months now. Don't stop writing and tell those people who think you are bragging that they don't have to read your blog! My husband and I had the worse 3 years financially in our 25 years of marriage. Not once was I offended by all your shopping. The way I see it is that your keeping the stores in business. Keep it up, they need your business.


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