Friday, January 27, 2012

Sink or Swim

Yesterday, I woke up to one of those days where getting out of bed is almost impossible so I went back to sleep till after noon.

While having my morning {ha} coffee, I mentioned to the little one {who was home from school with a sinus infection} that I wanted to rip out that sink in the living room {in it's day of 1987, it was a jamming wet bar} and put a desk and computer there and get the desk out of the kitchen. There is a matching alcove on the other side of that wall in the kitchen where we have the desk and computer right now and I have a beautiful storage cabinet I bought 2 years ago to fill that space.
The little one grabbed a handful of tools and got to work. Much pounding and screwdriving and patience {if it would have been me, I would have been swearing and throwing things but that little dude is calm and obviously quite the demolition expert} later, here we were:

He mentioned spiders aplenty which made the big one shiver and run upstairs.
Now, it looks like this:

Complete with some Monopoly money and a playing card. He said "would it be cool if we found a million dollars under there?" and I agreed.
The plumbing needs to be removed and some spackling and painting will be done but notice that there is no carpeting there either. Since we are having wood floors installed sometime in the next few months, it doesn't bother me much.

Although the space is too small for this, I could do the left side with the built-in desk and shelves. Then someday when someone else lives here, they can say "why the hell would someone want a desk in the living room?" like I said about the sink.

I do wonder where the spiders went.

I got a few loads of laundry washed and took them over to my brother-in-law's to dry them. When I walked in the door, I started sneezing and after about 10 minutes of constant ah-choos, I think I might be coming down with a cold.

I finished spray painting my bridal shower project too. I will show you when I finish.

Guess what I am getting?
iPhone 4 S
No more 3G.  I am looking for a fancy case for it now.
Um, Butts?

Peter Cottontail
For Mel's enjoyment

Have you seen the Honey Badger videos on You Tube? You should...

Oh sweet mother, how I love this!

I could put a bird on it

The theme for this month at work!!


  1. Looks like you opened a can of worms. However I see the possibilities coming to light with that picture. I have a desk in the living room and can attest to the fact it is better than having one in the kitchen. GOOD luck. can't help myself but the bunny tale cover would be perfect for Easter. GOOD LUCK on your project. take care.

  2. Just like that. BOOM! It is gone! You are my kind of woman (with the help of a young man). Maybe you should sleep until Noon more often. Hard telling what kind of mischief you could get in to!

    I'm with you, though, the wet bar is so 80's... That desk space is going to be gorgeous. You'll never find something to fit perfectly, though. You might as well start searching for a cabinet maker.

    Hope you feel better and that cold didn't take hold!!!!

  3. I am back from my trip to CA so I popped over to see what you have been up to! Off to read the rest of your posts to see what I missed!

    That was sweet of the little one to do all that work on ripping that stuff out....I am with you though...I would be wondering where those spiders went!!


  4. So did the Hub's know you were going to decontruct parts of the living room? Ha.

    I'm patiently (not) waiting for the next upgrade for my S version.

    I too wonder where the spiders went...

  5. Okay, I think I am the only person on the planet who doesn't know what/who Honey Badger is. I feel sort of like I should be on the Short Bus.


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