Sunday, January 22, 2012

The little one had an out of town concert this evening so as soon as I got home from work, I put on some blush, threw on some different clothes {with my husband rushing me} and we left.

Mr. Funny wanted to go to Target {which is bizarre but if I have finally trained him to love Target, he can probably stay here after all} and we had an hour to kill so he went his way and I went mine. I would like to say something really quick here. Every single time I go to Target, any Target, the bathroom is a mess. It smells, the trash is overflowing and the toilets are dirty.
There always seems to be plenty of staff so why can't there be a little potty maintenance, is all I am saying.

Anywhatever. I went to the dollar area where there was a screaming kid so I ran like the wind checked out the clearance clothes.
Yes, I bought some clothes. I got 4 $4.00 shirts. 
And Mr. Funny bought rawhide chews and a Dyson. Because he is obsessed. 
I really like the way it cleans the tile floors, like a canister vacuum, and it will be great when we get the wood installed.
The best part was when my husband vacuumed the stairs. 
So we will add it to our growing Dyson family.

The little one's concert was awesome! There were kids from all over our district and I saw a few people we knew. We got great seats on the second row of the auditorium and I took my coat off and enjoyed the show {a lot of times I leave my coat on because I am always cold and it was 20 degrees here all day}

Then we stopped for dinner at Lonestar steakhouse. We had a nice dinner and I stopped in the bathroom {which was clean, good for you Lonestar!}on our way out and as I washed my hands, I noticed a small tag on the side of my sweater vest. Then I noticed the large tag on the back. The outside of the back. Old Navy XL. 
I wore an inside out sweater and never noticed. And not one person told me {and I know plenty of people at the concert saw it}
I don't care that it was Old Navy. I don't care if it was an XL. What bothers me is that people thought I couldn't properly dress myself.

My husband laughed at with me.

Since I got the floors vacuumed and steam mopped tonight, I have time to start my project tomorrow morning.

I cannot wait!

My husband picked up the elliptical machine today. It was been "being fixed" for a month but they put in a whole new computer board so yesterday she called to tell me it had been fixed so I can program it and tomorrow I will try it out.

ps. the tree is down

Mr. F took off the 6,385 strings of lights and I wrapped them while he took down the tree. I cleaned and organized the tubs of decor and put them all neatly away so next year I won't curse myself. I still have a few breakable things to bubble wrap tomorrow but I am almost ready to pull out the Valentine stuff.

I cannot wait to show the cute, super cheap bird stuff I bought the other day while my husband was ordering 40 chairs at Oak Express. I might use it for the bridal shower.

off to bed.....


  1. Hope you have a good week ahead. Target is one of our favorite places to shop for those "I gotta have this now" kind of thing. Ours has a starbucks too. We even ordered our new eyeglasses from there. Great you got some good deals. I usually don't have good finds for my size anymore but for my daughter's size is excellent. They have a pretty good turnover in clothing for juniors/small sizes.

  2. I'm skipping putting Valentine's Day stuff out, this year. I think? WOW your hubby encouraged the trip to Target. GREAT guy. I LOVE Target. Another Dyson? That makes how many now? I can't get my hubby to buy ONE. Sounds like your son's concert was AWESOME. Had to chuckle about your inside/out sweater. Been there/done that. And you're right nobody bothers to tell you? WHY is that? Take care.


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