Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January thought it would flip its middle finger at me and say "THIS IS MY LAST DAY BUT YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO REMEMBER ME WITH LOVE!!"
The dish machine was broken today. I don't want to relive the details but let us just say that the repairman lives an hour away and had to drive here 3 times. THREE TIMES. During which, my dishwasher had to wash dishes by hand for most of that time. Wash. Rinse. Sanitize. And it ain't like doing dishes at home.

I am disgusted with my bridal shower projects. Between spray paint mishaps, 1,384 kinds of glue {what the #$%&@ sticks metal to china??? not Gorilla effing glue!!} and my limited patience, I was ready to spend my life savings and order everything from Pottery Barn. Yes. It would have been easier and cheaper.

Bobby {we have been on a first name basis for many years} came to fix my dryer yesterday. After prying off the faceplate, he fixed the start button only to break the faceplate because the epoxy was too strong. "WHAT KIND OF EPOXY IS THAT?? I NEED IT FOR MY PROJECT!!!" I asked/cried/bellowed.  He told me what to get, ordered me another face plate and made it work for the time being. I am sort of caught up on laundry.

As of today, I have 6 spray painted things drying in the front yard. It is supposed to rain any minute too. 

We had to fire a decent cook because of his substance abuse and put a dishwasher on medical leave. A full-time server had surgery and will be out a week. We run with a short staff in winter so it is a mess. 

We are waiting for estimates on the restaurant walls before we can have the carpet installed, booths re-upholstered, wallpaper picked out, curtains made. Cue Jeopardy theme song.

My new iPhone was supposedly delivered at 1pm today. We have no idea where it is and neither does Apple. My husband told them to find it and deliver it to work. I blame Siri.

I still need a dress, shoes and jewelry. I need to get stuff for the turkey roll-ups, meatballs and punch. I need to gather my crafts and pack them so they won't break. I need to pack an outfit for the shower and one for Bachelorette party {I have nothing} I need to pack my clothes. I need a shower gift and then a wedding gift. I need to run the dishwasher. The dogs will not stop barking. I have a few shows I want to catch up on. {I am revolted by the Bachelor this season. Those girls are so ignorant. I heard who he chooses and I am done watching. Done.} I am cranky and tired and my positive attitude disappeared around 2pm. 
  I am going to Tulsa on Thursday. I hope my mood improves by then.

Onto the good stuff:

I ordered some art from Etsy for the restaurant. 

I will need to have them both framed but I love the trees and birds.

I got to see our friend's baby when she was just 3 hours old. 

Have a nice week!!

Update: the phones were delivered to the neighbors house. The woman at UPS said they were dropped off at a 2 story, brick with columns and a detached garage. My garage is attached so I knew who it was, 2 doors down. She met me halfway. The driver couldn't figure out which house to pick them up at to redeliver so she was going to trace them by satellite tomorrow. I might let them search a while.


  1. I love the pictures you bought from Etsy. I love Etsy. I finally replied to your comment on my blog. If you read it you'll understand why it took me so long.

    I'm glad you kept posting.


  2. I am sticking my middle finger up at January. It's been a month full of drama and crapola!(well, for the most part)

    On to February and we will start with a clean slate!


    p.s. next time ask me about glue....I am a total AFICIONADO on that subject. Anytime I am bonding metal to china or anything else...E600 works like a charm or you can use JB Weld (two part epoxy)

  3. Hair envy. Me for yours. That's all I have to say.

  4. Some months just aren't worth repeating. TAKE a deep BREATH and RELAX. Everything will fall into place, eventually. I'm praying that's SOONER rather than later for you. HANG IN THERE. I hope the glue bonds. The Artwork you chose is gorgeous. You have great taste. You look positively precious with that sweet little baby. It's Febuary. A new dawn, a new day, a new month. Time to start feeling good.

  5. Leanne Rhimes and Renee Zellweger? Why didn't I include them! I hate their guts.

  6. i wish i could do your crafts for you.... e-600 is a must for crafters!! spray paint- slow & steady wins this race!

  7. You do have a way with words! January did not single you out with that middle finger. I'm on my husband's computer today. Mine won't boot up. The software I need for a class tomorrow won't load on his computer. I walked 4 miles two days ago and am now limping with a pulled muscle in my leg..... need I go on?

    Come on February... give me all you've got... I can handle it!!!!!

  8. Wow. Some months are definitely better than others! Here's to hoping February is a lot kinder.

  9. You have good taste in art. Those are very pretty!

    I can't even imagine how bad the dish machine nightmare made the day. That is absolute misery right there. You don't think about how integral that thing is to the master plan. Eesh!

    The baby, oh the sweet baby!


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