Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just in case you thought I had given up......

I feel like our house is in a constant state of disarray.
It takes most of my energy to keep the sink dish-free, the laundry somewhat caught up and the tumbleweeds of dog hair under control.
This leaves me little time for decorating, but a girl can dream.
I have all of the big furniture but the small touches that make a house comfortable elude me.
I have slowly started picking up things here and there to gussy up this dog farm and this is where I am:

I always have the dining room table set with whatever season/holiday/mood strikes me. I found this lazy Susan in black, added a zebra thingy, some balls (shut up), a vase, a fake plant, a candlestick and then I put a bird on it.
I haven't found the right plates yet, maybe zebra, maybe solid black. I have the white chargers already. I need to visit Pier 1.

My sideboard. It has too many things going on but I plan to move some of it to the living area when we get the wall fixed where the sink was and put the desk there. 

Found this at home goods. It is pretty tall so it will look great with my dining room colors and I have the perfect wall. I have so many things for my husband to hang up. He is a measure 10 times, use a level, measure 3 more times kind of guy.

please ignore the awful parquet tile, and the dog hair on the bottom shelf..

I found this table when I was looking for something else. I love it. I had an old dresser of my mother's stripped and repainted black to put in my foyer. It did not turn out like I had hoped so it is in the garage for now. I will probably put it in the basement or offer it to one of my sisters.

I think we are finally seeing a light at the end of the winter tunnel. It was sunny and in the low 60's today and even nicer forecast for tomorrow. I cannot wait to get out in the yard and really get it looking nice this year after all but ignoring it last year with my mother-in-law's illness. We have made some new friends as well and I plan on having some dinner parties/bbq's this year.

We took the little one to the city yesterday to get him a new shirt for his suit. He has a 27 in. waist and 35 in. arms and legs. A mini gorilla. I took him to one of the suit shops so they could measure him properly. We found him a shirt and 2 ties so he set for my sister's wedding and the rest of concert season. He also has a jazz dance/fundraiser this Friday that we are going to.
We also picked him up another pair of jeans. It amazes me how expensive jeans in his size are. And some are as much as $250!!! He is even still growing! They had one pair in his size and I ordered another on line but these are it this year, he will have to make due with 6 pair.

While we were at the suit shop, my husband wandered next door to the kitchen store. Since it is a hoity toity shopping center, I tried to avoid that particular store but Mr. Funny mentioned how much I would love it so we ventured in. I have kind of been wanting to replace our cookware for a while, it is Teflon coated and the coating is very chipped which is probably giving us brain tumors. Mr. Funny was eying the sets and we decided on this Cuisinart Multiclad set.

I also picked up some new baking supplies. Because I bake a lot.
I took this with Instagram
There are pinch cups! And magnetic spoons and measuring cups.
And they are colorful!!

(Who ate a pb&j for dinner??)

Last but not least, I got this cute (fake) baby for the half bath, we shall call it a powder room. Or the room where Molly sleeps on her back with her feet straight up and gets dirt on the wall. Or the room in which the toilet is never flushed. Or just the half bath.


  1. My house is in total disarray,too, right now. I haven't had time to do anything.

    I can't keep my son in jeans for more than 2 or 3 months before he grows out of them. Length wise. I'm tired of buying him new jeans.

    Decorations look great!

  2. Not to worry, nobody will notice except you. My place is a mess. My daughter is working CRAZY shifts and I am babysitting the grandkids. There is a pile everywhere I look. All your new things are lovely. You have wonderful taste. Hang in there juggling everything that needs doing. You will eventually prevail. Take care.

  3. *snickering at "balls"*

    Yea, I'm 12.

    ROFL @ Molly getting the walls dirty...my two new little rescues do the SAME thing.

    Looking for a new couch today...no more fabric couches for me...leather this time. It wipes up and no doggie dirt on it!


  4. Oh my goodness, I'd say your beautiful home is comin' together.

    Your home is charmin' sweetie...surly no apologies needed here.

    God bless ya and have a terrific day!!! :o)

  5. Our downstairs bath is gutted and the walls throughout downstairs are a patchwork of patch, repairing the damage done several years ago when we had foundation troubles and had to have it reinforced. Ugh.

    Love all of your new toys!

    The little one is definitely a difficult fit. One of these days he will grow into those arms. My son-in-law is that way and now my grandson, thanks to SIL. Ha.

    Can't wait to see how pretty your yard is going to be!


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