Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

My day started with this:
(I even offered to do the big one's laundry)

Then, in my effort to purge and simplify life, I moved on to this:
I filled a bucket and scrubbed the kitchen cabinets, inside and out.
I emptied every cabinet and got rid of a ton of stuff. 5 bags, if you are counting.

The smell was bothering me so I wiped over everything with this:
Love me some clementine!

Then I washed the 3856274 cleaning rags and the kitchen curtains. 
There is no skin left on my hands, all I have had all day is 2 cups of coffee and a Sprite and my nails are awful.
BUT! We have sparkling clean cabinets and they are organized to boot.
And I got rid of so much crap.

Sunday, I cleaned the china cabinet, the sideboard and the rest of the dining room. I have too many dishes and glasses but they all have a season, if you will.

Are you watching Real Housewives of OC? 
Wowsers. They are loons.
I had to laugh at the new girl who has an enormous mansion but doesn't have enough room for the new baby and was complaining to her hubby about how the stuff was strewn about and she needed it all on the same floor. They have an elevator. How much time can it take to go get the diaper bag and clean clothes when changing the baby? And do plastic surgeons make that much freaking money?? 
I am glad I haven't had to look at Alexis' gross husband. I wish Slade would go away too.

The contractor is starting on the restaurant walls tonight. He is doing everything at night so we don't have to close. 

We were invited to dinner by 2 different couples Saturday night. We are cool like that. ha

Tomorrow night, Mr. F took the night off to attend a fundraiser for the little one's jazz band with me. 

It was a warm, beautiful day (spent inside) and I threw those smelly dogs out first thing. They have spent the entire day outside (the torture!) so hopefully all that fresh air will make them sleep late tomorrow and not wake up with the sun snarling and whining. I want to kick them out of the bedroom but Mr. thinks it is dog abuse to lock them in the kitchen.

In my effort to simplify, I narrowed down my blog read list to my favorites. I also have all but deleted FB. I want to keep it to stay in touch with a few people like our friend who is in Afganistan but I deleted about 10 people. 

Time for a shower and some chow.


  1. I did all my cleaning yesterday, and it still looks messy to me. Ugh! So...anytime you want to come clean out my cabinets...

    I haven't had a facebook for a month, and I don't miss it at all.

  2. Good grief, I wanna know what you put in your coffee?!!!
    LOL! Oh and also do you hire out? Would you come clean my cabinets?

  3. I now want me some clementine too. I can smell it from here. SERIOUSLY. You've been busy lady. My goodness do you ever rest? Take a break, kick up your feet? Have a glass of wine? A latte? ENJOY the jazz band concert. Have a blast at dinner too. The renovation sounds awesome. Take care.

  4. FABULOUS purging effort, Girl!!! Doesn't it feel good?! Kitchen cupboards are definitely on my list too.

  5. I noticed you had dropped me on FB..thought it was me...

    Now I feel like cleaning..:-)

  6. You've been a busy little beaver, haven't you. I spent my week mostly comatose with the crud. My house proves it. I sure hope I'm not culled :(


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