Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekly Update

I seem to be posting weekly lately.
There just doesn't seem to be enough time to even mess with the computer although I play on my phone with a few blogs and FB at work on slow times.

We will start with recent stuff and go backward.

I got pulled over on my way to work this morning. 
I knew I had on my seat belt and I wasn't speeding (small miracle) so when he asked if I knew why he had pulled me over I said nooooo.
My tags had expired in December. I told him my husband usually does that stuff and the officer told me to tell him to get them renewed today. Mr. Funny took care of it and I didn't get a ticket.
Today, the guy came by to pull the restaurant booths and take them to re-upholster. It was very slow at work, nothing like yesterday. I came home and crashed in front of the fire for 2 hours. 

Yesterday was our anniversary/Valentine's Day.
I left work a little early to get a shampoo/blow-out/curl. She also talked me into getting a red lipstick. (Aveda Vanadinite)

Here we were before heading out to dinner:

The skirt has a layer of crinoline to poof it out. I probably didn't need any extra poof with these hips but whatev.

The big one took this picture, he said "dad, do not look right at the camera, look away a bit" Yeah.

I took this before we left. Stupid snow.
I also noticed that the driveway that we just had resurfaced is all cracked. This is annoying.

We had an amazing dinner at the restaurant at the lake where I used to work. I was so happy to see my old friends. Mr. Funny had filet and stuffed shrimp and I had crab legs. We had cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. 
Before the entree came, Mr. Funny gave me this:

I love the sides of it!
When we got home, Finn had gotten on the counter and eaten 2 loaves of bread. There was tiny plastic bits as evidence. The little one had been at work and the big one went to the restaurant to check on them and helped out because they were busy. He also stopped for pizza. The dogs were locked in the kitchen because they had gotten so muddy outside. Guess they got bored.

Yesterday at work, I got a ton of compliments on this shirt:

My sister had one and I simply adored it! Had to get one for myself. 

Monday we had a mini blizzard. No school and the town was a ghost town. It didn't stop us from doing our thing. Bank, bills, lunch, gas, groceries. It rained all day today and the snow is gonzers. We had a family dinner, the 4 of us, and I made capellini pomodoro. 

Sunday was my usual cleaning day. I am sad that I still have a mess on my dining room table from the bridal shower crafts so I never set my Valentine table. I have got to get to that room this week.
We hired a contractor for he restaurant to rebuild some of the interior walls. He brought by some stain choices and is starting the job next week. He is also going to sheet rock and repair that silly hole in the living room where I had the little one rip the wet bar out.

Saturday was work and then we drove with the trailer to pick up 40 chairs at Oak Express. I also found some great decor which I will post at a later time. We ordered a desk for the living room "hole" and the ridiculous Mac my husband bought while I was in Tulsa will go in there for homework and the boys to use. I am mean and will not let them have computers in their rooms and they have to be where I can monitor them. I played with the Mac a bit and decided I want nothing to do with it. I like my laptop and the touch screen hp. Then, we met one of our servers for a drink and some dinner. Mr. Funny got called away for work for a bit so we had some fun girl talk.
Last week was a terrible time for the house/carpet. Kona had a stomach bug and the little one woke up  to some messy diarrhea in his room. I was able to get most of it up with Windex (miracle stain cleaner) and told him I would shampoo it when I did the upstairs in the spring. Friday morning was horrific. Kona had revisted his room again and he woke me before school to tell me that "something VERY BAD" happened in his room. OH EM GEE. It was like someone had slung a bag of liquid hate against all of the walls. I was shampooing for 4 hours.
We put her in our bathroom with her bed that night and put the gate across the doorway. At 2:30 am, I smelled it. I woke the husband and we cleaned the entire bathroom. He then locked her in the kitchen. When I woke up for work, I smelled it as I came downstairs. Oh hell it was everywhere. On the stainless appliances, on every inch of the floor. 
I called the vet and she said 2 Immodium 3 times a day. She finally was feeling better yesterday.

I am working an extra day tomorrow so I need to get to bed. 
Enjoy the rest of the week!


  1. The red lipstick is beyond fab. You need to wear it more.

    That ring is beautiful.

    LOVE the hair and LOVE the pics of you and Mr. Funny.

    I hope the pooch is all better. Our three that were sick are back to normal but now comes the next one...the little lab's stomach is making horrid noises right now while she's up in the bed with me.

    It might be another long day.


  2. Such a pretty ring! You look gorgeous and Mr. Funny cleans up pretty good too.

    Snow is definitely gone. We needed the rain, so I'm not going to complain.

    OMG I couldn't clean up when my kids got sick, much less the dog... you are a better woman than I ever thout of being!!!

    Can't wait to happen through your town someday and see all of the changes to your restaurant.

  3. LOVE the red lipstick on you!

    And,as you know, my Harry is a counter-surfing bread eater too. At least it was Whole Wheat.

  4. Love the pic of you and Mr. Funny.

    Love your new top. It looks fabulous on you!

    Love, LOVE your new ring!

    Oh. My. Hell. Cleaning up after your pup?! YiKeS!!

  5. I am in a blog slump...rainy day here so I am catching up on reading. Those pictures are yu are FAB!!!! Red is your color for sure.

  6. Love the hair and the red lipstick!


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