Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fashion Friday and Stuff

Even though spring is here I am still having trouble kicking my stupid depression. 
I have started making a list of new projects to tackle {though the old list is unfinished} to stay busy and today it was laundry {always, always laundry} and to finally get somewhere with the bathroom re-do I started back when Moses was playing with sea water.
I got quite a bit of painting done to the drawers and cabinet doors and tomorrow I am going to look for new hardware and shelf liner. It doesn't quite look like this:

The potential is there though.

Tomorrow we are cleaning out the garage. If I sound thrilled, it's because I'm not.

I got a reply to the email I sent to the Bloggess. She actually said "love it" to the photo I sent her of Jay-Z knocking on my door.

And then she begged me to come over and help her write her 2nd book and drink martinis with her.
Her first book is going to be a good one:

The little one came home after hanging out with some friends after school and he told me that they had to take his best friend to the ER because of this:

Badly broken wrist. He is in surgery as I type this.
They were walking along a cliff on his friends' property and N fell over part of it. I asked a ton of questions and never got much info so I told the little one he had to stay home forever because he could have fallen and broken his neck or worse. He is just disgusted with me and my "annoyingness".

Now, onto the important stuff. I have been slowly purging my closet of everything I hate.
I discovered Zulily at Christmastime and ordered my niece some things. Then I realized that they have stuff for me too.

Things that I bought in the last 2 weeks:
Everything came from
The dresses were $21.99 and the shoes were all less than $20 apiece.

The flats are for work. Most of my work shoes are well-worn and/or coming apart so it was time to get rid of them.
I think most of these are Sam & Libby or Kenneth Cole which are well-made shoes and for under $20, the price can't be beat.

I am really digging tunics right now. They are great for work, loose and comfortable and I can throw them on with jeans every day and not even have to think too much about it. They hide a multitude of sins.
These 2 are from Macy's and as usual, they were on sale.
I have also found some great tunics at Gap, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Outlet.

While I was spending saving money, I ran across some other tops that I am keeping my eye on, in case they go on sale.

Now I am taking my annoying self to the bath and bed.


  1. Wow on the shoes! Is that you, Imelda Marcos? lol

    It appears as if you have a lot going on in your life right now.

    Walking along a cliff is 'boy' thing, and it will be repeated, albeit at a safer distance.

    Are you doing the A to Z Challenge?

  2. Okay, you had me squeamish at that wrist. It reminds me of the Harry Potter movie when he breaks his wrist and Kenneth Branaugh turns it to jello. I'm with you on the love of tunics. Make sure to email me any cool and cheap ones you find. And that is a LOT of shoes - even for you. And I can totally see your bathroom looking like that. The setup is exact, it's just the specifics you have to get down. Hey and take that damn word thing off your comment moderation. They never work for me.

  3. Cute clothes and shoes. Ouch on the wrist!


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