Friday, March 9, 2012


It is Friday and I would love to do a Fashion Friday weekly again or at least most weeks so we will see how that goes.
I was reading a blog yesterday and she had posted some of her favorite clothes and I realized how much I miss Anthropologie. I am still pissed at their awful customer service and disgusted that I never got those sweaters and the ones I got had to go back due to poor quality and sizing but I still love their stuff. The decor (that I have) from Anthro is very well made. My table runner and coffee mugs are awesome to this day.

I am on a shopping break because my husband said so but that hasn't stopped me from LOOKING. I am not a machine for crying out loud!
That said, I have a smallish list of things I must have and a  larger list of things I will probably live without but still want.
Shall we begin? 

Colored denim. I am not a fan of shorts or skirts so jeans, no matter the temperature, are always a favorite of mine. Despite the amount of gray and black in my closet, I love color. 
I haven't seen how brightly colored denim looks on me yet so I will keep you informed. I like the straight leg and boot fit but there will be no jeggings in this house.

More color. 
Love these bracelets.

I need want need want a new comforter. This aqua one from Anthro would look plain or covered in German shepherd hair. Sadly, there isn't any hope that my husband would give in to this. With the pillows we are looking at a mortgage payment.

I picked up some hairspray yesterday and checked out the new Aveda makeup colors. As terrifying as it is, I got this eyeshadow. Violet Coast. She even put it on me to show me how I would look. The lavender went on the whole lid, the gray in the crease and the violet went over my eyeliner. I am going to try it tomorrow for clown school work and see what the girls think. I am getting the Sea Grass next time. 

This necklace is such a pretty shade of yellow. 

I love sea glass. I saw a lot of it in Hawaii but somehow ended up leaving without buying any. Rats. Now we have to go back.

I really love trees. I stumbled on this glass jewelry yesterday.

(All the jewelry was found on Etsy.)

I also have a bit of a scarf fetish. 

That is all I have the energy for today.

I am taking my husband out for his birthday tomorrow night (it is actually Wednesday)

Funny story: we took the dogs to my BIL's house (used to be my MIL's house) when we went out of town last weekend. I was so worried about Finn because he has such an addiction to me and he doesn't adapt well to different circumstances. He also gets his dog pants in a wad when Neko is around because they are both badass male Germans. My husband's brother had such a good time with him, he (Finn) normally has a fear of men, but they really get a long well. He was disappointed that Finn got picked up Sunday so I sent him over with the little one tonight and he is staying for a few days.

I picked up 4 new books at B&N last week and already finished one. 
Pretty funny. I needed a little humor.

I actually got a ton of cleaning done today and almost all my laundry finished.

It is supposed to be 80 degrees next week. I cannot wait!!!!!


  1. I too have a scarf's of an epic proportion too!

    LOVE Anthro's clothes too but their customer service truly stinks. I have been boycotting them for a while but may have to cave in. I am fighting the urge though.

    LOL @ Jeggings...I do not like those things, Sam I Am! *giggle*

    Happy Saturday!

  2. The sea glass pendant is GORGEOUS. Couldn't wait for another trip. Would have to order it, ASAP. LOVING those jeans. Those hot pink ones have my name on them. I used to own a pair back in my youth. What fun I had once upon a time. LOL Think anyone would notice my age? You get them and all the others. Will make sumer and spring EXCITING. Take care.ENJOY.

  3. After being gone for 4 or so days, I thought I'd crash today but the temperatures invigorated me and I go so much done!

    I haven't purchased Aveda makeup lately. I wasn't too happy when they made the eye shadow so that you had to use a liquid something to put it on. Maybe they changed that?

    My granddaughters can wear jeggings (cute word). They are SKINNY!


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