Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I have been doing instead of blogging:

got the pond overhauled saturday.  emptied, power washed, new pump, waterfall fixed, frog spits water again {except now his pump is going out *deep sigh*}i also got 8 new fish. they were free from a friend. they are not super smart because they keep getting in the filter. the larger 5 i already had have already learned their lesson. maybe they will school {ha, get it?} the new ones.

got most of the pond area cleaned out yesterday. we were outside from 10am to 6 pm. it was bad people. we did nothing with it last year. i got the leaves out of all the bushes, put down more Alabama river stone {the last of the 25 year old mulch is gone from that area} and weeded. my hands are cut and scraped and my nails are just sad. yes, i have gardening gloves. i didn't wear them. while i was toiling away, mr. was cleaning the shed and power spraying the lawn furniture.

there is a ridiculous mouse in our shed. it ate a hole in my beloved hammock and made a mess of things so now he must die. mr. funny went after him with a pellet gun which of course amused me to no end. pretty sure the mouse is still alive but there is now bar bait out there and his days are numbered. so long sucker!

we had our first {of many} cookouts on sunday. steaks, shrimp scampi, pasta salad, grilled vegetables. we had some friends over and it was just a really relaxing night.

our friend {the ones we had over} is a deputy sherriff. his wife is running for coroner. this is the best news ever because she said i can be her assistant on calls. i get to go pronounce the dead bodies with her. if it doesn't sound fun to you, then you are not as crazy as i am.

saw hunger games last night. i really enjoyed it but they cut a lot of it. maybe they will get more into the gale/katniss love story in the next movie. the books were better. i am planning to re-read them this summer.

do you read the bloggess? if not you should because she is hilarious. also, her brain works sort of like mine. read this post and this will make more sense to you. ok, now. we went to pier 1 saturday to kill time before dinner. mr. funny came around the corner with this chicken in his hand {he doesn't read any blogs except mine but i made him read the one i just made you read} and i vetoed it because it was a little pricey for a chicken.
plus i had already spent too much. today when i left work, this was in my car.

i drove to the bank where the girls told me it was possibly a parrot. maybe a rooster-parrot hybrid. even so, i am sending this photo to the bloggess:

this was the original but the dead mums are just sad.

that's it for today.


  1. I think it would be interesting to be a coroner and their assistant. Hoping the mouse finds the trap soon....


  2. I hope you catch the nasty little bugger soon.

    That chicken cracks me up.

    Now I want one.

    Go figure.


  3. Ohhhh I love that chicken, or whatever it is!

    That mouse would die if he was here, that is for sure.

    We worked outside all Sunday afternoon and didn't even put a dent in things. They keep calling for rain this week, but so far none.

    Assisting a Coroner? I don't think sooo........


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