Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wedding Weekend

My sister got married last weekend.
In Eureka Springs at Thorncrown Chapel.

My brother got to give her away (we are orphans, you know)

Yes, we are all sisters. But my father delivered milk.

I borrowed some of the photos from the photographers website.
If he hadn't been an ass to me (twice but I am over it) I wouldn't have. Yes, I totally would have still.

This is my favorite!!

I really take awful pictures. In my defense, my neck was killing me all week.

I am wearing camel-colored shoes. The silver heels were killing me.

The little one and his uncle are 6'4 and 6'5 respectively. The sequoias.

We were downtown Eureka Springs. Mostly blocking traffic.

Mr. Funny was dead tired after his week of hell.

The little one was hungry. 

So he found some M&M's. 

A few highlights:
The little one got very car sick on the way there. The back seat of the Suburban and winding roads did him in. He moaned and groaned for the last hour even after I offered to move to the back (he declined)

I almost fell asleep at the altar during the ceremony while the piano player was singing. It was warm with the sun shining in, the music was soothing and I hadn't slept much all week. I wasn't bored, just warm and happy. Plus, I have a bit of narcolepsy.

The photographer asked me who I was when we first got to the chapel and I was standing up front talking the other bridal party guys (the girls weren't there yet). When I told him I was the oldest sister, he looked at me like I was lying. (strike one)
It was a gorgeous day but windy and that said wind was nippy. We took a few outside photos but MAN it was cold with no sleeves.

We got to ride in a limo. There were glasses but no booze. *sigh*

I wore 3 inch heels and didn't trip, fall, sprain or break anything. I also didn't fall off the altar or step on my or anyone's dress. Score.

My hair stayed perfect all day and all night and even through the next day. Aveda Control Force hairspray baby.

My mom got to go to the wedding, the reception and the after party. In her urn and in spirit, of course. (you can see her in Mel's hand in the 2nd photo but she had her the whole time)

My brother was so tickled that he got to give D away. I forced myself not to cry.

The food was amazing (Ozark bbq buffet). The wedding and reception were perfect and the cake (lemon) was delicious. I heard the chocolate grooms cake was delish too.

After we sent the kids back to the rooms (mine and Mel's) we all went to our favorite bar Eureka Live. They had a new owner so it was opening night and wowzers it was packed. We got to see some interesting sights.

(I covered some of the bad stuff.) Crack is whack.
Butt (ha) wait, there's more! 

We (or I) made fools of ourselves (or just me) dancing to Gaga. This made my knee angry. It also gave the strange mix of wine, champagne, vodka tonics, whipped vodka/cranberry, and white Russians to join together with the bbq and cake in my stomach. 

I drank a lot. A lot a lot. (see above)
When I went to bed, my stomach was pissed at me. I spent a bit of time ridding said stomach of such contents which resulted a good night's sleep after all. I did end up with a bad bruise on my forearm which I blame on the toilet seat.

We all had a nice breakfast/lunch together before heading home. I got the back seat. I was woozy so Mr. F stopped to get me a 7up. The store was run my a lovely man who smelled of curry and sweat which stayed in my fluffy hair the rest of the ride home and every time the car lurched around a bend, all I could smell was curry and sweat. I shared my distaste for my situation with everyone in the car. I also vowed to invent a wide car with only a front seat that 4 can comfortably sit on. I haven't figured out all the details on it yet though. Actually, I believe my parents had a Plymouth station wagon that fit that description when we were kids. We always sat in the very back seat which faced the rear.

Now all is normal again and I am longing for spring. I have a few flowers coming up and the grass is greening up nicely.


  1. fabulous pics..so glad your Mum got to go...you looked gorgeous..hell you all did!

  2. I would have kicked that photog in the shins. Twice.

    Sooooo glad you all had a good time and all went well. She was a beautiful bride.

    I get the Milk Man's daughter thing...both my sisters have jet black hair and olive skin. Me, milky white skin and red hair (when I had hair) I was always asked if I was adopted.

    Thanks for sharing all your pics with us. LOVE the one of you and Mr. Funny. I also can't believe how tall the little one is.


  3. 1. Love love love the wedding colors! How is it everyone looks really good in those colors?
    2. Maybe the photographer didn't think you were the OLDEST sister cuz you look too young? huh? Didya think of that?
    3. Loved your hair. I'm gonna get me some of that hair spray!
    4. Really good pictures, even if he was a turd.
    5. Alter.
    6. Too bad you got yourself a bruise. ;)

  4. ABSOLUTELY wonderful wedding celebration from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing. Was tickled about your mom joining the party. She was so proud of you all, I know. You were all GORGEOUS. The gowns beautiful. Thought it was awesome you stopped traffic in Eureka Springs for a photo shoot. LOVED your hair. It is a day you'll never forget. Take care.

  5. Honey, your hair looks fab!!!
    Everyone looked beautiful! And I think you do look like your sisters just different coloring. You all have the same cheekbones and eye shapes, lips the whole works just different colors-anyhoo YOU ARE ALL GORGEOUS!!

  6. I absolutely love your hair! The sister pic is my favorite! You girls look stunning and what a beautiful bride. It appears to have been a wonderful success!!

  7. Everyone looks so happy and drop dead gorgeous! Your brother looks so happy. Maybe the photographer looked shocked because he couldn't believe you were the older sister? That would have been a compliment. Having your mom there with you was a very nice touch :)

  8. Love, LOVE, LOVE your sis's wedding colors!!
    Your hair looked FABULOUS.
    I can TOTALLY relate about the back seat, winding road thing. UGH. What on earth possessed you to even TRY that on the way home?!?
    Soooo glad your Mom got to go to the wedding. Even happier that someone else in this world doesn't think that's the least bit strange.

  9. She looked positively gorgeous and so did you!!!!

    And your hair really did look awesome. Yay for not falling on those heels, but boo to that back crack.

  10. I think you are taking the photographer's comment the wrong way, he probably didn't believe that you were old enough to be the oldest. You look pretty terrific in the pics~

  11. i have red headed brothers, i look like my parents, we don't know where those boys came from...
    the wedding looks gorgeous, and so do all of you!

  12. Looks like a fun day and night. You all looked gorgeous!

  13. Looks like a beautiful wedding. I love the dresses in different shades of grey. Very pretty!


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