Thursday, March 1, 2012

With a busy weekend looming, I only have a few words.
I did not plan to get another feather at the salon today. She talked me in to 3 feathers instead but not as stripey as the others were.
Purple, green and blue. I had to move the top layer of hair and I had been in the wind all day running errands but you get the idea.
Since it is on the second layer, it isn't totally obvious, I really like it.

In other mind-numbing news, the remodel is still trucking along.
If I had thought for one minute that it was going to go smoothly and then we would walk in to a beautiful brand new sparkling restaurant, I was DEAD WRONG.
It started well. It did. The interior walls were ripped out and replaced with lovely wainscoting. Let me preface this by saying that when the building was remodeled during the Lincoln years, it was not done well. No insulation, cheap materials, bad contractors. In fact, the person that contracted the job still eats at the restaurant. I want to slap him. Stoopid.
Anyshizzle, when they took some of the walls down, there was water damage. And mold. And a large spider I named Stan. He was prehistoric but still deserved a name.
They replaced the rotted wood, sealed the windows, added new pretty wood and forged ahead. 
The walls are beautiful.

Ugly formica

New wainscoting

So then there was a few things like trim work and the contractor had a family emergency. Then we had a stoopid tornado. And tonight things were going well. The carpet guys arrived on time, contractors were present and my husband discovered a bad water leak UNDER THE CINDERBLOCK and needed some soldering done.
I was oblivious to this snafu because I was having a margarita with the girls.
It is apparently under control now because my husband just called and told me it was fine. They found someone to solder at midnight.
I am too tired and depressed to think any more tonight. It has been a bad week.
I am off to bed. 


  1. REMODELING and RENOVATION projects will drive you CRAZY if you let them. I say more margaritas and FURGETABOUT it. Have a good weekend. take care. PS) THOSE feathers are AWESOME.

  2. Cheers to a stress free, FABULOUS weekend! (Think it and it will happen??)

  3. we moved every 5 years when i was a kid, my parents bought the biggest, oldest house in town, my dad remodeled for YEARS, my lungs are STILL full of plaster dust. keep drinking!

  4. This sounds like our porch...we had it replaced 2 years ago and it went from a $3,000.00 job to a $7,000.00 job in less than 24 hours. *sigh*

    It's always something.

    Anywho...your hair looks fab.


  5. The youngster looked thoroughly bored in the image, that is, until he started wolfing down the wedding cake.

    On a side note, you can always use the 'proof' pictures in the event you ever have to hire a private detective.

    Weddings are cool, however, I don't plan one anytime soon!


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