Friday, March 16, 2012


Is it Friday already? We had such a busy week and there is really no end in sight.

The little one started spring break today. It seems like all of his friends are traveling to Florida, not us though. Family vacations just don't happen anymore. I would like to plan a day trip for Monday though. (any good ideas Deanna??)

I made a simple fruit salad this evening with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The little one loved it and I added my magic grilled cheese with it. The magic is I add 2 slices of swiss and one sharp cheddar. It's on the menu at our restaurant. Ours has bacon and tomato too but I went simple.

I had to work this morning and when I woke up I felt like my head was being crushed and the right side of my throat was sore. Mr. Funny has had a bug of some type and I kissed him so.....
I also slept in a tank top with the window open all night and got a bit chilly. We will blame allergies.

It has been summer-like all week. Mid 80's and sun, sun, sun. Love it!! Haven't had time to get out and enjoy it though.

Monday we went to the lake to pick up a birthday gift and I wanted to do a bit of shopping. My plan was to find red jeans which I found and hated the fit. I ended up finding 6 tops and 2 pair of dark denim trouser flare jeans. 70% off!! I also got my husband some jeans. We had rigatoni with the little one and went to Walmart for a few things and I ended up with lots of seeds, bulbs and ideas for the spring and summer. Our landscaper is coming over tomorrow to make some plans on how I want the yard at the restaurant to look this year. I have a few things around the house I want help with also.

Tuesday was work and then the little one's spring band concert. We both took the night off to go and then went for Mexican food. 

Wednesday I took the morning off and took my husband to lunch for his birthday. I surprised him later at work with a cherry swirl cheesecake that one of my servers made for me. Then a friend of ours joined us for dessert at the restaurant because her oldest son shares Mr. F's birthday and he was turning 16!

Yesterday we had an out of town meeting to sample food for our new menu. I wasn't wild about eating fish at 9:00 am but they had coffee so I had  small bites of haddock, tilapia, hash browns, and angus beef. Not a good combo. We then ran out of time for lunch after a Sam's trip and the restaurant supply store and I had an awful headache so I took a long nap when we got home.
I got up and picked up a few items at the sporting goods store for the little one's trip to Florida in May/June. He is traveling with the band and will be gone a week. The big one went on the same trip in high school and had the best time. Then I met one of the girls from work for dinner and margaritas.

Which brings me back to today. I wore one of my sale finds today and got a lot of compliments. I think I am going to wear loose, flowy shirts from now on. This one is gauzy and kind of a taupe/plum color.

shirt- Banana Republic 
The pond guy is coming tomorrow and it isn't a minute too soon. We still have 5 fish! It needs a new pump, a good cleaning and some new plants in the water. We have so many things to do in the yard now that it is really (I think) spring. I need to start my lists again.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I don't know how you cram all this in. I am tired just from reading about everything you are doing!

    LOVE the top. I found a dress for my daughter's wedding this week and went ahead and bought it. All I need now is some strappy gold sandals and a little cardigan or shrug. I stay cold ALL the freakin' time now that I lost all this weight. I am a walking ice cube.


  2. Love the top. I found some good deals this week, too.

  3. Well darn it. I wasn't here for you, now was I? Whatever you did, I'll bet you had fun! I've been feeling really bad lately and finally figured out I have shingles. The Dr. gave me some nice pain meds to give me some relief from the pain.

    You seem to get so much done! And that top is very cute on you. Love it!



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