Thursday, April 12, 2012


I feel like I am doing pretty well on this blog challenge. 
I also feel like posting a non-alphabet related post, ok??

This week has really flown by, hasn't it?
Here is a recap of my thrilling life. In annoying photos.

Monday we went to Target and Pier 1. I ended up with a few tops, hand towels, restocked my Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies {love the lemon verbena}and needless other things. Mr. Funny behaved himself and didn't try to murder me for trying on 42 tops. Here I am in the dressing room. Because I love myself.

I got this top too. For $7.

At Pier 1 I found a picture for my bedroom.

And picked up some more of the reed diffuser oil. My new favorites are Maui Sunset and Sea Air.
Then we went to our favorite place at the lake for dinner.
I had my usual: blackened tuna.

And stopped for frozen custard on the way home.

Wednesday I came home from work to find a box from Zulily.
Love them!

I am still waiting for all of the flats I ordered for work.
The 2 dresses came as well. I look like a pork chop in one of them and they are both too big. Fortunately I didn't spend much on them and will regift them.

I saw this on a blog and borrowed it. I want to print it and post it at work. Nice? Nah.

Mr. Funny had an MRI this morning for his shoulder. He has a torn labrum and will need surgery. This definitely sucks but he has had so much pain with this that it is the only other answer.

I have plans with a friend for drinks tonight and still haven't showered today so I need to go.


  1. Love all the new stuff!
    So sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery for Mr Funny, these days it's in and out and all better soon. Have fun tonight! I'm having drinks tonight too but just hangin' here with my blog buddies :)

  2. Lots of goodies! Cute tops. Love the bird picture. Have never had blackened tuna. Looks delicious!
    I hope the surgery goes well and he heals quickly.

  3. One of these days I am going to get one of those fancy phones with the camera in them. I am probably the ONLY person you know that does not have a cell phone. I know...soooo weird! But hey, that's how I roll. I figure more money to spend on art supplies and if I break down, I can hoof it to a pay phone! *snort*

    LOVE the tops and OMG the shoes are FAB!!


    p.s. Sorry about Mr. Funny having to have surgery. Poor thing.

  4. Cute picture and tops and shoes! Ha.
    I LOL'd at the print.

    What is frozen custard??

  5. I whole heartedly ARE doing well with the alpha blog posts! Not sure if I could do it.

    YaY! for coming home to boxes full of goodies! for Mr. Funny. We have a friend who had the same surgery. He healed quickly and was SOOO glad he did fact wished he would have had it done sooner.

  6. Thank you for sharing your purchase! I get such a high from seeing what you buy - I'm living the shopping experience through you lol... The tops were cute and I adore your new shoes!

    There's really good shopping here (India) but it's of a completely different nature.

    Thanks for the post and hope your husband's surgery goes well!

  7. Have a great night. Love the shoes!


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