Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for.......

E is for everything.
I had no idea for E. Then I had a million ideas for E.
Here is what I decided on:

1.) E is for Eating
We own a restaurant so eating is a big part of our lives. We feed people for a living (if I was smart I would combine eat and feed for 2 days in one) Let me stress to you that buying a restaurant is not for everyone (like me) You have to hire people and boss people around (I DO like that part) and deal with drama and babysit adults. Being social isn't my thing but my husband? LOVES IT!  He adores meeting new people and getting to know people and talking in general. At some point in the last 5 years, I have become somewhat social. This irritate me. Who am I?  We are in a small town so everyone knows us and a trip to the store results in my sister asking "who are you, Jennifer Freakin' Aniston?!!??" Yes. But prettier. With a larger butt and a husband who loves me and thinks Angelina Jolie is skanky. (Right honey?)
But really. Being a local celebrity is not for me. I like to walk around with my thoughts and NOT speak to people. Or a wave is fine, a smile even.
We do meet some great people. We have made some good friends as well.
I digress. 
We feed people and they eat. Done.
The little one and I are eating fajitas tonight.


2.) E is for Eggs
I detest eggs. I hate the smell of them, the taste of them and the sight of them. And they are a big part of our lives, you see, because we serve them. All day long. Breakfast is available all day every day and people take advantage of this and eat them all morning, noon and night. 
I know what a poached, basted, over easy, medium, over hard, soft scrambled, sunny side up, boiled, and deviled egg is supposed to look like. I sometimes have to look at them. I occasionally have to clean eggs off the floor when kids throw them off their table, I get them on me when I bus tables, I smell them all day long.
I never eat them. Ok, I do eat them but they are disguised in cakes, brownies, in pancakes and under breading.
I used to eat them. At some point I stopped. I can't remember if it was because I found a half-formed chicken (I do eat chicken) or a big blood spot but I stopped in the late 80's or early 90's.
I was having lunch with one of my servers the other day. "Don't watch" she said. She took her 3 over easy eggs and put them on top of her pancakes. She then broke the yolks and poured syrup over the top. I almost blacked out. I shouldn't have looked.

E is for Earrings
I got my ears pierced when I was 12ish. I had infected, itchy, painful ears from then on. I got a second hole put in my ears. When I wore earrings in the second holes, it would throw off my balance. Odd? Yes, I am. 
I stopped wearing earrings when I was around 27. I just recently started wearing them again (I am 42) and they do not bother me at all. I can wear the heaviest, biggest, cheapest earring made and my ears never itch, burn, hurt or ooze. I now have quite a collection of earrings. Here are some of them.

E is for Enchiladas
This is my husband's favorite meal of all time. Since I had a ton of chicken breast, we made fajitas and enchiladas. 
I will be bringing these up to work for him soon.

After I posted the dog photos yesterday, I realized it was Skip's 5th birthday. He is the little one's dog. Mr. Funny had to pick him up a few gifts:

A new bed and blanket. He and Molly also had a spa day today. Pedicures, baths, blow outs.  They got to stop by the restaurant and have a piece of bacon too.
Kona and Finn had their spa day Tuesday. 

Mr. Funny also sent me this photo of Finn. This is the day I rescued him from the horrible, evil people who hit him with a belt all the time got him.

With me, very fearful of touch
A few months older with his chin on his monkey

Going to the groomer


  1. Happy belated birthday, Skip! Another entertaining post. I laughed out loud about the eggs and pancakes (sorry to remind you). Have a great night with your enchiladas, fajitas, and family!

  2. Oh, Skip. For your birthday I want to help you manage a clue or maybe even an idea.

    And Finn? How cute were you before you started trying to eat my husband?

    You and your eggs. Bah!

  3. Oh, but the eggs on the pancakes? I almost yacked at that too!

  4. I love, LOVE eggs! And, yes, I'm one of THOSE people who take advantage of restaurants serving breakfast ALL day. Breakfast (especially EGGS) tastes FABULOUS for dinner! YuM!

  5. I waitressed for years, so I could almost smell the breakfasts when you talked about them. I like eggs, though not raw on pancakes! Awk!! I wouldn't have looked, either!

    Love your pups!! And glad you can wear earrings again. :)

  6. Yum on the enchiladas and fatijas! You would have enjoyed my MIL's jewelry and earrings!


  7. I was already hungry, but now I'm starving! Love enchiladas... those looked so good.

  8. I think you deserve an A+ for all of the E words you came up with for your post.

  9. Okay, you just ruined eggs for me. A half formed chicken? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!That is the stuff of nightmares. I eat two eggs every morning. Now I think I'm going back to cereal.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. I found it funny that Mr. Funny was at your restaurant and you were bringing him food!!!

    I can't live without eggs.

    Happy birthday Skip!


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