Friday, April 6, 2012


F is for Fashion
F is also for Friday
Sooooo, here we are at Fashion Friday.

Since I was young, I have loved fashion.
Not the runway styles or the latest trends, just things that look great and make me feel great.
That is my definition of fashion.
I love to put together outfits. This is why it takes me 2 hours to leave the house every day and why there is a pile of clothing on my chair in the bedroom. Stuff I try on and reject.
I don't have the perfect body for clothing either. My bottom half is too wide and the top half is beginning to crumble.
I use what I do have and try to make the best of it.

F is also for Freak, which I am

I found my spring pedicure color.

Turquoise and Caicos

I tried the colored hair feathers last time (they are painted in!)
F is also for Feather

I love to shop, always have.
I consider myself to be quite an expert on the subject.
I love a sale and rarely pay full price for anything.

I find great deals online, at outlet stores and at places like Marshall's and Loehmann's. I love Zulily. I have always loved Gap. Piperlime has some great stuff and Ruche and Modcloth have interesting options. I used to love Anthopologie but their customer service is just terrible and I have had a number of clothing items fall apart in a short period of time so I avoid them.

One of the things I splurge on is a handbag. 
I love Coach.
I have my husband and boys properly trained on what I like and they pick out some great purses and wallets for me. I also love Coach perfume and shoes and I have a hot pink winter coat from my husband that I will wear till it falls apart. 

These are on my list:

 Another splurge are Uggs. I hate being cold and my boots are perfect. I got 2 pair for Christmas and barely wore them because we had such a mild winter. I also like Ugg sandals and flip flops and clogs. This year I got a pair of the moccasin slippers for Christmas and they are unbelievable! There are a couple of online sites where you can find Uggs at a discount but we just buy from their online site, the service is perfect and they are very helpful.

Love these:
And these:

I find a lot of my jewelry on Etsy, at Ruche, Francesca's, Sundance, and in Eureka Springs. For cheap and fun pieces, Forever 21 and Maurices are good.

That is all for today.
Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow for G!!


  1. You have the best style.

    LOVE everything in this post...especially those orange shoes.


  2. I am a huge shoe-aholic! It's incredibly difficult for me to not buy shoes when I go shopping. Pursues are a weakness too. Great post!

  3. What fun summer trends. I really love that nail polish color. So pretty!

    xoxo Lloralye @ Adorning Schemes A to Z

  4. I love the feathers in your hair! Very nice! I echo what LuLu said; you do have the bestest of style!

    (if you are inclined, you might want to drop by my "F" entry for today :)


  5. Loved loved loved loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing the pix. Shopping and fashion are two very great things in my humble opinion. Love your fun style too... this was a real pleasure to read :-)

  6. Ohhhh girl! - I think we are made for each other.. :-) Loved everything you posted.. I am counting the days until I get back to the states and do some serious damage!- awesome colors.. look forward to reading more form you! :-)

  7. I love your posts---all of them. I don't get time to browse in my favorite blogs really gets in the way, doesn't it??!!?? ha ha

    But without cannot shop. I think I could go shopping in your all the same types of stuff, especially nice shoes and bags!!!

    And, as for spring pedicures....I wish!!!--love the color, by the way!

    We still need our Uggs---we were covered in a thick layer of snow on Wednesday morning, that's all gone now though...still minus one here this morning, but sunny. I'm heading out now for a quick walk and then I can enjoy my day!!

    Happy Easter!!

  8. Turquoise is the most fashionable colour this summer :) If you don't wear it, you're considered out of trend :)
    And I love flipflops, but I think they look much better on men than on ladies, who should always wear heels since their legs look divine in them :)

  9. You definitely have great fashion sense. I've never seen feathers painted in... intresting concept!

    I have not been able to let loose of the cash for a Coach purse. I want to, but I just can't!

    Love those sandals! I need to do some online shoe shopping because I'm sure not finding what I like in the stores.

    If it ain't on sale, it ain't going home with me either. The problem is that when it is on sale, it is marked what it was supposed to cost to start with. Bleh.

  10. i'm so unfashionable!
    i appreciate beauty on others, but like to blend into the background, myself.
    maybe someday if i could get my weight back down i wouldn't feel the need to hide as much!

  11. Fun post! love that nail polish... I think I want some now ;-)

  12. Imma need that nail polish ASAP.


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