Saturday, April 7, 2012


The minute I decided to embark on this alphabet challenge from hell, I started planning a few posts.
I knew what A would be and after pouring my heart out, I figured the rest of them would bore you all but I knew what D, F, G and H would be right away.

G is for Ghost (among many other things)

I already read 2 other posts that were also ghosts but I am not copying, pinky swear!

I am slightly obsessed with ghosts, death, graveyards, haunted places and creepy things (and snakes are not one of them)

I watch Ghost Hunters, GH International, My Ghost Story, Celebrity Ghost Story, A Haunting and on and on and on.
This does not amuse my husband.
I have dragged him on many a ghost tour, made him listen to my sister's and friends talk about ghosts, told him about shows I have seen and tried to convince him that they really exist. 

He ain't buying it.
Moving onward.

Here are my Goldfish.

Our Grapevine

Baby Grapes

Gorgeous Green Backyard (the yard is why I wanted this house)

German shepherds

Good outfit (got lots of compliments)


And Grover

Getting lectured (for being very bad)
Finn's face says "mom, it wasn't me" and Kona is saying "dad, I promise it won't happen again!" 

Enjoy your little alpha- break and Easter!


  1. That was way more g's than I had. I had ghost and grapes that make win. Oh, and gin. And gummy bears.

  2. :-) Fab post.. You had a hell of a lot more than me! lol.. but we don't get any of those cool TV shows over here.

  3. ooooh you should definitely come to Chester and possibly check out some castles in Wales at some point in the future you would LOVE! the ghost tours :D

  4. I love those shows too and so does my husband. We both believe in ghosts because we've encountered a few! Love your backyard, your outfit and all your adorable dogs. Cheers :)

  5. That is a cool back yard you have and I love the grapevine and grapes! Happy Easter to you and yours and take care of yourself!


  6. i love ghost stories too! have you seen the ghost adventurers guys? they crack me up! and destination truth!!! that's my fave because i love cryptozoology more than ghosts!

    and i love your pups!
    and your goldfish pic is gorgeous!

  7. I absolutely love Ghost Hunters! I watch the Halloween special every year...from beginning to end. Haha. And cemeteries are some of my favorite places to visit. There's so much history and you never know what you're going to find. Awesome post!!!

  8. Found you through the AtoZ challenge.

    I can relate to your tongue-in-cheek comment about the challenge of writing A to Z. It is quite daunting.

    I am writing a flash fiction story for every letter. Fun, rewarding, but difficult.

    Best of luck the rest of the way.

    Von L
    The Growing Writer

  9. Grover, adorable! Just love him! And your garden is fantastic... loved the baby grapes too - and also you great outfit!

    I'm not into ghosts, used to be scared of them when I was growing up - but now I'm more into the idea that they don't exist. However, I have an aunt who sees/hears them all the time. Literally. Maybe I'll post about it sometime lol...makes quite a story ;-)

  10. I'm into Ghosts too..pretty handy as my house is haunted..for real..I am loving your Alpha posts..I might do it meself..

    Hoping your H post will be a re-visit to Hawaii..:-)

  11. Your yard is Gorgeous! I'm wanting to buy a hammock too.

  12. That is a beautiful garden. I grew up in Wales (very green) but now live in Tucson, AZ (the desert) and miss that green so much.

  13. YAY for Ghosties and Creepy Things :)

    Love the purse but love your fur babies more! They are all so beautiful!



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