Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is For April

{this will be my longest A to Z post, promise}
A = April.

Not the month. The girl. We worked together in Tulsa in the late 80's at the hospital and she and I got ourselves into many a kerfluffle.
She had terrible taste in men which brings us to my point.
She called me one evening in late May and asked me to go with her to her boyfriend's place. It was essentially a booty call, if you will but I was single {I had recently gone through a very bad break-up with my high school boyfriend and I was bitter and angry} and had no plans so I went along. We drove to the other side of town and she went into his apartment while I sat outside with my feet in the pool waiting for her. She eventually stormed out, mad because he was a jerk {duh} and ready to go home.
End of story.

Not really. It is just the beginning.
We turned out of the apartment complex and began driving home while April talked about how much of a creep and a slimeball this guy was. It was late, maybe 10 or 11 pm and few cars were on the road. All of a sudden, a cat kind of flew by in front of us. It had been darting across the road and the car in front of us had hit it. We followed it to a parking lot and proceeded to try and catch it to see if it was ok. It was dragging its back legs and hissing at us. 
This is where things get foggy.
A guy on a motorcycle pulled in to help us. I didn't pay much attention to him because I was focused on catching the cat. We either borrowed his leather jacket or April had one in her but we caught the cat and then stood there for a minute trying to figure out our next plan of action. We decided to go to the guys apartment {2 blocks away} and get a phone book to find a 24 hour vet. Yes. We went to a strangers apartment. At midnight. A strange guy with a motorcycle and a leather jacket. I didn't consider these things.
We found a vet who would meet us in 30 minutes and the guy offered to hold the cat in the back seat while I rode shotgun and April drove. At this point, the cat was pissed off. 
We got to the vet, and told him what we knew. He asked if I wanted the cat if it lived. I told him I had a cat but he could call me either way to let me know how the cat was. I gave him my name and telephone number. My first name is not common. Not even a little bit. It is a Welsh name.  My last name at the time was just as difficult, a German name {actually, it still is now that I am married} 
April and I took the guy back to his place and said goodbye. I am pretty sure that at this point, we asked him his name. He went upstairs and we sat there in the car and had this discussion:
A- he was cute, don't you think he was cute??? 
Me- I don't know, I never paid attention..
A- really? well, I think he is cute and I am going to go up and ask him for his phone number
Me- knock yourself out, I will wait here
A- no, I don't wanna go up there alone, go with me
Me- oh for crying out loud, I will go get it
So I ran up the stairs and knocked on the door and when he answered, I told him that "my friend wants your number".
I went back to the car and as we were leaving, I noticed he had gone out to his balcony and was sitting on the railing tossing a beach ball up in the air and catching it and watching us. Cocky, I thought to myself.
We went back to April's house where we had an exhausting conversation about if she was going to call him. She finally did and we took turns talking to him and it turned out that he was interested in me. He kept asking her stuff about me till she finally handed me the phone and said "he likes YOU" so we talked for hours about nothing. I was very adamant that I was not interested in him. He insisted I would grow to like him. I told him he didn't even know me. He told me that it was fate that brought us to the same place. I told him that he was annoying and he laughed. We eventually ended the conversation and that was the end {I thought} until a few days later when I received a phone call at 7am. I was living back at my mom's house, my apartment complex had been having some scary people move in and my mother was worried that I would be murdered in the laundry room or in my bed, and she would sometimes call us when she got to work {as a nurse}at 7am.
It was R. He wanted to stop by with doughnuts and coffee. I was a mess at 7am, I am not a pretty sleeper and even at 19, I didn't wake up looking like an angel. I told him no. I told him the townhouse was hard to find. 
He said he knew where it was and was right around the corner. He didn't lie. I had little time to get dressed and brush my teeth and hair. 
He came over and I told him that I am not a morning person. That this visit was uncalled for, rude even. I asked him how he had my number. He told me that he had remembered my name and number when I gave it to the vet and had looked up my address. In this day and age, we call that stalking.
I told him April and I were going to Dallas for the weekend to see a mummy exhibit and King Tut with one of her college classes. I told him it was nice to talk to him but I had to pack and he should leave.
While we were in Dallas, he sent me flowers. This drove my mother crazy and I had to explain the entire story to her. She yelled at me for an hour. You went into a strangers house, you could have been killed. Then you let this crazy person in our home so he could again kill us all. Why was he sending you flowers if you barely knew him. Did he have a job? He was a bartender???? Oh Lord!!!! He never wore a helmut. He only had a motorcycle??
When I got home, he came to visit again {without calling} and invited me to a party so he could finish trying to kill me I am sure. And I went. And I had a really good time. And he came over every single morning to see me and I was at his apartment late every night {I didn't spend the night and I was a good girl} and he never stopped telling me that I was meant to be with him and after a couple weeks, he told me he loved me and after another week he asked me to move in with him. My mother thought he had a 2 bedroom apartment so she was happy to let me go but we sort of let her think that when really, we were going to be sharing a room. 
I eventually realized that he was right. That we were meant to be together. 
In September of 1990, we had the big one. On Valentine's Day of 1995 we got married. In June of 1995, we had the little one.
We have been through babies, financial problems, car problems, bad apartments, almost losing our oldest son to an asthma attack, almost losing Mr. Funny to a tick bite disease, losing all of our parents, weddings, funerals, buying 2 houses, buying the restaurant, big fights, bad jobs, teenagers, a brief separation, great trips, bad decisions, 4 dogs, 3 hamsters, 3 guinea pigs, a chinchilla, a cat, many fish, and a lizard {not all at the same time}. 
We never fell out of love at the same time and somehow we have found a way to grow together. It has rarely been easy. One thing has never changed. He still says he was there that night, coming home from work, at that exact time, to meet me. If he hadn't met me there, he would have met me somewhere else. 
Because we are supposed to be together. 
And I believe him.
I believe him when he says that something made him leave work early that night, something made him pull in that parking lot.
His mom always said that God put us together because we needed each other. Once when I was fed up, I told her I was leaving him. I told her that God had made a mistake.
She said God doesn't make mistakes. I stayed.
This May it will be 23 years since that night we met. I have no idea what April is doing now. I don't remember her last name. I don't know what ever happened to the cat. April didn't either. We didn't stay in touch after R and I got serious. That is ok. 
We are ok.


  1. Love the story. It definitely was meant to be.

  2. A is for Awwww! What a sweet love story, definitely meant to be. Maybe I'll steal your idea and tell my love story for the letter L :)

  3. I love your love story!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be back! :)

  4. Wow... that is such a neat story! I'm crazy romantic and just love hearing about this sort of thing. So happy you stopped by my blog - which then made me come here to see what you were all about. Thanks!

  5. Oh my. What a story. Thanks for a good cry. :)

    Apparently, the man knew what he was talking about. Glad you finally listened.

    What a way to start of the A-Z month!

  6. I have tears.

    Yes, you and Mr. Funny were meant to be.


  7. BEST story ever! I agree, it was meant to be ;)

  8. You have restored my faith in things being meant to be, timing is everything, god doesn't make mistakes. Love the story, love love and it was funny in your mind as well as mine! Glad to have come across your blog from the A to Z challenge.

  9. Like your blog, I was as sure as your guy when I met my wife, we had 51 wonderful years to-gether, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. You are a brave and romantic person! What a great beginning to what seems to be a lasting love story.

  11. Such a sweet story. <3 Renews my faith in love. Great start to the challenge!

  12. What a great story. As I was reading, I was worried that something bad was going to happen. Glad it continues to have a happy ending!

  13. Loved this story and how God brought you guys together; I truly do believe nothing of it was coincidence!! And your mom was right, God does not make mistakes!


  14. GREAT story! Thanks for stopping by so that I could follow you back here.

    Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge, blogging at Ross County Roundup and Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

  15. AWE! I love this story! And I didn't even care that it was long. :)

    (I swear the hardest part of the A-Z for me is keeping it short)

  16. Love it! thanks for sharing it :-)

  17. What a great post! I'm glad I found your blog at A to Z. I look forward to reading more in the days to come.

  18. Such a good story I may steal it for June!! Since both me and hubby's names start with J's, and we met in June, this year is our 30th!!! Such a good idea!!!

    I love your story, it is soooo romantic, glad Mr. persevered and won!!! Or we would not be reading this

    By the way! Happy anniversary!!! And many many more!! xxxxxxx

  19. It was KISMET, for sure. What a LOVE story. What a life. You are blessed to be together. May you have many more HAPPY years together.

  20. I love this! What a wonderful story. I'm so happy I came by your blog and will be back.

  21. Sorry it took so long to get over here! :)

    I love this story! I think God has a plan also! :)

  22. OOooo great story! Perfect way to start the challenge! look forward to reading more from you!

  23. Aww! Love this story! This is so great! And I agree with your husband. You should write about boobs for B day.

  24. Great story! Thanks for sharing how you met. And I agree, God doesn't make mistakes!

  25. I love the story! You had me hanging there for a while trying to decide if he would turn out to be a "stalker" of "The One".

  26. Great story. I was hoping it would be a happy ending and poor April wasn't going to get murdered trying to get some stranger's phone number! Thanks for sharing and happy A-Z.

  27. Oh phew! I totally thought it was going to end differentl!


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