Friday, April 13, 2012


L is for Lazy.

I have done very little of nothing today. Oh I sorted and threw a couple loads in the washer, had coffee, ran the dishwasher, fed the hounds, took a quick trip into town for tanning and made myself a sandwich. 
Here is how I look most of the time today. No makeup and a hat to hide the hair. I am, however, wearing lip balm. What am I, an animal??

Unfortunately, I am not a shower and go kinda girl. I have to loofah and shave and shampoo and lotion and blow dry and flatiron and spackle my face.
This takes time and if I don't plan on going anywhere, why waste time.
Hence the laziness.

L is for List
I made this list this morning while I still had hope and promise.

I did 3 things on the list. 
The day isn't over.

L is for Laugh.
I love to laugh but more than that, I love to make people laugh. I have no idea why.
I don't trust people without a sense of humor. I spend a fair amount of time laughing at myself. I do really ridiculous things. 

Last but not Least:
My sister is expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is due 12-12-12 and according to the Chinese gender predictor (and me), she is having a girl.
Since I have 2 boys and Mel has 2 boys and J is still in law school, it is Deb's job to have a girl. 
Congratulations guys!!!!!!! We are going to drive you insane by December. And probably for years after.

ps. no more drinky-drink for you.......I will drink extra for you!

just so you know, my sister didn't get knocked up until a little over a week after her wedding (she ain't getting any younger so the time was now)

also, I got the boys bath cleaned, the half bath, the master bath cleaned (the 4th bathroom can suck it), all the towels and rugs washed dried folded AND put away, and am working on the rest of the laundry after this break


  1. Congratulations Mrs.Sister person! Lazy days are great ( thank you now i have the lazy song stuck in my head) you know the best make up a lass can wear is her smile and you look quite gorgeous with just the lip balm :)

  2. You accomplished way too much for me to consider lazy!!

  3. Congrats to your sister and her hubby! How exciting with that due date but more exciting to have a new little one in the family!! I love your L post; it definitely wasn't lackluster :)


  4. Don't forget to point out that she wasn't yet knocked up at the wedding. 9 days later however...

    Oh, and you sexy.

  5. congrats to your sister!
    i didn't put on any make-up today either... man, i look haggard! :P

  6. Congratulations to your sister. I hope it's a girl. :)

    I hope you got something else done on your list, but if not--there's always tomorrow. ;)

  7. All I can say is awwwwwww..... I'm so happy for your sister! Can't wait to hear more about this new adventure!

    And once again, wonderful pictures. I'm even more lazy than you - I really need someone to visit to inspire me to clean!

  8. Congrations to sis! Now that is exciting news!

    All I've gotten done today is work on taxes. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to Uncle Sam...

  9. Good job! - I am running my tail off this weeked.. so no rest for the weary here. :-) Thank you for your sweet comment regarding the HHI episode. I really am not a depanding picky bitch... and the house had been built long before we filmed.. so it was me being a FABULOUS actress.. :-)

  10. Just hopping by from the A to Z challenge, and I must say I love your blogging voice and the natural joy that emanates from every paragraph (and picture)! Keep going like this and have fun in life and everything you do!
    And congrats to your sister! ;)

  11. I make lists but I don't READ them after I do. Too much work. You look damn good without your makeup and hair done up. I'm just saying. EXCITING news for your sister and hubby. And you, of course... who will spoil this baby to no end. SAVOR the pregnancy moments, they are worthy of comment, I know. take care.

  12. OMG! Congratulations to your sister!! And, if I know you, you're already planning her baby shower! After the freakin' awesome bridal shower you threw, I can't imagine what you'll come up with for the baby shower.

    For the record, I think you look stunning without makeup. Truthfully, I usually prefer the way people look without makeup, but that's just me.

    Your "lazy" day just made me tired, I only READ about it! ;-)


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