Tuesday, April 17, 2012


O is for Oak 
Oak trees are what we have. Over 70 of them on our 2 acre lot. 

Here is our view to the left looking from my front porch:

And to the right:

Leaves, acorns and pollen. We got it all.

O is for Olives. 
This won't surprise the people who know me but I do love me an olive. Or a can of olives as demonstrated by me every Thanksgiving growing up. My mom wizened up early and got me my own can because by the time dinner was served? No olives for you! 
I love black ones and green ones and blue cheese stuffed ones. {not a huge fan of the Greek ones though} Throw them in a dirty vodka martini and I swoon. Many times I find myself snacky {snacky: needing something to shove in my mouth} and I open a can of black olives. Or I grab a fork and a jar of green ones and watch Real Housewives. I like dipping the black ones in Italian dressing. One of the grocery stores has an olive bar. I have seriously considered pitching a tent close to it so I can be near my friends. 

O is for Oldest
I am the oldest of 5. There are 4 girls and one boy. I am pretty bossy and I like to be in control. Fun fact: We went through a lot of toilet tissue growing up with 5 women in the house. It seemed we were always out of tp. This is why I hoard it now and you can find no less than 8 rolls in every bathroom cabinet. I have 4 bathrooms. And maybe a problem.

I still have that same hairstyle

My socks matched my sweater

Here we all are plus 2 husbands

O is for Obituary
I am a bit obsessed with reading the local obituaries. I hate seeing that one of our customers has passed away or a young person that we know and I always look at the names of the surviving family members in case I need to send a card or funeral arrangement. I always wonder why they died, how they died, if they suffered, if they had loved ones with them etc.

O is for Outlet.
I do love me an outlet mall. 
Gap, J Crew, Banana Republic, Coach, Calvin Klein, Fossil, and Ralph Lauren are a few of my favorites. Good that we have one close by.

O is for Over

Peace Out!


  1. Those trees are gorgeous!

    I love olives, too. On holidays, my sister and I would try really hard to hoard as many as we could before our olive-loving uncle arrived.

    Fun post!

  2. I LOVE those pictures of you guys when you were little. Too cute!

  3. I'm thinking 70 trees, wow the leaves! I like to read obits too; weird. (and visit cemeteries; I too wonder). Big one looks so much like you when you were younger. Love olives too; we always had them growing up on Thanksgiving too :)


  4. Love your yard. And the photos of your family were AWESOME. I can NOT believe I met someone else who LOVES OLIVES as much as me. There's a story about me eating all the black olives for Turkey Day when I was a kid. My family never let me live it down. BUT it hasn't stopped me from gobbling them up whenever I buy 'em now that I'm grown up. LOL take care.

  5. Love all the trees!!! And I am right there with you in regards to olives. I ate so many one Christmas as a child (because my grandpa kept giving them to me) that I ended up getting sick later that night. Needless to say my mom was furious with my grandpa ;) Despite that, I have never lost my love for olives...green or black. YUM!

  6. I love my olives too - including the Greek one. Daughter Tessa is obsessed with them as you are. For years she got her own jar of olives for Easter and Christmas, for the same reason you did!

    Your grass under the oaks is prettier than mine. It took years to get grass to grow at all.

    Your and your siblings are a very handsome bunch. Love the pics!

  7. You are so cute! I remember that look out over your property because you did a video once of your dogs playing out there. :)

    Your olive love is crazy though! LOL

  8. i do love oak trees and olives. enjoyed those pictures too!
    Happy A-Zing!

  9. Such cute pictures of all of you growing up...and then grown!
    I'd eat more olives if they didn't make my hands and ankles swell because they're so salty--LOL! ;)

  10. I personally think they should HAVE to tell you how the person died.
    I'm obsessed with obits too. So weird.

  11. I think they should HAVE to put how a person dies in the obit.

  12. Visiting from A to Z - -

    why would you EVER want to leave your home with a view like that??!! Gorgeous!

  13. I am LOVING reading through all your alphabet posts!


  14. Those photos are classic! I think my brother in law had the same glasses and haircut as your bro. Could be the same guy maybe?
    Stopping in from A to Z

  15. I believe you stole a great deal of those pictures, all of the old ones in fact, from my very own blog. I believe that is plagiarism and I need a damn photo credit.

  16. i sooo hated olives my whole life until one random night 2 years ago in chicago! now im addicted!!!


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