Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Ramble

I am a day ahead on my alphabet so I thought would bore you with some every day blog crap.

I still haven't made a decision on skincare stuff. I thought Origins was the winner but I am second guessing myself as I tend to do. Clinique and Lancome are in the running as well but I really need to look and sample stuff so I gave up trying to make the call by looking online. *sigh*

My husbands new Jeep {the one he custom ordered that he has been waiting for for weeks} was finally ready today. I set aside all of my plans today so we could get to the credit union and sign the papers and then to sign the papers at the dealership. It was warm and sunny, despite the forecast of rain for today, so I was ticked that he had to "waste my good sunshine time" but I gave in even though my day Monday was spent devoted to his errands and little one's Naval Academy to-do list.
The Jeep was to be ready to go at 5.
Yeah. Not ready. He wants his wheels and bumper and other various stuff transferred to the new one and it didn't get done. I feel like my day was wasted again.
After going through months of problems with the other brand new Jeep (water leaks, air noises, more leaks) I guess one more day doesn't matter. This one is a 2012 model and the problems seemed to be prevalent in the early 2011 models so let us cross our fingers. This is his 3rd new Jeep in 4 years (he had a black 4 door Sahara, traded it for his dream car, the Shelby, got a Tahoe {Shelby was a winter failure-duh}and went back to a 4 door Jeep Rubicon. It leaked and spent every other week at "the doctor" so here we are.
At least his new one has heated seats. 

I picked up a few fun rubber watches from the girl who sold me my handbags.

This one is on my arm right now- love it! And they are $10.

Tomorrow is my beloved hair appointment. I usually go every 8 weeks but for some reason I made it for 12 weeks last time??? When I called to move it up, she laughed. She had a cancellation, thank the heavens. There is nothing more relaxing than a salon day. 

I picked up a tube of this today:
Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart

 My husband bought me a gift:

It is a hand rake but since I have no interest in yard work anymore, I use it to scratch Molly's back. She seems to like it.

"Hi dad! Thanks for the back scratcher."

The little one is out of town for a couple of days for a leadership seminar for yearbook/newspaper. He will be an editor in chief for both next year along with his good friend.

I am out the door for much needed drinks with a few friends tonight.


  1. Ummmmmm, I need one of those watches, orange to be exact (duh). Can you share where you got it?


  2. I read "It leaked" as "I leaked"... and then spent time at the doctor etc lol... thankfully I did a double-take and reread the sentence!

    Love your new purchases. The watches are a lot of fun and that lipstick is beautiful.

    And the dog scratcher gift from your husband had me laughing... you guys are cute!

  3. That backscratcher sure is sweet. LOL. And I LOVE that orange watch with animal print face. Very cool. I hope the NEW jeep finally gets whatever it needs to come home. Did you get another feather for your hair? Inquiring minds want to know? Take care. ENJOY your weekend.

  4. Umm, I'm not getting the idea of a hand rake. I mean, does't' that mean you have to be bending over a lot?!

    Love the watches. My wrist is too small for them. :(

  5. try wearing the watches all at once.. my daughter's new thing is 'arm candy'.. she wears a watch and about 4 or 5 different style bracelets... looks pretty cool.....
    thanks for stopping by my post.... i will continue to follow you along, to read about all your funny adventures.... :)

  6. Love the watches and the dog too :)
    Hope things work out with the new jeep and hope you have a great weekend!

  7. love the watches. My favorite is the orange.

    Nothing better than salon day.


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