Tuesday, April 24, 2012


V is for Vodka.

I am a vodka girl. I don't care for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or rum. Gin isn't a sin and wine is fine {see what just happened?} and I like a cold beer or a strawberry margarita but vodka never lets me down. I take that back. Cheap vodka has let me down. 
My favorite is a vodka tonic with extra lime. I do like the citron vodkas but Grey Goose is my favorite. My sister Mel and I have spent many chilly night in the hot tub with our vodka tonics and our stories.

V is for Vacuum

I absolutely hate vacuuming. I will scrub a toilet any day before I will run the vacuum. I have 4 dogs so not vacuuming is NOT an option. To make my life easier, my husband purchased a Dyson Slim. We use it for upstairs. I loved it so much we got the Dyson Animal. Then he brought home the cordless one for quick spills. My favorite is my newest one,

I love the canister vac for the hard floors and the attachments. 
You could say we are a Dyson family.

V is for Vomit

This is one of my biggest fears.
I cannot see, hear or smell it. I have trained my children not to vomit from a young age (it really is possible) and the stomach flu does not happen around here. There was an ugly incident at Christmas when I drove all the way to Tulsa only to find out that my {lying} sisters and the nephews all had the barfs. I almost turned around and drove home. Seriously. 
Once a kid threw up in our restaurant and I stepped in it. I threw my favorite pair of black flats away. I just always felt it was on my shoe. Last year my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma {bile duct cancer}. She threw up constantly.  Since I helped take care of her, it was unavoidable. At some point I shut it out and did what needed to be done. 

V is for Vision
I have glasses. I am supposed to wear them all the time but I only wear them to read. Sometimes. Apparently I have an astigmatism. Whatever.

Me in 2009

V is for Versace
I would like some of this perfume please.

V is for Viking.

Enough said.


  1. I love your Viking, and I love vodka but it goes down way too easy which has led to some pretty rough follow-up mornings. I'm a rum girl, rum and diet coke to be exact. :)

  2. My DIL got a Dyson and is totally hooked! Maybe one day...

    Loved this post! :)

  3. I, too, am one who avoids vomit at all costs. Yuck! And I also loathe vacuuming. I do, however, enjoy mopping and doing laundry. Strange. Entertaining post, like usual :)

  4. V is for Victorious, which you are with this vivacious post!

  5. LOVE the VIKING HAT. Had you had any vodka when choosing it? LOL When I was younger my favorite cocktail was a VODKA COLLINS. I can't tell you how many bartenders could NOT get it right. How hard is it to make a TOM COLLINS with VODKA. Seriously. I agree with you about VOMIT and VACUUMING. Can't wait for the next round, um letter in your posts. Take care.

  6. I'm with you on the vacuuming. I'd rather do any other chore.

  7. I'm getting more and more laughs out of reading your posts - because things keep cropping up which I can relate to so well.

    The vomit thing... exactly!!! It's unbearable! I vomit occasionally - my longest stretch without was 13 years.

  8. You make a great looking Viking!! LOL about vodka, a great V letter indeed! So glad you decided to stick with the challenge!!!!


  9. Oh man, I'd rather vacuum for the rest of my life than do anything else along the cleaning lines.

    Your eye glasses look alot like mine!

    Love, LOVE the Viking hat!

  10. I cannot do vodka. Probably because I used to do vodka all the time. But then one reaches the point that they've done so much vodka they never want to do vodka again. Oh, and the more expensive the vodka, the sicker I would get. Popov for me! I'm a cheap drunk.

  11. Love me some Smirnoff ice. Grape and pineapple are the best.

    I would rather vacuum than clean a toilet. Gross!

    As for vomiting, you would never make it working in a dental office. lol

    Yes, if you haven't noticed, I am catching up on all your posts.

  12. A very good 'V' especially the Viking, hey I wonder if this window will allow me to post my url? Well usually when I call into Blogger I have to leave comments as Anonymous soooooo here we go, no I meant the comment not Valhalla :) Kidding

    I hope I find my way back here my friend as it looks a very nice Space with lots of interesting postings :)




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