Monday, May 14, 2012

A Huge Post Full of Way Too Many Words

Has it been a week since I was here? Wow, lots to say!

Last week was bad, as in bad. It didn't help that we stayed up all night drinking margaritas after my sister's party and the acid in the drinks gave me heartburn which caused me to be up the entire night {day} eating Tums which then messed up my stomach acids and made me feel like crap until Thursday. I was also behind on housework, blew off my errands and was tired and depressed. Glad the week is over!!

I did finally make it to the store and picked up some great summer fruit. I threw together a fruit salad consisting of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries.

I got a cantaloupe, which Mr. F promptly snarfed, and a seedless watermelon.
Love summer fruit {technically it is still spring but we usually go from winter to summer in the midwest}

I supported the local Relay For Life team and bought some cookie dough. If the guys see it, I will never get a single cookie before they eat the dough. Pigs!

We drove to Sam's to pick up the 300 roses we ordered for Mother's Day. Last year we forgot to order them till last minute and had to bring them home in buckets of water in the back of the Jeep. We live an hour from Sam's so about halfway home, my eyes started swelling shut and my nose became impossibly stuffed up. Then my chest started burning like I couldn't get air {I have allergies and a bit of asthma but I rarely have problems) so we had to stop at a gas station and buy some Zyrtec which put me in a coma for the rest of the day and my cooks had to de-thorn all of the roses while I slept.
This year, they were in boxes, so much easier, and they didn't give us any white ones {no one liked the white last year}

Last weekend one of our cooks fell {back} off the wagon while we were out of town. He asked to walk to the store to get cigarettes and never returned. 
We were sad to lose him but we had a great cook waiting in the wings so we now have 3 new hires which are, so far, doing fine. The restaurant business is stressful though and you never know when someone is going to go. Most of our staff has been with us since the beginning and before that.

I have done a bit of shopping here and there the past few weeks {no shock to you} and I wanted to show you some of my finds.

I have been eyeing this shadow palette for a while now. When I heard some other bloggers say how great Urban Decay was, I took the leap.
It was a little pricey, I will warn you, but it was a gift to myself.

I also ordered this lip balm, which I couldn't find at Sephora.
I had smelled this fragrance at Sephora and it was nice but then while we were at Sam's, they had it out and I was sold on it. I have lots of perfume so I just got the small bottle. It reminds me of summer at the pool.
Jennifer Aniston perfume
And as always with Sephora, I got some fun samples and cashed in some points for free gifts.

When we were picking up roses Friday, I made a quick run to the mall for a few things. I wanted a shirt to wear for Mother's Day and I had seen one in the window at NY & Co a few weeks back.
It was still there and the store was 40 % off too!!
I picked up these:
{yes they are on my mattress, it was sheets day}

I wore the one to work yesterday and I got so many compliments. I need to wear more color, I guess.

We had a very busy day at work for Mother's Day.The mom's loved the roses and we went through 40lbs of prime rib in 3 hours. The only complaint was that we had no prime rib that evening. Next year {and for Father's Day} we will cook 4 prime ribs, 2 for day and 2 for night.
This is something we have recently added to our specials and it is a big hit on Friday nights.
I was really sad and missing both my mom and mother in law so I left and went home to take a 3 hour nap.
When I woke up, the little one gave me his gift. A funny card and all of my favorite candy. Mike & Ikes, Gobstoppers and Runts in the huge boxes and Dove candy bars in dark and milk chocolate. 

My husband had set up my gift from himself and the boys to be delivered to work but it didn't happen so he called the owner of my salon and she offered to deliver it to the house. He picked it up instead and she was so apologetic.
It was this:
It was placed in the center of a round flower display so I have the flowers to replant and all the wonderful smelling products to de-stress me.I am going to need a way bigger purse sized bottle of the pulse point oil concentrate! Anyway, if you like lavender, the set is available on Aveda's website and it will not disappoint!

The big one was working all day {he had the highest sales {for the am shift} and made over $200 yesterday, good for him!!}I think we served well over 600 people all day.
The little one and my husband took me to the lake for dinner at one of my favorite places. I was a huge pig and had shrimp cocktail, 2 martinis, a ribeye steak and blue cheese potatoes. Kill me now, it was so good.

Last night I was trying to decide if I wanted to clean the house or just light a bunch of candles and oils and let it go another week. We have 4 dogs. 
I was shopping online for some hand soap {I stock up when I get down to one bottle and with 4 bathrooms plus the kitchen sink, we go through a lot of hand soap. I used to buy the economy sized bottle of the softsoap and just refill the bottles we already had but the different scents in the bathrooms make everyone happy and who doesn't want more happiness?}

I discovered this at Bath & Body Works:

The labels remind me of my childhood. We never went to the beach but we spent a lot of time at the lake and  they just make me smile.
I couldn't decide on which ones to get so I got 2 of the large ones {they were 2 for $20} and 2 minis {2 for $5) and used a coupon I had for $10 off.
sparkling grapefruit and sandalwood, with coconut milk and summer jasmine

sweet jasmine, orange blossom and a hint of musk.

cool salt air and cucumber water with notes of sandalwood and sparkling citrus.

sweet, tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar and Italian lemon, tempered with creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane.

 I still plant to get all of the scents and fill my house with a nice beachy-dog smell.

The only thing I have to buy now is groceries and I will be set for another week or two  {ha}

Sad news. My sister is no longer pregnant. I won't invade her privacy too much but she lost the pregnancy last week and is resting and doing as well as she can be. I wanted to let you all know in case you wondered why I haven't posted pictures or talked about it.

Today is going to be frustrating and gratifying.
We are meeting with our general manager to discuss her options if she wants to continue working for us {it's gonna be ugly but my husband is ready and I am sitting in for moral support. I hate confrontation!} but this has been a long time coming and it needs to be done.

Then tonight, the little one will be inducted {is that the right word?} into the National Honors Society. Huge deal for our family. We are so proud!!

The little one is also going to start taking flying lessons this summer. We have a small airport and know a few people with planes who gave us the name of an instructor here. He wants to be a pilot in the Navy so this is something he has wanted to do for a while. He plans to have his pilot's license by the time he graduates next year so he has his work cut out for him.
This is going to take even more years off of my life, pray for me please!

Have a great week! I plan to be back to posting more often this week. Maybe.


  1. You think YOU wrote a lot of words?! Just wait...

    Whatever heartburn comes later is ALWAYS worth it for good margaritas! Sorry you felt like crap all week, though. That's not fun. :(

    That fruit salad looks so yummy, I almost licked my screen.

    I'm SO with the boys on the cookie dough. THAT'S why I'm not allowed to buy it anymore. I used
    to buy the big tub of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookie dough at Sam's, but after the third tub and NO actual cookies, I made myself swear to never buy it again!

    I wouldn't know what to do with myself if my Sam's was an hour away! Holy crap!! I have one about 10 minutes from my house, and two that are about 20 minutes away (in opposite directions) I'm usually at Sam's twice a week!

    Sorry your cook bailed on you. I can relate a bit, as my brother has issues with servers/bartenders at the bar all the time. It sucks to own your own business sometimes, doesn't it?

    (I'm gonna have to skip the makeup and perfume section, since I wear neither. :P )

    I love all those tops! I just got several last night for belated birthday gifts. I can't wait to wear them. :)

    Your hubby is a hell of a guy. How thoughtful of him to want to help you de-stress. And, man, your dinner sounds SO yum!! I don't think you were being a pig at all. I probably would have been licking the plate!

    I ALWAYS pick candles over actual cleaning. Just sayin....

    I got a great new candle last night from my sister as part of my birthday present. I can't wait to light it. It's called Green Grass, and smells awesome!

    I'm so incredibly sad for your sister. I'm sending her cyber hugs. I've had 3 miscarriages, so I completely understand what she's going through.

    Stand tough with your manager. From what you've shared about her, it's time for her to decide where she stands. She needs to know she works for YOU, not the other way around. I still can't believe she's even still there, given she fired your husband in the past! hahaha!

    BIG congrats on the NHS induction! That's awesome.

    I can't believe you're letting your "baby" fly a plane!!! You are one brave, and awesome, mama! You are WAY cooler than I am, cuz I probably wouldn't be going along with this plan. :( There will be lots of prayers coming your way from Chicago!

    See, you're not the only one who can be wordy! tee hee!

  2. So sorry to hear of your sister's loss. Will pray for peace for her and your family.

  3. Between the fruit, the cookie dough, and the dinner you are KILLING me! It's like you hate me.

  4. Gonna make cherry pies! Love to bake.

    What a busy week. And so much going on. Your new tops are so cute. The bright colors look so good on you and maybe will help those sometimes sagging spirits.

    Congrats to both of your boys! Flying lessons. Wow. Little one has great ambitions.

    I'm sorry to hear about your sister's pregnancy. Thanks for telling us.

    Your birthday presents sound wonderful. Especially the lavender oil.

  5. TOTALLY understand about the Margaritas and the whole "acid" in the stomach thing. Story of my whole life. Feel for ya.

    I TOTALLY would eat the the majority of the cookie dough before baking any cookies. Sad, but true.

    Love, LOVE you in the RED!

    Sorry to hear about your sis. Miscarriage is a TOTAL bummer. Had one in between my boys. Let's put it this way...had I carried the lost one to term, I'd never would have had my baby. He IS a HUGE light in my world.

    HUGE, HUGE congrats to the Little One. MAJOR accomplishment!

    Definitely will be saying prayers for YOU and the Little One. Can't say that I'd step one foot in a small plane, let alone be comfortable with my baby flying one ....says the Mom who's baby fights fires for a living...{sigh}

    Cheers to a good week!

  6. Sounds like you've been treated very royally lately! As it should be. Very sorry about your sister . . .I know how hard that is and hope she is doing ok.

  7. Dang sounds like a rough week last week. Congrats to your daughter/son about NHS thats very popular at my school, although I'm not a huge fan in order to get NHS credits or what they call "merrits" they are always having us buy crap for charities to get credits and a bunch of other things but it still looks really really good!

  8. Oh so sorry about the miscarriage. :(

    It's a wonder you can post at all the way your life is sooo crazy all the time. We're grateful for whatever you give us! You know we all live and shop through you don't you?! :)

  9. So sorry for your sister :(

    LOL about the stories about the flowers from last year; I can see the cooks having to dethorn them; that was sweet though to give the flowers to the ladies in the restaurant.

    I'm sure you were packed indeed! Every restaurant we drove by yesterday had lines of people waiting for a table.

    Loved the tops!

    Congrats to little one for his achievements!

    I think it is cool that he wants to fly; I too would be worried but it is neat that he has a purpose and a plan of what he wants to do after he graduates!


  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I've been there... Thinking about her.

    The fruit looks great! I'm looking forward to summer around here for that reason. Also, I love the shirts. I definitely need to pick up some new clothes.

    Hope today's meeting went okay. Congrats to your son!

  11. Going on line RIGHT now to see if I can get that shirt you took your picture in...CUTE CUTE CUTE!

    Sorry I have been MIA... but trying to get back into the swing of things! :-)

  12. Wow... this really was a long post covering so many topics. It was great :-)

    First though, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. Love to all of you - and I pray that next time she'll be able to go all the way.

    As to your purchases... you know I love them. Especially those blouses! They look beautiful on your mattress and the picture of you wearing one of them is fantastic! Great finds :)

    Every time you mention Sephora I drool... I so need to go back there one of these days!

  13. Sorry for your sister's loss.

    "And the acid in the drinks." I had to read that twice. lol

    Love the shirts, and the candles sound amazing. Except the one with musk.

  14. LOVE the fruit. I could dive into that, seriously. The flowers sound lovely. Except for your allergies. The shirt you wore is GORGEOUS. It was my favorite, but when I saw you in it, perfect. Did not know there was a FIX for STRESS. LOL The dinner sounds scrumptious. Congrats about son and National Honors Society. Big deal, indeed. My hubby is a pilot. He taught flying for many years. More power to your son for following his dreams. I am saddened by your sister's loss. So sorry to hear this. Some sweet jasmine, orange blossom candles should lift spirits, for sure. take care.

  15. You look FAB in the bright color. Flippin' amazing. LOVE IT!



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