Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nothing much to say. And yet.....

I have nothing interesting to say today, however, I do have a few questions.

Why do famous, wealthy celebrities with access to fabulous stores, stylists, personal assistants and hair gurus leave the house looking like this?

A perfectly lovely man with a werewolf complex.

There must have been some sort of an emergency because she forgot her bra AND her shoes.

Even Ozzy can't think this is ok.

Only one explanation for this conundrum: Kardashian.  Fur real

I totally get the "I am happily married and he loves me no matter what" thing. Too many times, there are ill-fitting sweaters, wet and/or greasy hair, and unflattering pants. You are gorgeous, just try a little harder, or at least blow dry.

We had to buy this last week:
Holy crap, commercial ice machines are freakin' expensive.

Now the ice cream freezer at work went to see Jesus (not literally, ice cream freezers don't have souls, duh) as well.
Never a dull moment (or a spare penny)

Speaking of going, a couple of our employees are going to be voted off the island. For some, it comes easy, for others, it takes longer. Then there are those who never get it. 

In an effort to be healthier, I asked my husband to help me with a few small changes. He said I need to eat breakfast (I drink breakfast, coffee) and exercise. Since neither of those things are interesting to me, I sucked it up and ate a banana today. I am going to either do the elliptical or ride my bicycle through the neighborhood tonight (not set on which one) 
Another sigh.

School is finally over for the summer. You would think that would mean sleep all day party all night for the young men in the house. 
I made a very clear list of house rules.
9 am wake up, rooms cleaned daily, no yelling (I did break that rule yesterday), no door slamming, bathroom picked up and clean daily, no dishes in the sink, no internet after ma and pa Funny turn in for the night, more hours put in at the restaurant , better vehicle maintenance (big one has a broken gas gauge because he ran over something and bent up the tank, little one has 3 bald tires), big one enrolls in some college classes, little one finishes resume for Naval Academy, etc....

Already, the rules are being bent.
The little one did bring his car in for new tires today and the big one is getting his gas tank fixed (mostly because he runs out of gas and has to be picked up every other week because he has no idea how much, if any, gas he has) but there is laundry on the floors and dishes in the sink.
I told them I am now the Gestapo.
The little one, having taken 2 years of German class, informed me of the definition of Gestapo.

Definition of GESTAPO

: a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty 
It's gonna be a goooood summer!


  1. What the HELL is going on with Miley these days!? She's crying out for help in a big way, don't ya think?

  2. Maybe they live by the "any publicity is good publicity" rule?

    Ice cream freezers don't have souls? LOL

    The Little one is definately YOUR son. hahaha

  3. Miley is just gross. Ben and Jen don't bother me at all - they look like normal people - at least the normal people I know :)

  4. I didn't know who half those people were, they looked so crappy. I think it was Jennifer and Ben there at the end. I guess everybody has a down day. Holey Moley, that ice maker looks huge. Had to laugh at the summer routine already being dismissed. School is only 8 weeks away. :-)

  5. oh the joys of summer vacation :) We never could get the wake up by a certain time once they turned teens :)

    I have no idea why celebrities dress the way they do; you would think they would have a little bit of decorum when they leave the house.....


  6. I don't mind Ben and Jen, but the others are a mess.

    Good luck with your healthy eating. I'm trying to do the same thing. Ugh.

  7. I really enjoyed your celebrity rant and the one running without the bra (couldn't tell who she was) really blew me away lol... There is braless as a style, if one were so inclined, but that just wasn't it!

    Good luck with keeping those guys in order ;-)

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  9. This post made me laugh out loud! I was talking with a friend the other day about seeing people out in public and wondering "what are they thinking??" Don't they have any friends that say, "stop, you look like crap!" I'm so that kind of friend!!
    Finally getting around to following back!! Thanks for visiting me!!

  10. Anonymous commenters are funny. One can share their opinions but not faces? How mature.


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