Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things that happened last week

This was from Friday. I forgot to post it.

Things I did this week that nobody except me cares about.

I got my hair done. I call it getting highlights but the proper terminology is "getting bleached beyond normal human hair color". It works for me and since I was born blond, I prefer to stay the way God intended. Plus it hides the many gray hairs. And I get away with doing and saying stupid things because, well, I am a blond.
She also cut it short and added some layers.

See the bags, bad complexion and wrinkles? I am working on it, ok?
Here. I look better in Instagram

I am up to my eyeballs in laundry. The boys decided to strip their beds and throw it all in the laundry room as a gift to me. Actually, the washer had a huge load of towels in it ready to wash and the big one crammed his queen sized sheets, pillow cases and pillow top mattress pad in it on top of the towels and started the machine. I found it this morning with UL flashing. UL stands for uneven load and he is lucky my machine didn't break with all of the weight in it. I had to pull a ton of soaking wet laundry out and rewash it all. And you wonder why I drink. Add that to the 8 loads I was avoiding already had and my entire day is planned.

Someone left a pile of partially eaten dog food on the kitchen floor for me. I am guessing it was a dog. What I find interesting is how everyone but me missed it. Have I mentioned my vomit phobia?

I got this on my iPad.

My sister called me earlier this week and started reading me parts of it and I had forgotten to pre-order it so I had to get it right now. It makes me realize that our family has some similar stories and we should write a book. When you grow up poor with a crazy set of parents and have to invent your own fun, interesting things occur. I need to get with Mel and tell a few of our memoirs on the blog.

I had a very bad week, pms {of course} fueled by work stress and kid stress, so I had a few vodka tonics last night. Maybe too many. I tried to finish the USA Today crossword and read my new book but the room was spinning so I went to sleep. My stomach feels bleh today. Then my husband sent me this photo text:

Have I mentioned he is funny?

Again. Last weeks news.
I am working on a new and riveting post so hold on to your selves.


  1. I'll trade you the pile of partially eaten dog food for a pile of dog poop, which is what I found on my living room floor. Again, NO ONE but me noticed it. Amazing, isn't it? Boy, us moms/wives have some incredible seeing super powers, don't we? ARGH!

  2. I've heard about that book; another blog I follow, follows her blog; I just haven't had a chance to check it out yet (still recovering from A/Z). Love your hair! Laundry! Never ends, never will end.......


  3. Beautiful haircut and color! Love the white blonde - it's very pretty. Your son and the washing machine made me laugh and moan at the same time. Sorry you had to deal with it - but there's something cute to the story all the same!

  4. You look gorgeous, dahlin'

    If you and your sisters write that book, I'll be first in line to buy it!

  5. The name of your blog caught my attention. I sometimes laugh at inappropriate times because I see humor that a lot of people miss.
    So I'm going to be checking back missy to see what your laughing at.


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