Wednesday, May 2, 2012

this week so far...

monday was MY day (as in the day we get to do all those things that my husband hates that i love)

i did sit in the car and take pictures while he went to the restaurant supply store

i had a short but torturous list

i had pretty much made up my mind on which skin care line was the winner for my new plan
i went to the origins section and almost died right there because, people, there was a lot of shizzle to choose from. i could almost hear crickets chirping because there wasn't a human soul in sight.
deciding my money wasn't important to origins {big mistake. big. huge. i have to go shopping now- name that movie quote}

i stopped at clinique to get a lipstick and mascara {nearly violet and high impact, if you care}and the girl was so lovely, i decided she was the obvious winner
since my husband was clearly a hostage, he grabbed a chair and got comfy with his iphone as the questions began

she asked what my skin concerns were and i very simply explained that i had dry, oily, sensitive skin, wanted my eye puffiness, bags and wrinkles gone, wanted my dark spots gone and no more zits and i wanted to wake up with glowing skin every day {i think she might have taken a extra-deep breath and i know my husband snorted although he would lie and say he was reading a funny email}

here's what i got:
for day

for night

i even got a few free gifts
a lipgloss, mini bag and a sample of this

then i wandered over to the fragrance area to look for the perfume i wanted which i found in a boxed set 


then we stopped at academy so mr. funny could look at something {probably gun/ammo related if i was guessing}
i got the little tall one some shorts and an ou sooners tshirt
he loves the long shorts and when you have long ass legs, long shorts are sometimes short
athletic shorts are way overpriced

onto sam's
water, soda, tide, muffins, work stuff

then target
cleaning supplies because i love to clean
tank tops {i am really loving the mossimo microrib tanks, i wear them for layering and have them in every color} 
i also got this top ♥

then we went for sushi
thai chili sauce will burn your tongue off but it is so good

then home so we could get some sleep
this is going to be a long week!

ok it is now wednesday and so far, i am liking the moisturizers
my skin feels soft, my eyes aren't baggy and i haven't broken out
the overnight cream does make my skin more radiant but i will use it for a while before i make my final decision

i have been watching duck dynasty on guidebox (guidebox is a free tv watching site) on a&e
dude, it is freaking funny

the little one made the front page of the paper

my son's are having a political discussion
opposite political parties = ugly 

the little one's flower project notebook
i was kind enough to get him the cool stickers which he had no problem using
his biology teacher {and the girls} loved it

yes, i got gorilla glue all over it

the rest of the week is going to be very busy with court, doctors appointments, a band concert and errands so if i fail to blog, forgive me


  1. Glad you got your SKIN CARE regiment going. Not that you need it. You're beautiful. (Want to see BAD skin, mine is the worst and I don't wear makeup. YIKES!) SERIOUSLY love that shirt you're wearing. The COLORS are divine. ENJOY! take care.

  2. I used to always use Clinique... got away from it somewhere along the line. Good choice!

    Before you even asked, I thought "Pretty Woman". I can still see the snotty sales women when she walked back into their shop. Love that movie!

    Congrats to little one. Errrr Court doesn't sound like a good thing to have included in your list.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  3. Ok, I got tired just reading this :(

  4. I love the Clinique Even Better.

    I love, LOVE you in the orange/grey combo.

    Hoping the rest of your week (although busy) is a good one!

  5. I have the same skin: dry, zitty, wrinkly, spotty, blah . . . so please tell me if it helps!
    I'm laughing that you used Gorilla Glue!

  6. My wife is a makeup pro as she worked for Lancome for several years as a regional makeup artist.
    I'd rather have a sharp pencil jammed through my eardrum than hang out at a makeup counter :)

  7. What a fun post! Love the pics! And I'd love to be in on those political discussions with your sons :)

  8. Your.Skin.Is.To.Die.For.

    Seriously, it's glowy and smooth and soft and peachy looking. And my skin is turning green with envy.


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