Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughts for today.

* We finally finished the changes on the menu today. I hate going over menu changes and had procrastinated enough. Done.

* We got rid of one of our pain in the ass cooks. He had been there a long time and it was his time to go. No regrets.

* I am behind this week on Bachelorette. It is almost painful to watch but I do it anyway.

* We had a great girls night at T's house last night. She made lasagna and I brought a huge salad with everything fresh from the farmer's market and cupcakes, J brought garlic bread and beer. Good times and a beautiful night to sit outside and chat.

*I am really missing the little one. He sent a few texts to his dad and even a short note to me this morning but I have been a good mommy and left him alone. He rode some sort of flight simulator 4 times in a row and said he never blacked out even though it was 4 g's (?). Do they have rides like that at Disney?? Maybe I should be worried??! They went to the beach yesterday and the photos the kids posted were amazing! I could do an actual blog post of all the things I have worried about since he left for Florida.
Here is a photo I took from his FB page.

Could he get any cuter??

* It was very cool today. Like 65 for the high. Why cold and no sunshine on my day off? Stupid weather.

* I love that some of you also like Samantha Who? They always cancel the good ones (or is it that I watch the bad ones?)

* Got a couple new polishes today:
Off The Shoulder

As Gold As It Gets
Laundry awaits... 

Oh, here's what I wore today. Because you give 2 shits. 
Sweater is Gap Outlet ($5), Bird necklace is Fossil, white tank is Target, white watch is Fossil, yoga pants are old (and comfy) but I wore ankle jeans and cuffed them.
Hair is ready for a color and cut. Seriously, my bangs. A customer asked me yesterday if I was growing them out. Yeah. I did and they suck so I wear a barrette like every day. They will not lay right.


  1. Little One looks like he might be having fun in Florida!! Glad you had a chance to get together with some friends and enjoy a girls night out!


  2. Great pictures and sounds like everyone on your side of the planet is having a good time :-) The girls night sounded really lovely (and tasty!)... lol

    Loved your outfit too!

  3. It was cold here yesterday, too. This weather is so weird...

    It looks like your son is having a lot of fun! I'm so not looking forward to the days when my kids are off and doing things by themselves. Yikes.

    Have a great day!

  4. Mendi and I LOVED Samantha Who?!! I hate when they cancel all of the good ones!! Love your new nail polish!! Oh and your son is too cute. We are sure you will be happy when he gets back!
    Have a great weekend!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. The little one looks like Mr. Funny!

    I knew you would be missing him :)

    You always look fab Miss Fashion plate.


  6. Actually, I give THREE shits.

    When you start missing The Little One, just remember that one less person making a mess, demanding to be fed, wanting clean clothes etc... ;-)

  7. I bet the Little One is having a large time in Florida.
    It's been too long since we've been to the Sunshine state.

  8. Cute sweater. I can't get away with horizontal strips, which add width that I don't need. Looks great on you. I smile when I check your blog...w/ your font (which I love and use too), it looks like "In my mind, it's always furry." :-)


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