Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday. Yep.

Happy Tuesday!
I am in an unusually good mood today.
It was about time because I have been in a bad mood for 14 years, give or take.

I watched the first half of the final Desperate Housewives. I am saving the other half for bedtime.

I am super happy with the Clinique skincare stuff I bought. I will let you know in a couple more weeks.

I got my Sephora package today and promptly did a video blog on all of it. Then erased it and did 4 more. It isn't happening. I look deranged, talk out of the side of my mouth and don't get me stated on how weird my voice sounds.

I am waiting till tomorrow to watch the Bachelorette and give feedback. You will thank me.

I was corrected by Mr. Funny. We served 696 people on Mother's Day. I believe I said over 600 so I am still right.

We ate dinner at 4pm yesterday. We are old that way.

The National Honors Society program was dull. Too many people to have to talk to and social chit chat is not my thing. Do you hear me husband?????? It was like the who's who of our town. Hoity toity pukefest.

I didn't take a nap after work today even though I slept for 3.8 minutes last night. I had a dream we were in another country {Syria, I think} and they were at war and we were trying to rescue these zoo animals mixed with farm animals from this slaughterhouse. They were going to eat them because the zoo was closed after the war. I remember zebras and elephants and monkeys and cows and a donkey I named Clatter. We were pulling them by by these ropes trying to rescue them and they were pulling them into this conveyor belt system thing and chopping their heads off. It was horrible. I woke up in tears and couldn't catch my breath.. I am obviously disturbed.

Our meeting with our manager last night went better than I expected. I worked myself into a tizzy though and almost had a panic attack while my husband was reading her the riot act. I hate confrontation. The next time we have to discipline her, she gets fired to dropped to an hourly position instead of salary. He was pretty kind.

I wore this today:

I absolutely love how colorful and comfortable it is. 
I also realized I can stretch it into winter because I have a cardigan from Target that I have never worn that matches it.

My husband cleaned and filled the fountain Sunday.
He went overboard on the blue water dye. He stained the column blue.

My front porch makes me happy.
Do you like how Jay-Z matches the fountain water? Not planned.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


  1. I love the bshirt--so pretty!

    I just realized that you and I have pretty much the same haircut. (The one in my avatar is old, so ignore it.) :)

    Yay for good moods! Have a good Wednesday. :)

  2. Wow, almost 700 peeps on Mother's Day!

    I LOVE your Jay-Z!!!!

  3. Such a nice post to wake up to. Your happiness bubbles out of my computer and on to me - which is always nice. Good to hear that you had such a nice day (and of course I love that blouse on you!)

  4. LOL with the fountain! the pillar does look kind of cute a shade of blue! That top is so cute!! Glad the meeting went okay with your general manager. I too don't like confrontation; your hubby sounds pretty good at it though! He's a keeper in so many different ways!

    We took a drive last week and I saw llamas. I thought of you......

    what a weird dream you had; I can imagine you would have woken up in tears about it!


  5. Jay-Z rules..btw the way I actually blogged...I know I know...

  6. *Glad the meeting with the manager went well.
    *Sorry the NHS stuff was boring.
    *That top is very pretty!
    *LOVE how Jay-Z matches the fountain. :)
    *Your dream freaked ME out.

  7. You got your Sephora goodies...yay!! Three of my favorite things!! Here's the key to doing the video if you are having problems...have a drink and then film the video. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. So what did you think of Desperate Housewives finale??? CRAZY dreams are what sleeping is all about. I can't remember mine? Wonder what that means??? That's alot of people to serve. WOW. Love Jay-Z and the fountain. Your GOODIEs sound GREAT. bet the video was awesome. Love the top. You'll have to show us how you'll wear it in the fall. take care.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the porch....blue water and all!



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