Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

I am behind on everything because we went out of town this weekend.

My youngest sister J graduated from law school Saturday!!!!!!
We surprised her by showing up after I told her there was no possible way for us to get away this weekend.
My other 2 sisters knew we were coming and were throwing her a party complete with a rented margarita machine and catered Qdoba Mexican food plus our favorite queso dip from Cafe Ole.

Here we are on our way. I forgot my regular camera so I used my phone until I realized Mr. Funny brought his camera.

Iced vanilla coffee,  a must for a long road trip

When we got there we sat by the pool with our margaritas and waited for the guest of honor (who I suspect was napping)

She scored big in the gift department! An iPad 3, jewelry, some cool home decor, and some other stuff which slips my mind.

Our gift was the diamond "J" necklace, the amazing diamond hoop earrings were from her hubby

Cake from Merritt's Bakery *drool*

Taco bar, I filled up on queso dip and margaritas and skipped the real food {I paid dearly for that mistake}

Mom. I decorated her for the party.

This is the photo I told her to use on her new business cards. Fitting for a lawyer, right?

Mel's husband brought an inflatable date.

I took a few more pics but it was dark and everyone looks like demons with glowing eyes.

Some of us had the good sense to go to bed but the rest of us stayed up till 4am. I spent the entire night {or morning}eating tums because I had the worst heartburn from the ritas. 
We all met at the Brook for lunch, grabbed Sonic slushes and went to see D's new house. It really looked great since they had all the work done to it. Again. No pics.
Then we went back to Mel's to pack our stuff and sit by the pool.
The water was icy cold but that didn't stop her oldest son from swimming. 

There is a frog living in the crack under the pool rim.

Everett allowed me to pet him

My husband is the paparazzi. This is annoying on so many levels but mainly because I didn't sit up and suck in.

This photo is titled "Two Supermodels {and frogboy} By the Pool"


More dancing

More dancing

This kid is full of energy and light! And dance.

So we really had a great time, a nice visit and many laughs. It went by too fast!

Congratulations J!!!!!

An architect and a lawyer


  1. Forgive me, but I did laugh just a little on how you decorated your mom; I hope that wasn't disrespectful of me.

    Congrats to your sister! Well done!!!!

    looked like a great celebration!


  2. Looks like you guys had great time---I hope she enjoyed all the "surprises"!!

  3. An accomplishment to be celebrated, for sure. And it looks like you did it up good. CONGRATS to your sister.

  4. Congrats to your sister!

    These pictures were great, thanks for sharing. I feel like I was at the party!

  5. Congratulations to your sis!

    Soooo, I'm curious, does your Mom make the rounds to everyone's homes or does she have a permanent residence with just one of you? I love, LOVE that you had her join the party!

  6. Congrats to J! Looks like a fun time.


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