Friday, June 22, 2012


I got this.


Dana is a kind of new bloggy friend, stop over and say hi to her (although I think she is already friends with quite a few of you)
Here are the rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3. Name five things you love.
4. Name five things you hate.
5. Pass the ribbon on to five other bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win.)

1.) My most fabulous blog moment was when I got 29 comments for one post. It was April 1st and the start of the A to Z Challenge. I never got more than a few comments so I was stunned and thrilled. That was a great post.
2.) Buying our business/restaurant. It took 10 years and a lot of blood, sweat tears and money but we did it. And then my mom died and the economy tanked that year. Can you say uphill, both ways? We would have eventually lost our jobs (or a lot of income) if we hadn't bought the restaurant.
3.) I always feel fabulous when I write a post that helps people. It might just be a shampoo or fun website but I love to feel important and help people.
4.) Buying our dream house was a pretty fabulous moment. Actually, buying our first house was amazing and when we outgrew it, we got this one which sent us over the moon. Hard work, patience and equity pay off.
5.) Any time I make people laugh. Fabulous.

1.) I love SUMMER. Sunshine, warmth, sandals, cute pedicures, green grass, the water, cold drinks, grilling our dinner, being outside, getting together with friends and family, summery fragrances (perfume, fresh cut grass, BBQ, suntan lotion, warm skin) If I could live somewhere where it is summer all year long, I would be happy.
2.) I love shopping. The thrill of finding that perfect item, whatever it may be. It could be clothing, furniture, groceries or paint.
3.) I  love eating. And drinking. Whether it's a chalupa and a soda or crab legs and a martini.
4.) I love traveling. We have a list of places we want to go. So far Hawaii and NYC are my favorites. Even just a quick road trip for the day or a night away in Tulsa or Eureka.
5.) I love family get-togethers. My whole family, his whole family (not the weird ones from Arkansas)
Just all of us sitting around laughing and talking. My family all lives out of state and we have crazy work schedules so this doesn't happen often.

1.) I hate being cold.
2.) I hate eggs. And snakes. And snake eggs.
3.) I hate shaving. No patience. I do it but I hate it.
4.) I hate rudeness. And stupidity. Bad drivers- people who cut me off in traffic, people who ignore and break simple rules, people who ride my ass, loud bass that everyone can hear, honking and flipping people off,  people who don't say please or thank you, people who shove and bump into you without saying excuse me, not greeting me when I enter a store, mean people,  people who feel entitled, people who refuse to get a job and live off of the government or disability (this is very common here, I have no idea how these mostly healthy young people get so many benefits) neglecting pets and/or children, druggies (again, it is bad here with the meth, heroin, potpurri and synthetic drugs) people who try to screw over everyone they know, liars, fake people. I also get perturbed over bad grammar and spelling. "Where you AT?" drives me bananas.

5.) I hate working out. I don't mind a nice hike or a long walk or bike ride. I hate getting on a piece of exercise equipment or going to a class full of "I love to feel the endorphins" people.
Kiss my endorphins. I don't think I have any.

I am not passing this on today. If you are fabulous, take it and proudly show it!!

Here is a photo my husband took of the little one at his first flying lesson. After much talk (the above ecard says it all) I decided to let him continue to take lessons.  That way, he can buy a plane and fly me anywhere I want to go when I need to get away. 

And here is the video:


  1. I can't believe he's flying. That is freaky! Rude people with no sense of common courtesy make me buggy too!

    So glad you've got that restaurant!

  2. Oh my hell, WHY did you have to remind me that your baby is flying an airplane!! Like it wasn't enough for YOU to have a nervous breakdown, now I have to, too!!

    You ARE fabulous, so the award is well-deserved!!

  3. OMGosh! Flying an airplane! Well, the traveling wherever you want to go some day with a private pilot might be a really nice thing, I guess. I'm afraid of heights, so I'd want to be in a much bigger plane, I think. LOL!

    I don't think I have any endorphins that react to exercise. Mine are trained to react to art and craft supplies; paper, ink, and pens; new books and chocolate. ;)

  4. I would take it but I have too much fabulousness already. Now I'm thinking about snake eggs and the little one flying us to the Bahamas.

    And Deb only got me a gift because I was watching her animals while she was out of town. I don't think that means she loves me more. Just that she was appreciative of my help.

  5. Oh, do I hate working out. The stupid treadmill has been calling my name for months, and I've only walked on it a handful of times. Now I'm going on vacation soon and kicking myself for not getting in shape.

    I love NYC! I want to live there and write there and have adventures there. I don't know what it is about that city, but I just feel more alive whenever I visit.

  6. Buying a house seems to be a fab thing for many of us. Getting our own little plot of land is big. I hate shaving and working out too. They both seem so futile. You have to keep doing 'em. Dumb. How cool that your son is taking flying lessons. What a thrill that must be for him! I might be reaching for the vodka too, if it were might child. :-)

  7. Congrats on the award; I only enjoy working out when I'm done with it!! Liked the video of Little One flying. You wonder about the flight instructors; the patience they must have. Not sure I could be one......


  8. Congratulations on the ribbon! Love reading more about you and I was absolutely so impressed and blown away by the flying video!! So much fun to see! I haven't been in a cockpit for years (and probably will never get to again since security is so tight) so this was a real treat. I'm happy that your son is getting to follow his dream :) Keep drinking the vodka! lol

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  10. OMG you're funny! And don't come and visit my blog. I work out and I whine when I don't workout because I miss the endorphins. You'll hate me.

  11. I don't think there's enough vodka in the world to allow me to allow my kid to take flying lessons...I'd go absolutely bonkers! God Bless You!

    I also get perturbed by horrendous grammar and spelling. Especially on a computer. I mean, come on...hello? Spell check? Is it seriously too much to ask one to click a button?

    Now please don't hate me for what I'm about to say, okay?

    You've been tagged!!

    I'm very, very sorry in advance!

  12. Flying you where you want to go is a definite advantage. Just think of all the fun you will have. SERIOUSLY, he is doing GREAT. And I am totally with you about SNAKES. JUst the other day one slithered past me while I was sitting in the grass. The bathroom was not close enough. If I find eggs I'm moving.


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