Monday, June 25, 2012


Thank you so much to the long suffering people I have recently tagged with awards or whatnots.
Y'all rock!

I have been trying to catch up on blogs the last few days but we have been pretty busy so I will get to everyone in time. Pinky swear!

Saturday was work and then date night, per usual. My husband power washed the front sidewalk, wow, it looks new!

No kids for a change and no drinking with co-workers. Just a nice dinner at the lake with my hubby at our favorite Italian place. I had a lemon drop martini and then switched to dirty Goose martinis. Yes, 2. They were divine. Oh, and chicken parmesan.
We brought dinner home for the kids, stopped at our friends' house to visit for a few minutes and went home to bed.

Sunday was a laundry marathon for me. I don't know how I got so far behind on towels but every towel in the house, except the beach towels were dirty. Most of them were piled in the boys' rooms so when they brought down their laundry, I wanted to cry.
I also started feeling the darkness (depression) creep in and tried to fight it off with loud music and good thoughts. I felt better after my always happy husband got home and asked me what the hell was wrong (is he NEW here?) I sent him to the store for chicken and made his favorite, chicken enchiladas and my guacamole.
We went to see Rock of Ages and although it was a bit silly, I love, love, loved the music. I was in high school in 87 when the movie takes place and got a kick out of the "small town girl" from Tulsa, OK moving to LA. Tulsa is a big city and was in 1987 (maybe it is small compared to LA) as well. Tom Cruise wasn't as gross as I had imagined but the Alec Baldwin/Russell Brand kiss was a bit icky. Great music mash-up though.

Today we took the little one and his friend to the river but they didn't have any interest in swimming. They spent an hour skipping rocks and Mr. F and I waded a bit to cool off (holy hellblazers it was a hot day!!) and I had my first Sonic Rt. 44 cherry limeade of the summer. 

We went to a visitation tonight of a good friend of the family who passed away Thursday. He was a wonderful man and had lots of friends in the community so it was a long visitation and we got to see people we hadn't talked to in a while. We made the boys go as well since the guy's 2 daughter have been in band with them through high school. 
One of my favorite customers, the dancing man, died last week too but I couldn't make myself go to his service. Too much. He loved to come in and flirt with us and dance. He was in his 90's and had been sick a while but I had just seen him a few days earlier and hadn't been prepared for how much it would bother me.

I saw this old barn today and thought of Deanna!

I am trying to make plans to have people over on the 4th (we close at 2pm on that day) but it has been so terribly dry here, we will pass on a big fireworks show. My husband and his brother like to throw a huge show for all of us but it would be too scary this year. Then my sister-in-law will be here from New Jersey on the 6th so I am making plans for a day trip to the lake with her. She will be here only 3 weeks this tear, usually she comes for the months of July and August to spend time with her mom and family and friends but with their mom gone now, it is hard for her to stay as long. 
I am hoping to get some of my family here while she is here so the kids can get together and visit while we hang out.



  1. Liked the pictures of you guys; don't let that depression get a hold of you; write a list of all the wonderful things going for you, putting God first, and then keep that list close by when that darkness wants to grab a hold of you; good that hubby helped get you out of it too! Rock of Ages does sound like it could be a cute movie to see!

    We're staying home on the 4th; Mr. scared of anything that goes boom (Koda) will probably be terrified for ever if we go and see fireworks, so we'll BBQ something delicious and hang out babysitting the dog :) its all good!


  2. Damn, girl! You had a weekend like that, and you still managed to fit in my dreaded tag?!?!

    If I could, I'd be on my knees in front of you, bowing down to your awesomeness.

    I'm not worthy!

    This is just one more reason you deserve the award I'm tossing your way! Stop by and pick it up, but don't feel obligated to actually do everything it've already received this award once, and Lord knows you're busy enough the way it is, without doing it all over again!

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    One of the biggest changes around here since CSJ's been back is that he does all the laundry. He's got a weird thing about laundry, and he does it every single night/morning. Now you would think I'd love it, but seriously, it pisses me off a little. First of all, he doesn't separate a THING. And, he usually doesn't fold, and he NEVER puts anything away. Ok, I know how bitchy that sounds, since what the hell, you'd think the least I could do is put it away since he washed it, right? Except that I can't get past the fact that he washed his jeans with my blouse, and that everything is still in the dryer, getting wrinkled, or thrown across the table, waiting to be folded and put away. I would just be easier to do it myself, and DO IT RIGHT, ya know. Yes, I'm a bitch, I know.

    Whew, I had no idea was going to go off on a rant! I should have saved that for one of my 11 Things. Hell, I just may come back and copy and paste this later. ;-)

  4. Absolutely LOVED the picture of you and Mr Funny together! So cute! :) I hope things work out for the 4th - and that even without a big firework display you have a lot of fun :)

  5. Goodness! In 1987 I was already 36 years old with a 13 year old boy--LOL! This does look like a strange tongue-in-cheek movie, though, and I plan to see it when it comes out on video. Love the pictures of you all. Looks like a great time, if too hot for me. ;) Keep smiling, Sweetie!! :):)

  6. You're a busy bee! How about we strike a deal? I come to your house soon with the boys and you promise to come here for the weekend of the 20th for Juli's birthday (and to eat with me)...???

  7. Thanks for the shout out! You have such a busy life. I don't envy you the laundry. When the grands come to stay for a few days, I always try to send them home with clean clothes. Dang they can create a lot of laundry! The river would be a nice place to be, but only if you plan on getting wet.

    Dinner at the lake. Now that is my kind of date nite...

  8. I really want to see that movie! I was also in high school in '87, and I love the music--still listen to some of it!

    Man, I'm hungry for guacamole! ;)

  9. I really want to go see Rock of Ages too. I love all of the music in that show. I grew up listening to that music because my sisters constantly played it. I'm glad Tommy isn't too gross. Wherever you live looks beautiful!

  10. Sidewalk is beautiful. We need to do ours. I'm glad you wrote about Rock of Ages. Tom Cruise DOES look icky to me. As does Alec Baldwin. I think I'll skip the whole thing. My daughter and I just saw Brave. Even though it's animated, I loved it. Those curly red locks are the best.

  11. You young thing you. My daughters listened to that music, so I heard it. LOL Been debating about the movie. Appreciated your candor. Not sure I want to see Alec kiss anyone??? Tee Hee! Please do not let depression sink it's fangs in you. Climbing out of the abyss can be difficult. See someone. Take pills. There are herbal remedies. I'm sorry you lost two people close to your heart. Have fun with everybody visiting. LOVE the photos. Take care.

  12. You wore me out just reading about what all you're doing. It was 103 here today. If we'd had papers, we could have smoked the flowers on the deck.
    It will be hotter tomorrow and Saturday. Oh well.
    Take care and have fun when the company comes.


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