Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More from me

Important things to say.
First of all, I got a new, cool award today.

I was given this award by Michelle of MJ and the Family Tales.
She is a new blog friend and she has lured me in with her humor, stories and wit.
And OMG she has 4 of the cutest girls. And a way hot husband. And she is pretty easy on the eyes herself.
I am glad she blogged into my life.

I could post 7 things about myself but I am over myself, as probably you are too.
So here are 7 things that make me look/sound/feel/act/seem CRAZY.

1.) I talk to animals. Mine of course but other people's too. I make up voices that I think fit that particular animal and talk for them. For example, I see a cute, fluffy gray dog on a leash walking with his human and I say "I'm just a cute little gray pup hanging with my daddy!" or (aimed at my husband) "Ask Kona (his dog) how many minutes she didn't bark today. There weren't any, right Kona? Tell dad all about your day" or "Who's a sweet baby cowlet? Is it you? Is it??" (the mother cow usually steps in with her can of pepper spray) or "Look at me, I am a teensy llama, hanging out my mama"
You get it.

2.) I get overstimulated by people easily. Too many voices, sounds, people around me for a short time is doable but I need to get away from it at some point. A quiet place and a nap usually fix it.

3.) I have a bundle of fears and dislikes. Most are irrational. 
I am afraid of fish, monkeys, balloons popping, shooting a gun, holding a gun, looking stupid, manta rays (kites with eyes and a stinger, creepy!) vomit, people who are prone to vomiting (small children, people with the flu, drunks), flying, heights, elevators (higher than 5 floors), geese, armadillos, big lizards, snakes, velociraptors, being without lipgloss, meeting new people (face to face), waterskiing, having sticky hands, eating things with a weird consistency (Maalox, milkshakes, yogurt, Cadbury creme, Alka Seltzer) eggs, saying stupid things, trying on jeans and/or swimsuits, confrontation.

4.) I am OCD about my stuff. 
I am particular about how I look and the same goes for the kids and my hubby. I feel like I need to be perfect (I could not be further from it) lest I be judged (in my head, I know)
I don't like dirty anything (except martinis) I hate water spots on the stainless sink, the counters have to wiped/ no dishes in the sink or on the counter before I can go to bed, my closet is organized by color/style/season, clothes all face the same direction, shoes are labeled and in their boxes, purses too, I won't wear stained, worn looking or pilled up clothes, shoes have to be clean (I work in a restaurant so my shoes get greasy so I wash or wipe them before putting them away), I have to wash/style my hair and put on makeup if I leave the house (if I am home, all bets are off), our guest bath has to be spotless, I like the fridge organized and clean, my dining room is off limits- it is spotless and set for a dinner party that will never happen, I wash all of the inside trash cans weekly, I hate my car to be dirty (inside and out), I am picky about my hair (the cut, the color) and clothes, I read a magazine and toss it, I hate clutter. 

That being said, my dogs smell bad and need baths, my basement is still a mess, my carpets need to be set on fire, my son's room looks like Armaggedon, my fingernails are a disaster, I need to lose weight, my fridge is awful right now, my living room needs to be painted, I still have plants to go into the ground and leaves to be cleaned out of shrubs, my husband's office is shameful, I need a pedicure, my light fixtures have dust and dead bugs in them, I am way behind on laundry, my master bath is dirty, and more.

5.) I love ghost related stuff, autopsy shows, funeral homes, crime scene stuff, cemeteries and Halloween. Creepy stuff fascinates me.

Now the rules, because I am a rule-follower by design (shut up) are as follows:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you and thank them.
2. Post the award to your blog. (you can save the image in my bar or take a screen shot)
3. Give the award to 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers that you appreciate and value.
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know they have been offered this award.

I am passing this on to these really lucky peeps (I picked a random number (9), don't get hurt feelings)

1.) Mel (my sister) at The Positive Pessimist
2.) ChiTown Girl 
3.) Judy at Life...Minute By Minute 
4.) Dana at The Daily Dose (I know she has more than 200 followers, whatev)
5.) Debbie at Life in Real Time 
6.) Carrie at It's Not Easy Being Queen (and Debbie's sis)
7.) Mare Ball at Adventure's in the Ballpark
8.) Robin
9.) Taryterre 

Get busy girls!

I got a massage today. With hot rocks.
I needed it.

I did forget to show you these shoes I ordered a while back. Got them, finally, today.


  1. I not only talk to animals and plants, I talk to inanimate objects--like microwaves, cars, pens, phones, computers, DVD players, my favorite coffee cup--you name it, I talk to it. And I have select OCD areas in my life, too--LOL!
    Have a great Thursday. It's almost the weekend. :)

  2. I am obsessed with paranormal ghosty stuff!! Well, maybe not obsessed but I love it!!

  3. Thanks, Bloggy Buddy!! I will try and finish my "homework" by tomorrow! :)

  4. Aw shucks. For me? Thanks! You had me on a few of those but you may be crazier than me.

  5. Cute shoes! Man, I love shoes... ;)

    Congratulations and thanks for the award! You described me perfectly in your second point. Sometimes I just need the noise to go away! LOL

  6. If you didn't talk to animals in different voices, fear velociraptors and monkeys, have OCD tendancies, and obsess over your image, your blog wouldn't be nearly as entertaining. . . besides I need at least one friend who has a dark side like me when it comes to death and all things morbid.

    ps thanks for the compliments . . . i am just trying to keep up with you!

  7. Congrats on your award! You are too funny!!! I do #1 too (as in #1 on your list not like #1 as in going potty). Love your new shoes!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. I talk to the TV and it drives my husband crazy. I'm getting more brave about leaving the house without makeup, but I don't do it very often.

  9. I can't be around vomit either...or people about to vomit. Just typing the word makes me squeamish. Quite a list you have there of OCD stuff. Calm down, sweet girl and just breathe. Life isn't really about stuff. :-) However, those ARE cute shoes. Thanks for the award, your sis just gave me the same thing. I'm still looking for the answer...what the heck is Liebster love? I think I'm going to feel pretty foolish when I find out. Thanks for thinking of me!

  10. Loved this post! I can relate to most of number 4.....Thanks for the award...i need to do my duties now.


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