Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday. Because today is Wednesday and I am always a little late.

Tuesday's post. I forgot to post it.

I should break down and buy my own blog domain. Or at least more photo space.

It rained yesterday so we figured it was a good time to get to the city and do some shopping.
We needed to get a crap ton of dishes from the restaurant supply (because the assholes keep breaking them) and candy bars for Father's Day. Mom's get roses on their day and dad's get candy. It works.

I had shopping of my own to do despite my husband's complaints of entering the mall.
Macy's was having a sandal sale people.
I wanted a gold sandal, maybe some bling or color, maybe a wedge. I wanted a good shoe and I wanted it cheap.
I am nothing if not decisive.
I tried on 5 shoes. I got this one.

I wanted a couple of bras. I like the Pink push-up bras. I also got 2 of the boyfriend t's (which my husband tried to make me are sleep shirts but really, what does HE know? I got neon coral and turquoise. 
FYI- they both go with my new sandals and I didn't even plan it that way.
Also FYI- their semi-annual sale began today. 

I also wanted a new bronzer, an electric blue eyeliner and a new lipgloss. (I know) (no really, I know)
I found the best associate ever and she reminded me of makeup shopping with my mom. She raved about the Hourglass line which is very high-end but lovely nonetheless.
My husband found a seat in the makeup chair so I told him that if anyone needed a makeover he was in charge. I would like to again thank Steve Jobs (RIP) for the iPhone.

I wanted the Tarte bronzer but I got THIS instead. 
And THIS eyeliner. And THIS lipstick.

I am done shopping for a while.

- I wish we had a Trader Joe's. 

- I can hear coyotes howling sometimes in the evenings. We are out of the city limits and there are fields behind us so I worry a little about my little dogs being attacked. A few people on FB have commented about coyotes attacking and even killing their small animals. I feel bad for the coyotes because we have pretty much taken all the available land they once had but please, stay out of my yard. 

- We hired a tutor a while back to help the little one raise his ACT score. He took the test for the 2nd time this past Saturday and we are anxiously waiting for the results. This is the final test before he sends in his application for the Naval Academy. 

- The little one has a meeting with our state representative Thursday for a Flag Day function. A few people we know with political ties are introducing him. This is a big deal. I am opting out but my husband is excited to attend.

- I brought a piece of Italian wedding cake home from Zio's last night. Oh my hell it is good. So is the bruschetta. My husband makes a bruschetta with roma tomatoes, black olives ♥, red onions, fresh basil and balsamic vinegar and olive oil served over French bread. You hear the angels sing ♪♫ when you eat it.

-The little one took over my beach candles from B & B Works. I picked him up a few of his own yesterday. Beach Grass, White Sand and Root Beer Float. 
FYI- their semi-annual sale began today  *sigh*

- I have my massage tomorrow after work. This is good and bad. Good because my back is trying to go out. Bad because I have to shave my whole leg and at 6 am at that. Blah. 

- I am trying to use up the products I already have in the bathroom, specifically, the body washes and lotions. I found 2 large and 2 small tubs of body butter from the Body Shop in my bath basket and realized the smell was not good. They had gone bad. This makes me so sad because I love me some body butter. Especially the Satsuma and Sweet Lemon. In the trash. 

More later. I am tired.


  1. You like the word 'crapload'. I like that you finally blogged again.

  2. I love the shoes! I might just have to take a trip over to Macy's myself. :)

  3. You should be slapped for letting body butter go bad!!!

  4. Your posts always make me tired!! I love reading about your shopping trips!!

  5. I would love to hear angels sing as I ate!!! ;)
    I feel badly for your body butter. Body butter is such a luscious luxury.
    Rest and be well. :):)

  6. Its kind of weird to hear the coyotes howling isn't it? They really are very smart animals; do watch out for your little dogs! We always went out with Koda in the backyard when he was taking care of business; we didn't think they could actually jump the fence and pick him up (heavy as he is) and jump back over the fence, but we just never knew. They do kind of work together with each other!

    I'm sure Little One did great on his ACT!



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