Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today is my mother-in-law's birthday. She passed away in October. People called to remind me and ask me what I am doing today.

I had to bring 165 candy bars back home from the restaurant. We gave them out to the dads for Father's Day. I'm gonna put them in the basement and pretend they aren't there. Except for the Snickers I ate. And the other ones I'm gonna hide.

I was driving home from work today and this deranged guy was riding his bike on the sidewalk next to the side street I was driving on. He was looking over at me and racing me! He would come to an intersection (I would have a stop sign) and pop a wheelie over the curb. Then another one  over the next curb on the sidewalk. It was kind of funny until he came to the courthouse and a couple of uniformed cops were coming out.  He started watching them and went off the curb into the path of ME. He jumped off the bike, flew over the handlebars and landed in the grass. He jumped back up, grabbed the bike and took off the way he came from. I was staring, the cops were staring, other people nearby were staring. I think he was ok but he had crazy eyes. And maybe a little meth in his blood stream.

I'm getting a pedicure Thursday. I need a cool idea for polish. My hair stylist had these toes last week. 

Anyone have any ideas or pictures I can bring in to her? 
Interesting fact: the pedicurist at my salon and I share the same name. Very odd since we have a very uncommon name.

I fell asleep reading on the deck yesterday. I woke up with baggy eyes 

and took a picture of my new sandals.
Are you still awake?

I saw this and had to copy it:

Freaking hilarious.

And this one:

And I want to hang this one up at work: (and send it to some ex-employees)



  1. Oh my God, you have 165 candy bars in your house?!?! And you want me to come there and visit? ARE YOU CRAZY!?

    Ok, I know this is a weird thing to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway - you have really pretty feet! I have a "thing" about feet, and generally try NOT to look at them. EVER. But, yours are seriously pretty. Now, I don't know how I feel about that camo polish, though. I say, don't do it.

    Where exactly are the puffy eyes in that picture? I'm not seeing them, sorry.

    Those eCards are freakin' hilarious!

  2. I couldn't live in my house if I knew there were 165 candy bars in the basement. ;)

    Crazy man sounds entertaining, if nothing else.

    Sorry, no nail polish ideas. I've never gotten mine done.

    Your sandals are really cute--and you don't have baggy eyes.

    Love that second ecard!

  3. Any chocolate that comes into my place I can't leave alone. Good luck! ;)

    Now you have to take pictures of your pretty toenails after you get them done. Those shoes will be perfect to show them off!

    That first one is freakin' hilarious! And, BTW, you don't look like you have baggy eyes. ;)

  4. Put the chocolate in the mail and mail them to me :)

    That is interesting that you and the pedicurist have the same name because indeed it is a very unique (but pretty) name :)

    loved the sleeping quote, LOL :)


  5. Too bad it is not Halloween. SERIOUSLY save me some of those KITKATS and SNICKERS. My docs are telling me I am diabetic. so I can not have any. But I promise I will give that candy to someone who needs a chocolate fix. LOL LOVE the signs and sandals. but what really caught my eye was that necklace. it is AWESOME.

  6. Such cute sandals :) I don't have any interesting nail ideas - but look forward to seeing what you have done in the end! And that pile of chocolate... ohhh.... want! lol

  7. Please don't paint your toes a weird camo. I don't know if I can ever trust you again. Are you trying to kill me with the candy bars and Skittles. I'm almost on my way to your house for a Snickers and Skittles. This means I can never visit you again because I will just know that they are in the house, mocking me. And the last picture should be what you give your fired employees on the way out the door. And the bike guy? Yeah, a bit of meth and a lot of crazy. Yesterday was a weird driving day overall.

  8. People are so steang. Speaking of the dude on the bike. And not so sure about the pedi that your hair stylist had...a little freaky looking. Yours looked nice though. And totally do not see any bags under your eyes! I do not have any pedi ideasthat but be sure to show us pics of what you decide.

  9. Great pics on the father's day post! You boys are cute, look like nice kids, not quite as weird as their mom. I love the badges on this post...esp. the stupid decisions ones. So true! I'm going to disagree w/ most comments here on the toenails - I LOVE the mutlti-colors. They are beautiful. MIght take a while though. You might doze off and wake up w/ baggy eyes. :-)

  10. You are cracking us up! What was up with the tweaker on the bike?? Crazy! And 165 candy bars in your house...I'd be covered in chocolate rocking back in the forth in the dark. I haven't had a candy bar in so long. Man! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. We have crazy people who ride bikes along Highway 94.... right NEXT to the Katy Trail. Talk about stoopid. But I don't think they have any meth in their systems. They're just stoopid.

    I had to laugh at the commitment one.

  12. Love the pedicure and your new sandals. You can get red, white and blue for 4th of July. Paint your toes red and put white and blue on the tips. It would look like a french manicure but red, white and blue. Crazy bike riders!!


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