Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ok, here we go.

Had to get that one in. 

Saturday was spent at work. I figured out (because I am a google doctor) that my kidneys are fine. I almost died of water poisoning (no, not really) before I realized that my back is just out. My sciatica. 
Some pilates will fix it but I am too tired and lazy for that kind of crap so I will suffer. 
Saturday, I tried to self medicate with Michelob Ultra and Mexican food.
It worked for a while.

Sunday was cleaning day. Always.
I got the kitchen done, light fixtures cleaned, tile mopped and laundry washed and put away.
Then we went to Lowe's to buy paint for the living room. I need to primer and paint the alcove where the ugly sink used to be. 
They no longer make the color of paint that my living room is. And I could maybe get them to try to match the numbers on the can but they are faded and we cannot read them.
I picked out a new color (even though I have used the same shade of taupe on my walls since 2001) and I decided on Aspen Gray for the main walls and Tidal wave in the alcove. 
I painted the primer on the newly sheetrocked alcove
(here is how it looked after the little one ripped out the sink and cabinets but before it was sheetrocked, there is no carpeting or any baseboards there either but when we get wood floors, I am going to update the baseboards in the house)

 and decided to return it (I bought latex Kilz primer and it would not cover well so I am back to the oil based Bin primer that I love although it makes me high.) Now I have to wait for the temps to cool off so I can open the windows for a few hours so as not to kill anyone.
As for the walls, my husband said he would paint the walls if I cut in around the top and bottom which delights me to no end because I have always, always been the one who gets stuck painting.
I am putting it all on hold for a while.

Yesterday, I decided I wanted a manicure.
 I didn't make an appointment and my salon was closed so I tried one of the few places open on a Monday.
This is called a shellac manicure. (I picked a coral-pink shade and a glitter polish over it)
The polish is painted on and then cures (dries) under a light for a couple minutes.
It is shiny, and beautiful and I love it.

And it lasts for 2 weeks.
This is my 2nd manicure ever. 

Then we went to a birthday party for my friend's son who turned 13.
We were outside grilling and before it got dark, some clouds moved in and the temperature dropped a little and we did a rain dance, which looked like a seizure, and guess what??????
It rained!!!!!
13 drops.

Today was work again, and really, I do the exact same thing every single week and rarely is any of it fun, and we were really busy so as soon as my husband got there, I drove home and planted myself on the sofa with a heating pad and a magazine until I had the energy to get to the computer. 

My plan is to load, start and unload the dishwasher and get a load of towels washed.
Oh, and someone had a spa day today!
(Notice the small bit of green grass? That is right by where my husband watered the trees.)
Also, Molly isn't white anymore, she rolled in the dust as soon I let her fat butt outside.

I made this one:

Look at how dry my yard is, this is usually green grass.

Tomorrow we are closing the restaurant at 2 pm so that our employees may spend the holiday with their families.
And we are going to the lake for dinner and fingers crossed, fireworks. We don't actually boat or swim, just eat.

And the dogs will be at home. 


  1. Laughing at the signs. LOVING your manicure. MOLLY is seriously cute. I painted everything 8 years ago, in my LR except a tiny part of wall behind the vertical blinds by the front window. I ran out of paint. It needed to be plastered. I did that. Hubby said he would finish painting the wall and the kitchen ceiling which houses a big white rectangle from the previous light fixture. still waiting???? LOL Hope yours gets done in record time. ENJOY the lake. HAPPY FOURTH.

  2. Those were all funny, but I still like the one you sent me better. It's already posted!!

  3. Pretty manicure polish!
    Can't blame a dog for rolling in the dust. That's just a dog thing. ;)
    I'm glad you will have the night off--enjoy--eat--relax.
    Happy fourth!! :)

  4. Cute nails! I think that's what Deb had done for the wedding and it really dried out her cuticles. And I love the Katie pic. I may steal it!

  5. I totally love the Katie Holmes sign. Hilarious! and true. We moved into our house in December and I'm needing to paint the bedrooms, but dread it so bad....I keep putting it off. My son said maybe his room would be painted and done so he could finish putting up all of his posters and pictures before he goes off to college. (that's 2 more years)
    I love your nails. Bright, cheery and sparkly. Awesome. I'm so excited for the 13 drops of rain you guys got. Maybe I need to do a little rain dance too.....
    Poor dogs. I'm learning they rebel when left alone and feeling neglected. Dogs have feelings too, I guess.
    have a great 4th!

  6. LOL about the dog one with the fireworks. Koda could be that dog :) But we are staying home so he won't be alone; its a good thing. I have to totally agree about Katie Holmes, I am so glad she is getting out of that situation and I hope she gets sole custody of her daughter.....

    Have a wonderful fourth!!


  7. Your cards are funny. Silly, but funny lol.

    That is cool polish.

    Have fun at the Lake. We are staying home in the cool shelter of our home. I know.... B.O.R.I.N.G!


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