Sunday, July 22, 2012


Except I'm not wearing a bra and instead of reading, I am taking care of business around the villa.
Blogging is on the list today.

The next few weeks are going to be kind of crazy so I am going to sneak in an odd blog here and there as I see fit.

The little one and I are doing an inventory on his wardrobe. He has a ton of clothes even dating back to his freshman year, but chooses to wear only a few shirts and shorts. I need to purge his closet and get him some school things. The scary part will be the jeans. It is impossible to find his size for less than $100. Since school doesn't start for a few weeks, I am going to start shopping now. At least I have only one kid to shop for now. Does anyone have any Buckle coupons I could have? ha!

I got a call from one of the new band parents about donating supplies and my time. Poor thing, she obviously doesn't know me. We have a marquee at the restaurant that we rent out (per side) and all of the proceeds go to the band boosters. The first few years, it was barely used. Now that word has spread, it is always used. This has amounted to hundreds of dollars so far this year and much more to come. I probably won't work the concession stand this year. When I was vice president 2 years ago, I filled my lifetime quota of "working my ass off for the band" They will have to accept my money this year. Technically, the town people's money since they are the ones who rent the sign. Birthdays, anniversaries, garage sales, horse shows.... you name it, they rent it.

Did a little shopping this week.

Did anyone else hit the big Gap sale the other day? I shopped online and got some really great deals on t shirts. I was in dire need of some nice, simple tops without ruffles or flowers or bows.

I bought some BB cream. I got this kind:
I have used it just once so far and my initial reaction was that it made my skin look greasy, dewy, whatever words you want to use. It is somewhere between a full coverage foundation and a tinted moisturizer. I still used concealer for my sun spots and blemishes like I always do. I use setting powder (I use Coty Airspun translucent powder, have for many years) so it looked great after loose powder. It lasted all day and didn't look greasy or feel heavy. My skin tends to be on the drier side these days. It claims to change the appearance of your skin over time so I will keep using it.  
Do you like or use BB Cream? I want to try the Clinique too.

Another purchase was this:

My first choice was the Clinique dark spot corrector but this was half the price and I thought I would give it a try. I have some sunspots and uneven skin areas. Has anyone else had luck with this or other ROC products? I would love to know.

I picked up a new lip balm from Revlon. You know I love the kissable stain. This was a fun new color. It does go on lighter than you think. It gets darker and brighter after a few minutes. I got Charm. (My favorite is Honey.)

I am really happy with my jewelry from Charming Charlie. I got a ton of compliments on these earrings:

I saw this idea somewhere online (I don't Pinterest, too dangerous). 
I had a beautiful Anthropologie coffee cup but it was too wide on top to keep my coffee warm for long so I found a better use for it. 

My favorite earrings and then my bracelets inside.

I tried this dress on for fun and sent the photo to my husband. He liked it on me and I wasn't disgusted with it so I bought it. It was on the sale rack for $20 and rang up $7. It need some smoothing undergarments with it for sure but it is very comfortable.

My latest love is Jango online radio. It's free. I put in Starship and Alphaville and Asia (my glory years) stations and get all my younger days favorites. I also put in Enya and Pitbull and Pet Shop Boys and Josh Groban for a mix. You just click on the type of music you want and you get it. You can even skip to the next song. 

I am trying to get in lots of family time. I met my sister in law at the park last week so her 2 littlest could play. These two are 5 and 7. They get along really well.

Her oldest is 10 and he works for us bussing tables and seating on some nights. He started last year and loves it! We pay him and he has extra money for video games or whatnot. The customers love him. My other 15 year old nephew works for us on the weekends.
I spent a 4 hour lunch with my husband's aunt Thursday. Then I left to go home and a friend from work called to remind me we had dinner plans in15 minutes. 
Needless to say, I got very little done this week.

Our friend Greg made it home from Afganistan. My husband saw him at breakfast today and he has lost a lot of weight. A ton of heavy gear in the desert will do that. I have kept in touch with him on FB. He was there doing contract work and will be here 28 days and then go back to do security detail in Kabul and then home for good. He isn't is the military, just goes over because the money is so good. He said it is much worse now than the last time he was there (our troops were there at the time) When his contract is up, he is done.

Went over to finally get started on my mother in law's basement. Holy shit.
It is that bad.
I brought a friend from work and between the 6 of us, we were able to sort through years of stuff. We have at least 15 trash bags (the huge lawn and leaf kind) and that isn't even a start.
I found the boys' baby books, my yearbooks, baby clothes and all of my Precious Moments figurines I used to collect. I need to find someone who wants to buy those collectables. 
It will take months to get the basement cleaned but we are running out of time with my sister in law leaving in a week. I gave T from work a bunch of craft and Christmas stuff. She also wanted the sewing machine. I figure between the people at work and friends of my mother in law and sister in law, we will get rid of a bunch of it.
The cousins have really enjoyed each other as well. 

My sister and I are looking forward to our trip. Is is almost painful how much longer we have to wait.

I got so many compliments on this maxi dress I bought in Hawaii, I had to Instagram it. 
I forgot I had it.
Please enjoy my hand towel and awesome photo skills.

I hope this gets you through for a while. I have got so many things to do and I can't promise I will blog much. I am reading all of you though and trying to comment when I get a spare minute or from my phone.


  1. I hear a lot of people talk about the BB cream, but I have no idea what it even is. Great idea with the coffee cup.

    You can always have a huge garage sale. bahahaha! Because I know you have time for that.

  2. Ah...donating time and/or supplies to the band boosters. Yep, it's that time of year! Lucky me, I was asked to run for office, and I ended up as the treasurer for this year. I just know I'm going to regret it. Between concession-stand duty as a band booster, and having to cook for the home games for mini-football, I'm going to loathe football season this year.

    LOVE your maxi dress from Hawaii...and your hand towel is pretty cute, too! :-)

    Good luck with all your running around and such. Don't forget to breathe, and chill with a glass of wine at night to wind down!


  4. I LOVE your dresses, especially that last one. So cute! You have great taste. I need to try that ROC spot corrector. I've been looking for something like that. I nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award, before I realized you've already been nominated before. But, nonetheless, you're still nominated! :)

  5. Love the dresses. I used to use the Roc for eyes, but I never felt like it did anything. I do almost all Neutrogena now, and their eye cream is fab. I'm sure all of it works well. I like the lipstick too. I need to find those. It's good you all are getting a lot done in the haunted basement. Keep finding owls for me!

  6. Good idea not to do the band concessions this year; I remember reading of your experiences in years past and I think you can sit this year out! I know you support financially and that is a great way indeed to support them! I can imagine your MIL's basement; LOL, its probably like the house here. I like the dresses; both do look cool for summer wear!


  7. I love both of those dresses! Good luck with the basement. I wish I had a crew of 6 people who would come over and do mine. Hint, hint.... ;-)

  8. I am with you on the band thing! I never really devoted as much time, other than chaperoning, because I learned after many meetings that while they may whine about needing help, they reeeeeally don't want anyone but their usual crew. Found that to be true around these parts, anyway.

    I could LIVE in sundresses!!! Those are cute!!!

  9. Just catching up... Cute dresses!!


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