Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Decisions and dresses and door locks. A costly day.

Two years ago this month, we had family pictures made.
There were 15 of us.
Do you even know how hard it is to get 15 people to take a picture together? 
After looking through the proofs of married couples, individual kids, siblings together, grandkids with grandma, family shots, and the whole fam damily, we decided we would wait till we all decided and then order all at once, to save money.
Nobody could pull it together, my brother in law had family and financial issues, my mother in law didn't like the whole family pictures (which were taken outside only, none of all of us in the studio), my sister in law had to go back home, and I really wanted a good photo of both my husband and I and the 4 of us. None of them made me super happy so I told my mother in law we would wait. We got busy with work and life, and told the photographer we would decide for sure at Christmas when my sister in law was visiting again from Jersey. We looked at the cd again at Christmas and decided to try to get the pictures retaken the next summer.
Last summer, my mother in law was very, very sick and pictures were out of the question but she wanted to get to the studio and order the pictures that we previously hadn't really wanted.
It never happened. She died in October.

Yesterday, my sister in law decided she needed to order those long lost pictures.
They were our last chance at a complete family photo.

We went there today after I left work and looking at them with a new eye, we realized they weren't that bad.
I picked out one of my boys with their grandmother, one of the 2 of my kids (a rarity), a picture of the 4 of us and individual shots of the boys. We took our time picking just the right ones and it was so easy this time. No pressure, no crabby brother in law, and my mother in law wasn't there to try to pay for all of it (which she tried to do before because my brother in law couldn't afford it so she thought if she paid for everything, it would be better)  
I was thrifty, didn't go crazy and order a ton of stuff and I skipped the canvas prints for the 11x14's I really wanted to save the added expense.
The biggest problem was that I really wanted a picture of just my husband and myself. There were 4 to choose from and the one that I liked of my husband, I had a weird look on my face and the only one I liked of me, he had a ridiculous smile (he hates pictures as you can see from the ones where he either makes rabbit ears or looks pissed off or crosses his eyes).

Enter photo shop. 
Since the poses were almost identical except the faces, she was able to photo shop my husbands head on to the good  acceptable photo of me.

(If I would have known this was possible, I would have done it 2 years ago.)

My sister in law said my cheek looks shiny to which I say "bronzer is my friend, and my enemy"
For what it's worth, Mr. Funny looks adorable and I look either high or possessed.
Either way, it is done.

ps: I lost that necklace, which irks me
pss: I wish I would have ordered the one of my hands around my husband's throat and my teeth gritted with his eyes rolled back in his head that she took for fun when he got bored and started acting bad.

Then we did a bit of shopping to get a dress for a dual Catholic/Jewish wedding my sister in law has to go to in August. 
I picked it out and she looks awesome (and boobalicious with her double D's) 

the green is much brighter in person, not olive

Fun fact and proof that she is not related to me by blood: I picked out a necklace, bracelet, huge flower ring and and earrings for her to which she replied, "I will just wear my diamond stud earrings and Pandora charm bracelet with my wedding rings".
And of course, I got myself a cute flowy top. No jewelry. 
I'm thrifty that way.

When I told my husband what I ordered, he told me to go ahead and get the 2 I wanted in canvas anyway. So much for thrift.

My front and rear driver side door locks were both bad and had to be replaced. If you ever need to replace a door lock on a Caddy, sell a kidney, hell, sell both of them.
For reals.


  1. LOVE the photo!
    LOVE the dress!

  2. LOL about the Caddy and repairs; we know that so well (son drives a 1993 DeSeville, enough said)

    I love the picture of you and your hubby! How neat with the technology these days with PhotoShop to do something like this. I'm sure it had to be poignant to look at the pictures from two years ago and realize how much has changed in that time, especially with your mother-in-law's passing.


  3. Great pic!! Love your hair!

  4. oh, what a nice picture of you too, so cute together!! and i love the dress. to answer your question from my daughter and hubs will be in Germany at least 4 years, and if they want to extend they have that option. I hope they will be ready to come back by then, but they make a lot of money over there. Plus they can see the world so easily. So, I don't blame them. When they lived in Italy, I went over 4-5 times and we went all over. My dream is to go to Ireland, so when I go see them, we may scoot over there!!! lol

  5. What a gorgeous couple photo you both look fabulous good job sorry it is always such a nightmare doing family photos I am trying to get our done here soon so ugh ...I like this picture of you guys really it is a nice choice :}

  6. LOVE the matching color of your tops. And the photo looks lovely. SERIOUSLY it does. A shame about that necklace, though. Your SIL dress is stunning. But of course it is. You have GREAT taste. Had to smile at her wearing her studs and charm bracelet, though. To each her own. LOL You have to sell your kidney to get a caravan fixed to. Just saying??? What do you think cost more the parts or labor??? LOL Glad your door is fixed. Take care.

  7. Love the pic!! That dress is great too!

  8. I love family photos. We do them more often than I would like though. Almost every year with either my family or my In-Laws.

    Where did you find that dress? I love it.


  9. awesome photo!! YOU look beautiful!! I love the dress!! Can I take u shopping? but, I don't have DD boobs...but I promise I would wear the jewelry!

  10. Love the portrait AND the dress! Nice job!

  11. Great pic of you two. We haven't had family photos taken in 7 years.

  12. That's a great photo of the two of you and I can't even tell it is photo shopped! Awesome! I'd love to see the one of you choking him--LOL! ;)

  13. VERY nice pic of you and hubby. My hubby and I always look goofy in posed professional pics. We do better with family members taking pics w/ a digital. It's so nice to have the family shot, now that your MIL is gone. You just never know what might be the last picture...


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