Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I had a few more awards that I need to thank people for.
Robin over at Thoughts and Reflection gave me this one:

and Faith, Friends and Flipflops gave me this:

Thank you so much sweet girls, you are way too kind! Sorry it took so long!

I haven't really felt like writing much. I had terrible PMS last week followed by family drama and sprinkled with depression.

What I am is a bag of fun.

Here are some riveting bullets of my life.

  • I broke down and went to dinner with a friend I had been avoiding because of her negativity and exhausting personality. Ignoring her didn't make me feel better so when her husband (a friend of my husband and one of our maintenance guys at work) came in to collect for a breaker box he installed, I told him to tell her hi for me. Not 3 hours later, I had a missed call saying she missed seeing me and wanting to meet for Mexican. Misery loves company so we went.
Not surprisingly, she complained about her job most of the first hour. They also invited us on a float trip. After a few drinks, she became tolerable. And no, we aren't going floating.

  • The lock on the driver's side of my car doesn't work. I have to open the back door and reach in to lock and unlock it. I needed to take it in today but I was ready for a short nap instead. 

  • The little one and I were up till 2am watching The Twilight Zone on Netflix. The kid is an old soul.

  • I am looking for a piece of furniture to put in the restaurant to store t-shirts in. I finally found one I liked after 3 stores. It is kind of like a sideboard. I hope my husband agrees with my choice.

  • I spent 2 hours watering trees and filling bird feeders. I stocked up on bird food at Lowe's yesterday, including dead mealy worms. I wish to God it would rain already.

  • I found a few cute clothing items at Target to take on my trip to Eureka. A sheer white tank and a maxi dress plus some sandals. I have no idea what to wear with the white top but I am thinking bright coral jewelry and shorts. I hate shorts but Eureka doesn't judge and it is gonna be hot!

  • I have always looked in Charming Charlies but never bought anything. I went to their website the other day and found all kinds of pretties for next to nothing. Now I have jewelry to go with the new outfits.

  • I promised myself I would use up or get rid of old bath products. I am down to 2 body washes and 2 scrubs. I ordered a few things from Lush's website. Some of the stuff was almost melted after sitting on my front porch for a couple hours but I am really excited to try the bath bombs and bubble bars and soap. They smell like heaven.  will do a review soon.

  • My husband wanted to get a holster for his gun (yes, he is an outlaw and it is the 1800's) so I diddled around in Pier 1, HomeGoods and Coach. I picked out a few new reed diffusers, a present for Mel, and a new handbag and makeup bag. I think a holster for a purse a good tradeoff.

  • I spent the entire day on Sunday cleaning the kitchen and master bath. I was too tired to cook so we met the little one at Applebee's for dinner. Then I finished laundry and watched Sleepless in Seattle with my hubby. It reminded me of my mom so I ended up crying myself to sleep.

  • Happy birthday to two of my brothers from other mothers. 

The 2 on the left (obviously) had back to back birthdays. T had his yesterday and R today. 
Happy birthday punks!

Have a great week, I am going to try to dig my way out of this funk.


  1. Awww, I hope you feel better soon. I'm done w/PMS and the accompanying hoo-ha, but I remember those days. Pamper yourself a bit. This too shall pass.

  2. you may or may not be surprised, but so many of us are in a funk as well. Myself, the ring leader.... I love your clothing choices and holster? Didn't know there was still such a thing since the cowboys and indians days.... I'm sure your trip to Eureka will do you some good!

  3. I can sooooo relate to the funk and the 'sprinkling' of depression - been there, done that, got the meds to show for it. (actually not on any right now...so far so good, but mine comes and goes). I think Robin's right - quite a few people I know either in the blogging world or the people around me seem to be in a bit of a lag. Not sure what's going on.

    I also have a friend like that. We've grown apart of late, and I can't help but wonder at the connection between my lessening blah's and the distance in that friendship. Some people are just downers, and it helps to take them in very small doses.

    Cute outfit choices!!! Love the sundress!

    I hope your trip provides you with just the spark you need!!!

  4. I love all the stuff you got at Target. Super cute!

    With this unrelenting heat, I can't even think about taking a bath right now. In the winter, though, I could live in my tub!!

    I hope the blahs lift soon. Having dinner with Debbie Downer probably didn't help, but you're such a good person, you did it anyway. You're too sweet. Maybe the next time you give in to her invitation, you'll start drinking BEFORE you meet up. ;-)

  5. A present for me? Whatever could it be!?

    If you don't like that dress I'll take it off your hands for you. And the purse is so fun and summery!

    If it helps at all I have been in a F.U.N.K. myself and cannot get my crap together. I feel like my nerves are electrified at all times. I think it's from lack of sleep due to kitten rampages during the night.

  6. No fun to be in a funk. Hope you feel happier soon!!

  7. Ewwww "the funk"....hate when that happens...hope it goes away quickly!! I like the dress!Love the sandals!! The purse was cute! Looks like you will be dressed to kill!!..I have never been to Charming Charlies...but I heard about it on our girls trip!! Gotta see if there is one around here, if not I know where I am going when we go to Michigan!!

    Just know you are not alone...that FUNK thing makes its rounds....and he is slick too...slips up on ya when ya ain't lookin...

  8. I'm loving that bag. Seriously cool. The maxi dress too. Happy Birthday to your brothers. belated, but sincere. hope you got some rain. we finally did today. It was wonderful.

  9. I think we are all in a funk because it is too dang hot to do anything. The kids wont even go outside.

    Cute Maxi dress and shoes.


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