Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our 4th was pretty disappointing.
I wasn't even going to post about it but since this is my journal, I will go ahead.

It was a work day for me. I had anticipated a very busy day but it was slower than I had thought. I had an extra server early and a bus boy just in case.
My oldest son worked at 8 am and he drove all of us crazy most of the day. 
We closed at 2 pm and I was home by 3:45.
I took a quick bath to freshen up, changed clothes and we were on our way.

We stopped at Petco to get Molly and Skip new collars and name tags. I noticed Pier 1 was having a big sale but I looked away.

The lake (very slow for a holiday, probably due to being a Wed.)

Our reservation was for 7 pm out on the patio and I had hoped it would be a bit cooler by then.
I was wrong.
The boys were cranky, although the big one was the only one who constantly complained and he spent a lot of time inside at the bar talking to the bartender (I used work there for 11 years so we pretty much still knew everyone).
This was the look I got:

"Why would you subject me to such torture?"

I let them break my rule of no phones at the table.

The little one realized if you dipped your finger in ice water, it sort of cooled you down.

We had a nice dinner, here's mine

Filet mignon with gorgonzola sauce, yukon gold mashed pots and asparagus.

I had a few vodka tonics. And a lot of water.

I made the little one take a picture of us

And with me

There was a problem with the fireworks. It looked like a huge one exploded too close to the ground instead of shooting high into the air and there were emergency people jumping onto boats to go to the island and then it was over. No more fireworks. So we went home. 

I let the dogs out and Skip got sprayed by a skunk in the back yard. The little one had to make our skunk concoction and wash the dog in the baby pool. I went to bed. I had been up since 6 am and I was over it.

This summer is my least favorite yet.

Today I am in cool house trying to get things done before my sister in law gets here tomorrow from NJ. She isn't staying here (although she is welcome to) but I made some fun plans for while she is here.
I am taking her out to dinner one night, a trip to the lake for shopping at the outlets and a trip to another lake for a swim day for the kids. I am looking forward to seeing her and talking to her. Haven't had any girl time for a while (employees don't count) and she could use a break too. This boredom and loneliness has gotten me down. I have tried to keep myself busy with projects but it just makes me sadder.
She will be here 3 weeks and then we have our big busy week at work and then band camp starts. 

The little one is now taking his flying lessons every Friday. I am getting used to it. I think.

I got my fun Sephora shipment today.
I cannot wait to try my new makeup items.

Now on to the grocery store, brushing the dogs, cleaning the master bath, picking up the bedroom and vacuuming.
This is the life.


  1. Holy crap, you didn't mention the skunk in your email. Ewwwww!!!

  2. When you put it that way, it sounds like summer is very nearly over! Oh, wait...shit! It kinda is, isn't it?

    Is it my imagination, or did summers last a hell of a lot longer when we were kids? And they seemed a lot more exciting, too.

    We're counting down until band camp here, too.

  3. Wow. Your day really did suck. Except that dinner and the vodka! But, if it's gonna suck at least you looked super cute all the while. And I like the bright lipstick!

  4. You looked gorgeous last night! the boys did look a bit bored, LOL. That was terrible about the fireworks, the same thing happened here at a display in the San Diego area; people were majorly disappointed, some had come from Arizona to see the display, etc.

    LOL about the skunk, that has never happened so far (I probably jinxed myself now) with Koda. I hear it is terrible though to clean up after!

    Good with the with your SIL; I'm sure it will be a fun time for all!


  5. NOthing like new makeup to make a gal's day, right? Sorry about your day. OUrs sucked! No fireworks display. We were looking forward to watching them from our back yard. We grilled burgers and chicken in the 100 degree heat, and the chicken was raw, we couldn't eat it. OH well. Looks like you guys at least had a good meal!
    by the way...hats off to you for your rule of no phones at the table. I also have that rule and everyone hates me for it.

  6. The boys are at that age where parents are usually boring no matter what. ;)
    The skunk spraying was the icing o the cake, I guess. Good grief! Looks like it was a good meal even if the fireworks were cut short. I hope nobody was hurt.

  7. Hope this weekend is way better. Ours was not great either. Oh well.
    You look fantastic in those dinner pics!!!!!!!!

  8. Work is over rated isn't it? Ha.
    Oh how I know that look! (Big One)
    Does the finger in water make you have to go potty too? (Little One)
    You did look super cute.
    Fire works are over rated too.
    I need some AWAY girlfriend time too.
    You need a maid.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Your older son is the spitting image of your husband. The filet mignon with gorgonzola sauce looks delicious. That lake is calling my name. Sorry the fireworks were a bust and that the dog got skunked. Have a nice visit with your SIL. keep us posted when your son earns his wings. take care.

  10. Those are some very pretty pictures of you good for you, I know as moms we tend to avoid us in the pictures because we are busy taking them so kudos glad you will have them to look back on and probably not even remember what time you got up or went to bed just that you looked FABULOUS!!!

  11. Those boys are just too cute.

    And...could you get any more gorgeous? Lawd.

    LOVE the pic of you and Mr. Funny.

    Off to peruse Sephora's website....thanks to you. Ga!


  12. p.s. The big one is looking more and more like a young James Dean.

  13. What a downer about the fireworks. It was a war zone at our house, but the fire department didn't have to be called once. You look great in the pics, and the boys looked bored out of their minds.


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