Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I love how Katie at The Perks does this Thoughts on Thursday every week. I am going to borrow this idea (imitation is the best flattery, right?)
BTW, I have followed Katie a while now and she is amazing. Beautiful, stylish, a new mommy to princess Sarah Sterling, a super cook, great wife to Mr. P (fisherman and grill master) and her blog always has fun recipes, cute fashion, adorable baby photos and so much more.

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Too much thrown at me the minute I got to work and I was done. Over it. Ready to go home. Unfortunately, these problems spilled over to my husband and he spent a very hot day cleaning freezer coils, dealing with electricians and meeting with people I was supposed to meet with also. I am a jerk but when I get in that mood, nobody needs to be around me.

It is that time of year. The gospel group comes in to town this weekend and the next 2 weeks and things go nuts. It is also band camp week next week so we lose the little one as a cook. Let us all pray.

The little one had camp this morning. He was out of sorts because his sacred water jug (that we have had for years and years) is on deaths door and he was almost out of deodorant. I kind of snapped at him this morning to "just grab some bottles out of the garage fridge and use dad's deo!" and I feel bad. I need to find a new jug bottle like his before he loses his mind. He likes things a certain way and if things change, he melts. 

I found these cute plastic baskets at Target on Monday. I got a large one too.

Our internet service is terrible. We have had service people out numerous times and their answer is that where we live, it is going to be as good as it is. There are no other providers either so I am stuck with dragging online shows, slow loading and other annoyances. Considering we have the highest speed possible, I think they suck.

It is cloudy today. Still no rain but the temp has dropped a few degrees so it feels a bit better. I hate to say this but the heat is finally starting to get to me. Weeks and weeks of 100 degree days and months of zero rain gets old fast.

Our hummingbirds are going crazy like they did last year. I now have 3 feeders and still make food often.

I am also filling our seed feeders daily. I saw a big black bird standing in the baby pool cooling off (we fill it with a few inches daily) and the waterfall is a bird waterpark. They are messing up my husband's floating pond plants so he put a long broom handle across the pond so they can land on it to get a drink (no more bird drownings please) I think they land on the lily pads to drink.

I have got to spend the last few nights on the phone with my sister D catching up and venting about our lives. It is nice to have someone to talk to besides the kids and my husband. We are really looking forward to a few days away next month. I don't get out with friends much because once I settle in, I don't leave. I did accept a dinner invitation with my sister in law tonight.

Laundry awaits.


  1. That was the nicest introduction EVER. Thanks for the sweet words. I needed them today! What does the water jug look like and I will be on the lookout down here!

    1. It is an oval shaped clear plastic gallon jug with a sleeve you can slide over it and zip to insulate it. It has a flip top to drink out of. He fills it half full, puts it in the freezer and adds water to the solid ice in the morning. After 100 degree days in the sun, he has ice water all day.

  2. Share a photo of the water jug and I'll be on the lookout too. I think we can all relate to being attached to things.....

  3. Can't wait to check out Katie Perk's blog! Always love recommendations of good ones.

    Sorry about your terrible day. That sounded a bit like my day I was so overwhelmed. Went into the office for a meeting and my colleague/dept. chair has this uncanny knack for layering on thing after thing after thing after thing until you feel like your cranium is going to explode. She doesn't realize she does it but instead of giving a few main things to take in/learn/study, etc, gives you the WHOLE kit and kaboodle, and once she's onto the kaboodle, the kit's forgotten and the brain's fried.

    Doh! You have reminded me that I need to change out my hummingbird feeders and put my seed out on the deck...I have neglected them terribly. My hummingbirds have all probably made it to your house. "Hey, this lady keeps us stocked. #!$@*! the lady in Georgia. She's a total slacker." (feels terribly guilty)

    It's hard to believe my 'band parent' days are over. Son's been out of school a year. Daughter will cheer sideline as this is her senior year and then we are done with high school games.*sniff. Pass the kneenex.

    Hope you have a week of totally tubular days starting today!

  4. Love this weekly idea. I could certainly contribute. Sorry you had a bad week. I hope it gets better....just remember, your trip to Eureka is coming up! You sound like me when I get in a mood...Love the basket idea for the bathroom counter...I desperately need something like that, and it looks good.
    Hey, we are finally getting some rain this evening...I'm lovin it.
    Hope you get some soon.

  5. Hope next week is better for you!! So you are a jerk sometimes...we all are! Hang in there! Love those little tubs from Target. Might have to see if ours has those. You do have some fine goodies. I spy Aveda. I could just sniff that stuff all day long!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Cute baskets! I saw I missed a call from you last night. I guess you called right as I plugged my phone in and went to bed. Sorry. I will try to call you today.

  7. I hope things are going better for you today. I wish my sister and I were closer. We're just so different from each other and don't seem to agree on most things. You are very lucky to have someone to turn to like that.

    Your marquee (sp?) idea for raising money for the band is a really good one!

  8. Some weeks are better than others. Hope next week is better for you. I was stranded on the side of the road today. If not for the help of a stranger, I'd still be there. Hubby didn't know what to do. We have AAA but he didn't want to call. His car was in shop. So that's where mine went too. LOVE those little baskets from Target. LOVE them. I understand about your son melting if things change. My husband is like that. Hope you find a replacement for the water jug. getting away is going to be wonderful, isn't it? take care.

  9. I hope this week was better. *hugs*

    I love how you and your sister are so close. My sister and I are too--usually. (Believe me, there's a story there, but not one I want to share publicly. LOL)

    Those baskets are cute, and as soon as I saw them, I started thinking about ways I could use them here. I love Target. :)


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