Thursday, July 12, 2012

An unpaid review

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a product whore.
I "sleep around with" many products and never really commit because there could be a better one around the corner.
I have tried drug store, dollar store and dept. store products. I watch makeup tutorials and product dupes and haul videos when I am folding laundry or brushing the dog or just sitting around waiting for the fat to melt off my arse.
I decided to try ELF cosmetics.
What drew me to them was the price and the comparison videos that said they were awesome.
My first experience was not good.
For Christmas, Mel got me this huge ELF brush set with pretty much every type of makeup applicator and brush a person could need. I was so excited. I had heard really good things about them and started using them right away.
I was very disappointed (no fault of Mel's, of course) 
The brushes shed hair so bad and the handle came loose of the head on the blush brush. The shadow brushes shed too. Like tiny hairs in your eyeball shed. And when I pulled on the bristles, tons came out.
So I took the kit back and replaced it with the same one.
Same thing.

I decided to try again. 
I love the Stila lipgloss with the brush applicator that you wind up (I gave the set, (which has either 6 or 8 tubes) to my sister for Christmas and got a set for myself, I think it was around $35) so I picked up an ELF Hypershine one in every color (at $1 a pop) at Target. They had 5 choices (online on the ELF website, there are 12 colors)

side by side comparison to Stila, I cannot find my other colors so I need to clean out my makeup bag and purse

Love them. There weren't a lot of color choices and all of them were pretty light but like I said, you can order online or find them in a store with a better selection.

I also picked up the face blotting sheets ($1) and waterproof eyeliner pen ($1) in black (which was too dark and will be going to my sister in law) and cream eyeliner ($3) in a pot.

waterproof eyeliner pen

cream eyeliner in coffee

I picked up these bronzers as well. ($3 for each)

bronzer in golden

contouring blush and bronzing powder, it is darker than this shows

I have tried everything, except the cream liner, a few times.
The blotting papers were great and for $1, you can't go wrong.
The waterproof liner in black was too dark but I usually never buy black liner, it went on easily, dried semi fast and stayed put. I remembered why I hate waterproof, hard to get off without makeup remover and the Almay remover I bought is awful. Oily, burns, make my eyes cloudy for hours. I love Clinique remover though so I need to pick some up. The tarte mascara I now love doesn't come off great with my face wash either.

The bronzer with the peachy blush is darker on me than I am used to but the blush is pretty. It reminded me of this one. ($41) and the peach side is very close to Nars Orgasm blush.

The quad bronzer was very shimmery, almost too shimmery, but also pretty.

I wore them Tues. and Wed. to work. At the end of both work days, they were mostly gone. I didn't wear makeup primer or setting spray and I probably won't. My face isn't too oily and I didn't sweat it off. You get what you pay for. I won't throw them away, just maybe regift them.
I also tried an NYC bronzer that I liked ok. I will get back to you but NYC isn't a favorite usually.

My favorite  (Benefit, Too Faced, and tarte) bronzers just stay put all day long. I am actually ashamed at how many bronzers I have. I think 12.

Benefit 10 bronzer/highlighter combo is my favorite right now. 
Benefit 10 (adore) $28

too-faced in sun bunny (love it) $29
tarte bronzer in park avenue princess  $29

I paid less for 10 items than I do for one at Sephora but the only thing I will repurchase will be the gloss. I will try the liner in a pot and let you know. I am really picky and like my makeup to stay all day. Maybe with a makeup setting spray or a face primer, they are fine. I don't want to clog my pores or break my face out with any more products.

Have you tried any of these products? Am I missing out on any other great ELF deals (the selection at out Target was low) Have you tried their eye shadows? (y'all know I am a shadow snob) Other lip glosses? The hi definition powder?

I am not getting paid to talk about any of this (but I totally should!!!!)

What makeup, high or low end do you love? Are you happy with what you use or are you still looking for "the one"?
Do you even care about makeup? 
Personally, I wear it to feel better about myself, and draw the eyes up, away from the hips and rear. HA!

Since I mentioned the ghost tour yesterday, I saw this and this and had to link them up.
I have been on the ghost tour at both the Crescent and the Basin (same owners) hotels and the Crescent was the one the Ghost Hunters found the soldier in the morgue and saw the shadow on the lockers. That morgue is now a laundry area but the original autopsy table is still there and that area will scare the crap out of you. It is also next to the spa and while I was getting my body scrub a few years ago in  room next to the old morgue, I heard all kinds of noises even though the lady doing my scrub said that room was locked and everyone was off for the rest of the night.


  1. ELF is having a big anniversary sale right now.

  2. Admittedly, I've always been fascinated by makeup but hardly ever wear it anymore--ever--for years now. I was just cleaning in my bathroom and linen closet and going through my old makeup gave me a tempting twinge to play again...not that Karma will care what I look like as long as I remember to fill her dish with her favorite cat food. ;)

  3. I'm really into Boots No. 7 from Target. I especially like their lip gloss. It doesn't feel heavy and stays longer than most lip glosses. I made a deal with myself a few years ago that I cannot purchase more of any products (unless we are talking different shades, of course) until what I have is gone. I had so much that I could never have used it all!

  4. I wish I could help, but the only thing that ever touches this face is the stuff that comes out of the faucet in my bathroom. Literally. I don't even use a cleanser or any kind of soap at all. Just good ol' H2O. Ok, sometimes I use lip balm, but that's usually only in the winter. I'm partial to cherry. :)

  5. I'm more interested in the ghost stuff than the make up. I didn't even know things like makeup setting spray or a face primer existed. At this point I just need tile grout to fill in the wrinkles before applying makeup. I'm not going to pretend otherwise so I just use the cheap stuff to try to at least even my skin tones. Beyond that it's hopeless, lol.

  6. Man, you are the expert. I like Maybelline lipsticks and Nivia lip gloss. For face wash, I mix white sugar and coconut/or olive oil. That's it. BORING!

  7. Okay after all this I am just sticking to some mascara and avoiding eye contact whew that is some make-up whoring LOL Thanks for the great tips though it made me think twice or maybe oh never mind it made me think LOL

  8. Great review post! Even if you had to do it for free. I tried the ELF glosses a year or two ago because Chinamommy recommended them. I'll say, I don't wear them during the day because the color is too light and they don't stay on, but they are nice in the evening for a tad of color in case someone is coming over or if you just need some lippy for those "outdoor evenings". I like the bronzers, but had to go cold turkey on them because with my blush affinity I was going a bit too far. I wish I could do eyeliner better, but my eyes are just too small. Have you heard of the African black soap? Deb was telling me about it and how great it is for all skin types and I thought of you. If I order some, I'll grab you a bar too.

  9. Thanks for your review! Us whores have to stick together! Haha! We've tried some ELF and it was ok but nothing we'd repurchase. Will have to look into that gloss though.

    Jayme @ HLNC

  10. I just bought the elf eyeliners, and I love them. I use their eye primer and blush also, and they work just fine. I have one of their bronzers, but I use my NYC one the most. I think that is the only things I have used of theirs. I really like their products, and you definitely can't beat the prices. I haven't had a problem with them coming off. I have bought high end and drug store makeup, and they all work the same to me.

  11. check out my blog for an award......

  12. I'll have to try the ELF lip gloss. I have one of those by Clinque and I LOVE it, so very cheap options are great!

  13. I love your product reviews!

    I need to check out your ghost tours links. I'm fascinated by that stuff.

  14. I'm such a make-up dork. I really don't have much product loyalty - I use what is affordable/within reach when I'm in a hurry in the store. I can relate to being somewhat of a product floozy though. I love getting new little tubes/pots/applicators of 'stuff' and coming home to try them out. But much of the time, my face is nekkid when I'm around the house, especially in the summer. I don't give make-up much thought when most of it sweats off my cheekbones. Ha ha!


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