Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eureka Springs 2012

Front Desk at the Crescent Hotel
Front of the hotel, it is enormous!

On the roof, having a drink

This couple was so cute. I showed him the bright orb on top of his cane, he was impressed.

Our tour guide was a huge flirt
Outside the hotel

Kindle photos of ghost sightings at the hotel

Haunted room

D thought this cowboy from Amarillo was cute, he was also a flirt. He was there for a wedding and skipped the reception for a ghost tour.

I saw these shoes in a boutique and immediately emailed them to Lulu, who freaked out and wanted an address and store name, then promptly bought them over the phone from many miles away. The girl loves Halloween (like me) and skulls.

Saw this sign near Branson
Our old friend at Eureka Live Underground

I would blame dust but it was spotless, I say there is a ghost in the chair

The old morgue. The table is the original autopsy table. Ghost Hunters found some cool stuff in this basement.

Not original jars. I asked.

Haunted locker (did you see the GH episode where the soldiers outline was on this locker??)

Cobb salad at Local Flavor (I still hate the service there)

Strawberry gorgonzola salad

Yes, we shared a peach sangria

Best creme brulee in a long while!
Super photography on the roof

Our favorite coffee ever (sorry Starbucks)

Chillin' old school at Eureka Live club. We were the only ones there.

D slept while I hunted ghosts. Or whatever. I kept the room at 60 degrees so the air would stay on for white noise.

Bathroom photo.

On the roof.
We met on Wed. night. We checked in and changed and went to the Pied Piper biker bar for dinner. Had raspberry margaritas (D said they were strong but my liver is better than hers) and some appetizers. We checked out the cool Harleys, talked to a hippy and watched the bartender do a stripper dance on top of the bar. Walked to Eureka Live, had a few drinks, D almost fell asleep, talked to the bartender who remembered us, walked around a bit, went to the room, washed and brushed and watched some Olympics and went to bed.

Thursday, we got up early, went to Mud Street for brunch, shopped, got iced coffee, shopped, went to change for a nice dinner, waited for elevator (which was filled with puke!!), took the stairs, had dinner at Ermilio's (zero wait, never happens), walked to the Crescent (waitress said it was 2 blocks, she is a liar) , got tickets for ghost tour, got pushed back to the next tour so had free drinks on roof, met some cool people from OK, went on tour, spent some time with the tour guide looking at photos "for just us to see", grabbed the shuttle and headed back. Changed, went back to Eureka Live to dance and tear it up, it was dead. Had 2 drinks and went to take some pictures outside. Then on to the room. D fell right to sleep. I watched Olympics, read blogs and emails. Dozed off. The tv had turned off. So had the air. I heard noises in the next room, our living room area. Sounded like someone sitting down on the chair and then getting up and moving around. This went on for an hour. I could not move. I thought I heard breathing. I heard footsteps on the tile bathroom floor (soft ones) and across the carpet.  I jumped up, turned the air way down and the tv back on. Watched a movie. Dozed off. Woke up. Air off, tv off. Air should not have turned off. Turned air to 60, tv on and asked D to get up. She was out. Ran to the bathroom with eyes shut. Went back to sleep. Froze, shivered, didn't sleep. In the morning, the tv was on MTV (it had been on TBS) but air still on. 
Showered, checked out, loaded cars. Did some more shopping, brunch at Local Flavor, shopping, had some soaps and scrubs made, went to car and drove home.
I was so tired. I finally caught up on my sleep.
The ghost tour was fun. I saw lots of orbs but never felt creeped out. Had a fun, small group on the tour. I liked it better the first time we went. 


  1. Souns like a fun trip but... I would have freaked out knowing a ghost was messing with me (shivers). I was thinking next time we go to ES we need to stay at the Crescent, but now I'm not so sure!

    If I were 30 years younger, those shoes would be to die for. At my age, I'd die if I tried to wear something like that!

  2. Uh, yeah, a little jealous here right now. Seriously - - you went without me?! Love the shoes, by the way!

  3. Your ghost wanted their MTV. I can't wait to go there. I don't know if I could sleep there, though. My sister has, but she didn't see or hear anything. Great pics. Fun times. I have been reading your blog for so long, I even noticed your sister cut her hair off.

  4. Your trip sounds like so much fun! And the ghost stuff--how creepy! (Love it!)

  5. Well, you were creeped out--just in your room at night--LOL! What a wild place to go on vacation. The cowboy was kinda cute, BTW. ;)

    I have heard of Eureka coffee, I think. I will have to google them. :)

  6. I would be so scared to sleep somewhere like that, especially after taking a ghost tour of the place. It looks so fun though!

  7. Oh my gah - what fun. Looks like you had a grand time and I hope you found your funny!!!

  8. I love Eureka Springs. Looks and sound like you had a great time! I'm glad. Hey i know you said you won't ride the Harley if your husband gets one, but you at least need to ride to Eureka JUST ONCE on the bike. It's awesome,....though I don't know how far away you are. My butt gets kinda sore after awhile.... glad you had a good time. I know you needed it.

  9. My daughter was involved with some Ghost Hunter stuff. She helped investigate where they'd been seen in various spots around the country. Sounds like your ghost was pretty lively since it kept you up tossing and turning all night. Looks like you and your sister had a wondeful time out and about in Eureka. LOVE that place.

  10. Ohhhhh tiny little baby Jesus....I HAVE to come there at some point! What is the closest airport to that place?

    I LOVED seeing all the photos!!! You girls really know how to do it right!

    My shoes arrived and I LOVE them! I need to do a post soon on them!



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