Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Favorites and a HAUL

I finally broke down and ordered more photo space.
I hadn't done one of these in a while so here we go.

I ordered some things online from Sephora a couple weeks ago and as always, I was not disappointed!

My Personal Serpent nail color (a dark teal color)

 I cannot wait to try it on my toes this fall. I love OPI but have never used Sephora's version, have you?

Benefit Tan About Town

A few of my must-haves: foundation/concealer, mascara and bronzer. I haven't tried the mascara yet.

Benefit Cabana Glama
This is amazing! The shadows are absolutely perfect for my skin tone and the Hoola bronzer is quickly becoming a new fave. The Posie Tint is a bit light but I use it on the apples of my cheeks after bronzer and it adds a sweet pink color. You know how I feel about the Some Kind-A Gorgeous.

Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous
I use it on my sun spots and dark circles and other ugly spots after my BB cream, I love it so much, I bought 3 more (one on its own and 2 in the kits I got) 

Nano eyeliner in emerald green
 This is just small enough to try and see if I like it and the color and price were right.

I bought these things a while back and am still loving them:

Benefit They're Real! mascara
The only downside is it doesn't wash right off with cleanser, I have to use my Clinique eye makeup remover.

Benefit 10 bronzer duo

This is getting close to the bottom and I will probably repurchase.

Moving on.
I love me some Her Late Night Cravings!
Those girls have such great taste and pick a lot of the same types of things I would. I recently saw a vlog of theirs of a drugstore haul and was intrigued. I don't really need any new products but came into a small windfall of extra money (a dividends check and consignment store money) and decided to just blow it on fun stuff.
Walgreen's is like my crack dealer these days since I cannot get to a Target.
I had a list of things from the vlog and a list of things I had seen while passing through the stores recently. 
Again. Did not need it. 

I picked up some new nail polish. 

Essie Mojito Madness

Essie Stroke of Brilliance

Revlon Impulsive #240

On to hair.
I lose a lot of hair. I saw this at Walmart last week and then on the girls' vlog yesterday. I also had a coupon and they were 2 for $7 so I got them both for $3. They say they reduce falling and breaking hair strands by strengthening hair with fruit vitamins, caffeine and biotin.
Garnier Fructis Fall Fight shampoo and conditioner
I plan to throw it into my shampoo rotation.

I wash my hair every day. Sometimes by the end of a work day, I want to freshen up my hair without another wash. I saw this one, one by Suave and Dove and tried this one first.

Tresemme Freshstart dry shampoo

This fascinates me. I pay big money to get my platinum and gold Aveda highlights. I want them to stay pretty. This says it silkens and adds reflective crystals. I'm in.
Tresemme Nourishing Rituals Liquid Gold Shine Therapy

I admit it. I gave my Ever Pure smoothing shampoo away because the smell bothered me and I wasn't impressed. I will give this line another try.
I have my Dove oil spray and serum and of course my Aveda Smooth Infusion arsenal but this one was way less than Aveda, has no alcohol (Aveda doesn't either) and used the words silky and glossy to describe how my hair could be.
Usually when I see something shiny, I am gone.

Loreal EverStyle Smooth & Shine Creme

I have been loving the Loreal Youth Code BB Cream. I use my fingers instead of a sponge and decided to try one of these foundation brushes.
I have the Eco Tools brush set and adore it. And these are really cheap but high quality. This was $6!
It is cruelty free, earth friendly and made from recycled materials. And they wash and dry very well too. And don't shed.
EcoTools foundation brush

Happy weekend!!


  1. I love these posts! I'm most interested in the nail polish right now. My daughter is just getting into nail color, and it's fun to shop for it with her. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I like it when you do this. I'm so clueless about makeup and products. I tend to stick with the same thing for years, so I like reading about all of this and seeing so many different options!

  3. Love the nail polishes. I have been losing a lot of hair lately, too, so I will have to try that shampoo. I tried the dry shampoo, but im not sure if i like it. How do u like Benefit foundation? Im using Mac right now, but I dont care for it.

    1. I have a few Benefit foundation samples. Have not tried them yet. I have heard good things about Make Up Forever foundation and Stila too but I hate paying for expensive foundation when the BB cream I am using is only 13 dollars. I heard Mac shadows are awesome.
      I do want to try Urban Decay Naked ($38) foundation and Tarte Maracuja Miracle ($42) foundation at some point. I got a sample for Hourglass ($55) and I hear wonderful things about the brand but holy hell, I won't spend that much on foundation. I just go online or to Sephora and find out the popular ones and best sellers and go from there.

  4. I love that Serpent and Mojito polish. I may have to go get those. That is a LOT of bronzer girl! Which are you going to stick with???

    That is also a lot of hair product you've got there. I may try the Fructis because I lose a ton of hair since I only wash every other day. You may like that Tresemme dry shampoo because it comes out very white and should work very well for you. I still can't find that Dove oil, just the cream. And I want to try another BB cream to see if I like it better than the Fructis, which I like but don't necessarily love. I think the Revlon or Maybelline were the ones I heard the best stuff about. Finally, I may need to try that L'Oreal Everystyle cream because we all need some shine in our hair and with school starting that means I have to actually do my hair and not just put it in a bun and dry my bangs every day and then go with the wavy look when I leave the house.

  5. Your hair is really lovely so any shine or attention to it -bonus.

    Fructis is a fave around here. Daughter and moi.

    I am sold on coconut oil though, and will look into 'do-it-yourself-pedi's since we're scaling back. Should be interesting.

  6. i will look into a few of your products too, but geez....some of those you named, i may need to take a loan out!! lol i use argon oil after i wash, just a small drop will do, mix in real good, then blow dry. you can find it at sallys or a beauty supply store. its the best for shine and when you use appliances that fry your ends. but doesn't weigh it your hair down. my hair is sooooo dry, i can go a week without washing it and it won't look dirty. i don't, i usually wash it every 3 days.

    love all the goodies you got....the nail polish was fun too!!

  7. You have given me a lot of ideas to put on my wish list for my birthday.

    Looking for a good oil to put on my little bald head. It's getting a little dry and with fall and winter coming on it's going to get worse. Thank god for wigs!!!!


  8. I LOVE that IMPULSIVE nail polish. The color is GORGEOUS, let me tell you. I have no nails, but if I did that would be on them. Loved all your other insights and selections.

  9. Hey! I found you over at Dana's blog. I love the viking hat, very nice!

    I love that teal nail varnish, I'd never have thought of that colour, but I bet it's very pretty for toes! I highly recommend all Benefit products! Have you tried erase paste? It's amazing for dark circles and all that :) Great hair recommendations, mine is super dry at the moment and as soon as the heating comes on in the winter I'm going to start malting like a cat! I'll have to try these :D

    Great post :) I'm following your lovely blog :) I hope you had a great weekend!

  10. Thanks for sharing the beavy of goodies! There are sooooooooooooooo many products out there to try. I saw you over at my buddy Lulu's blog & thought I'd pop over to visit. Glad I did. Charlene

  11. We love you too!! Girl, you got some major goodies!! We love it! It's probably a good thing that we all don't live in the same area or we could really put a hurtin on our wallets. Not to mention that Walgreens, Target, Sephora would never be the same once we were there!! Now you have us wanting that Sephora by OPI nail polish! That is gorgeous for the fall!
    Your mention truly did make our day! It's been a crazy couple of days and that just made us feel so special. :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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