Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Well. Look Who's Back.

Rainbow as I got closer to Eureka, I made the guys at the gas station come out and see it
First night-raspberry margaritas. The dude behind me had a long, gray mullet with a mohawk on top. I made D fit him in the photo. He was pleased.

Mud Street cafe
Dinner at Ermilios. D failed on the dirty martini and the wine. We moved on to coffee.

Here are the few photos Blogger let me load before it told me I was out of space.
I need to purchase more but haven't yet.

I feel like I have been on a long journey and have just found my way back.
I crawled through broken glass and dry pine needles and greasy, grimy grizzly guts.

Here is what has been going on in my neck of the woods:

It has been hot as hell, I know, most of you have seen and lived it but it takes the life right out of you. Wears you out and makes you cry. Or maybe just me. No flowers, plants, green grass or summer smells have made Funny a sad summer-loving girl. 
We finally had some rain (too late) and some cooler temps. It has slowly brought me back to life.

The dogs have spent most of the summer in the villa. This makes for a lot, a lot a lot, of dog hair. And the dogs have been depressed too. No ball-throwing (I fear the friction of their paws will ignite a fire in the dust and dead grass, ha) Kona had a nasty bite of sorts on her leg complete with ooze and bloody discharge and had to go on an antibiotic (she loves taking pills so that was an entertaining week) and Finn spent all his time writing me love letters and writing XOXO in the dirt that used to be our backyard grass. Molly has gained some weight which is bad for her wonky legs so we are starting Fat Camp (she and I) soon. We took them for a nice walk in the dark last night which was super cool and relaxing with the nice weather. The neighbor's Schnauzer almost went to see Jesus when he ran out and surprised Kona and Finn (again, in the dark) and I almost lost a thumb to the retractable leash. We realized we need to buy new leashes. And walk the dogs more often. And purchase Schnauzer-keep-away-spray.

Work has been almost unbearable for me. We have fired, hired, re-hired, revamped some schedules and laid down the law to some unsavory and difficult employees. A few of them left (praise Jesus) and we fired a couple. Our general manager is getting ready to get some very bad news because of her awful attitude and bad-mouthing. This will get ugly before it gets pretty. She has been told to work on her issues and has continued to ignore our requests. My husband is fed up. Our employees are fed up. I don't deal well with stress so I have been putting the fake smile and big girl undies on but I think the best is yet to come.

One of our employees (also a friend of mine) has been dealing with her uncle's cancer. We have been helping her where we can and trying to keep her spirits high. This has made for some long nights and more than a few drinks. She used to be a terrible thorn in our side but she has grown up so much and now we really want to see her thrive and succeed. I also see a management position in her future (wink)

I have gotten really close to a few of the girls at work and we have had weekly dinner/drinks dates. They know I am their boss and it doesn't make things weird so it has worked out well. We have all gone through some hard times with husbands, exes, kids, work, parents and depression.

We have had a busy summer. And an expensive one. New ice machine, coolers and freezers going out, our big sign has electrical problems, dish machine hoses and lines, water leaks, problems with contractors/plumbers/electricians/carpet cleaners/food prices/new menu  etc....
Most of the extra money has come out of our personal savings. 
The customers keep coming in and things are going better. 
As my husband always says, you do the best you can do and then you do more.

I have a list of fall projects. 
The main two are painting the living room and getting wood floors. My husband (bless his bat shit crazy heart) wants to rip out the carpeting and install the wood flooring ourselves. This may end in divorce. I prefer to pay someone and have it done in 2 days. He likes the idea of starting it on a Saturday after work and finishing Monday night. With some vodka and prayer, it could happen. Could.
I already purchased the paint. We still need to make a final decision on the flooring.

My brother in law is a mess. His kids are (except for one of them) without common sense or manners. And his daughter dresses like a hoochie and is racist and bigoted. His ex wife is the epitome of white trash. His twin 15 year old son works for us as a busser and has somehow managed to escape the awfulness that is his family. He (BIL) is supposed to be buying his mom's house from my husband and their sister but he barely works (he likes to buy and sell scrap, a lucrative career) so we have him working for us. He mostly likes to sleep. And we got little done on the house while my sister in law was here because the 3 of them are hoarders and will dig through the trash after I throw things away. I finally gave up.

We refinanced our house. Got an amazing rate and knocked off a few years. 

The big one is still trying my patience. It is war of the worlds most days although so far, this week has been good. His room, his attitude, his depression and personal problems and his lack of motivation and interest in going back to college drive me insane.  

The little one survived band camp. He starts school tomorrow and took a full load for his senior year (at our request) He is editor of the yearbook, took Calculus and Advanced AP Literature and will be joining the track team. I was able to pick up a few school clothes and supplies but he likes to shop in the fall when he sees what is out there that he likes. I am pretty sure he grew 2 more inches this summer which makes him 6'6. I dread the buying of the jeans. 
He is still taking flying lessons and yesterday flew with no assistance from his instructor. Today he asked me if he could fly with a couple friends somewhere for spring break. His friend is starting lessons soon and his stepfather has a few planes. I listened as I hummed La Bamba. My husband has no problem with this idea.

My husband has been looking at Harley's. I told him many years ago he could get another motorcycle when the little one graduates. I hate them and will not ride with him but he isn't changing his mind. 

We had a great mini vacation to Eureka. We had great food, went on a ghost tour, shopped and had some yummy coffee and drinks. We were mostly pretty tired so there was no tearing up the town but we met some interesting people. Our usual night club was deserted on a Wed and Thurs night so we visited with our bartender friend and then walked the streets. Ha. The weather was awesome and our room was lovely. I did have some ghostly activity in our room while my sister slept but I am going to blame it on extreme exhaustion and alcohol. There was a bad vomit experience in the elevator (not our vomit, yes, our elevator) and the hot water overtook the cold but we took the stairs and steamed our pores clean so we lived. I ended up with some great jewelry and tops and got a few things for some people back home and as always, I got lost on the way home and had to stop and cry ask my husband for directions. And yes, the caddy has a gps, so does my phone and the printed return instructions. I have never returned home the same way I have arrived. Bizarre. I have no sense of direction. 
I will post more about the trip at a later date.

I have discovered some fun new (to me) makeup and beauty products and hope to do a favorite things post soon. I am also interested in your opinions on some of the fall trends.

I am trying to catch up on your blogs this week as I can.
Have a great week!


  1. Love the pictures you look so refreshed and happy in them :)
    I do not miss the employee stuff gosh I dreaded the crappy attitudes I am happy to be done as a business owner I had 6 employees and that was horrific !! I hope it all straightens out & you get some good help soon!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Welcome back!

    WOW! What a post!! Just so much info packed in there.

    Sorry about the employee nightmare. My brother is going through something similar, and it really sucks for him right now. He had to fire his manager a couple of weeks ago, and so far has been having to pick up the slack. That wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have the baby 6 days a week!! He looks like a walking zombie these days, the poor guy. I've been offering, non-stop, to either take the baby a few days a week, or come back to work at the bar (cuz, you know, I DON'T HAVE A JOB!) but he keeps saying no. I guess he's waiting until he collapses.

    I wish hubby would let you just hire someone to do the floors. Just bases on the picture Mel posted about your sister's floors, it looks like a LOT of work! Hubby already works too hard at the restaurant. Tell him he deserves to relax on his days off, not put in new floors!!

    I can't even THINK about your son flying off somewhere for spring break. It gave me palpitations to just read that!!

    Let me know when hubby gets that Harley. I'll be right there to take a ride!!

    I hope Big snaps out of his funk, and starts focusing on his future. But, I guess you can't make him do anything he's not ready to do, right?

    I'm so glad you're back. Can wait for you to start posting regularly again. I've miss you. :(

  4. Nice to see you back. Sounds like you and I got a two-for-one deal at the Life is Shit store. I'd like to return my gift. Some things are looking a bit better, other things worse. It's life.

    Don't go letting that Little one fly anywhere. You and I will die tragic heart attacks simultaneously.

    And the wood floors really aren't that bad. We did them this weekend and it was way better than I thought it would be. As J and R to come help! Just offer food and booze.

  5. I'm still trying to recover from putting in our floors. And we only had a little over 300 square feet to put in! I think the worst part was taking up the old floors. If you could keep your subfloor you have and just lay the new wood, that would make your life a lot easier.

  6. This post wore me slap out! Whew! You need a summer from your summer, one that is preferably much cooler and doesn't melt your face off the instant you step outside. Come to Georgia. It's much cooler here!!!

    We need to do the flooring thing too...but we're waiting for kids to fly the nest and take their grimy feet and spills with them! Ha ha.

  7. What a summer you've had, indeed. Sorry about all that stress at work. People can be difficult and trying to deal with them near impossible, On the other hand, the one you are nurturing, and the ones you socialize with out of work have to give you hope. Your ever so subtle comment about La Bamba and your son's request resonated with me. Good luck with that. Take care.


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