Tuesday, September 11, 2012

(I wrote this yesterday, forgot to publish.)

Monday again.

Our weekend was uneventful.
I got some of the laundry done and put away. I say some because it never really ends, does it?
I caught up on some blog reading and picked up a new book plus made a big Sam's stock-up trip for essentials. Also yet another trip to the restaurant supply.

Things have fallen nicely into place at work. The schedule writing is a bit of a pain but we have a few employees taking time off and one of our longtime cooks, also the previous owner, is retiring. One of the servers lost her uncle and has taken a couple weeks off to deal with funeral arrangements in New Orleans.
My husband was able to swing me 2 days off this week which will be spent playing catch up on projects.
I cannot even begin to express the relief I feel after getting rid of that bitch. The overall mood is greatly improved and if any of them miss her, it doesn't show. She made things so difficult on herself.  We may have more money now that she isn't helping herself.  And she was way sneaky about it but we figured it out (too late)
Karma. It knows.

Saturday night, I went for dinner and drinks with a couple girls from work. I miss the Saturday night dates with my husband and we have kind of been ships passing in the night around here.

Yesterday I finally got around to the kitchen. Wow, the floors were awful.
This morning I finished the laundry, made a weeks worth of hummingbird food, filled the bird's seed feeders, made coffee and got a bath before going to city for the big one's therapy.
He informed me that he did not want to go today, he has these really bad days, but I told him to get in the car and shut his mouth.

While he was therapy-ing, I went to Target.
I found some great layering tops on sale that will take me into fall.

This cardigan is my favorite

And these from Old Navy

I plan to do a big closet clean out this week and next to get rid of things I don't wear anymore or that don't fit.
I have lost 9 lbs, which really doesn't amount to much, but some of my shirts are too big now and I am getting rid of them.

I saw this a while back and had to copy it!


  1. Glad things are going better at work. Hopefully, some of your stress has been lifted now.

    I love the Target shirts! I might have to make a trip there myself soon. :)

  2. 9 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! Good for you! :)

  3. It's never ending at my house. Cute shirts. I have a hard time finding clothes at Target.

  4. Oh gosh, that cart is a hoot! Great shirts. I'm w/ Dana, might have to take a trip.

  5. Sooo happy for you that the mood at work is better.

    CONGRATULATIONS on losing some lbs!!

    Love, LOVE the pain chart!

  6. Glad things are settling down and calmer at work. Looks like you made a great haul. Love the pain chart. Hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly. :)

  7. That pain chart made me laugh because after my last visit to the Dr. I have been putting off doing a "pain chart" post. Glad to hear things are smoothing out at work some. Karma does know. I've been pretty much staying off the blogs and loving me some great weather!

  8. Love the tops you got at Target. Target gets most of my money. So glad that things are getting better at work. Yep, you are so right Karma always knows. Sometimes it takes awhile...Oh and 9lbs is huge. That's awesome!
    You left a comment recently giving my husband a compliment. He blushed! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. LOve the pain chart. I can relate some days. TO ALL OF THEM....
    glad work is better, and the stress level is down. and heck yea...9 pounds? that's awesome!
    oh. love the striped Old Navy shirt.
    have a great week. I hope you and your hubby can connect soon. Very important!

  10. I have another Target shirt that may be coming to see you too. It just requires motivation, a box, and a trip to the USPS.


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