Thursday, October 18, 2012

All over the place here

Trying to keep up with the blog.

My husband asked me the other day when I was going to post and when I told him "maybe never" he was disappointed. I guess I will always have at least one follower!

Got my hair done today. A trim and color with the blue and purple strips again. The best part was the hand massage and when my hubby brought me an iced vanilla coffee from S Bucks.

Finally made it to the grocery store. I carried all of it in and when I looked down at Skip (my son's Jack Russell), he had a bloody, gaping hole in his neck. I called my vet, who was closed, and then called my husband. He has a friend who is a vet assistant and she said to come in right away so I took off. Skip must have caught it on the fence when he was crawling under it (he digs out all the time) and ripped it open. He got 5 stitches, an antibiotic and some bacon (from the restaurant)
Don't look if you have a weak stomach.

I picked out my wood flooring:

Found out my ring WAS insured. Of course the value has gone up quite a bit since February. Something about the price of diamonds, whatever. Haven't decided if I want to replace it yet. 

Last night as we were in bed, we heard a huge crash. My closet shelf and right side clothing bar broke and fell. Sigh. Again. 

My hair stylist gave me a bag of this for a snack today. It was so good! She got it at Target.

Picked up a couple lipsticks today. This one is really bright and pretty. 

When I have a big project that involves cleaning or organizing, I find some good music and dance my way through it. I love this song, the title reminds me of my marriage right now.

I finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. Loved it so much! I cannot find season 5 online anywhere, even after signing up for Hulu Plus. Crap.

Any other series recommendations for me?


  1. hey girl, haven't commented on you in sooooo long. i almost fainted when i saw skips hole, even though you warned me. lol poor baby.

    don't feel bad about not blogging, if you have looked at mine, it has been the same for months!! i may update one of these days. i just got new pics of the grands, so i may bore everyone to death with them! and an updated pic of me, i've lost a few pounds since my surgery.

    i really enjoyed prison break when i was down at my daughters. it is on hulu. not on tv now. it has 4 seasons. it is pretty good and very addictive. i fell in love with the star guy in it. lol

    anyway, hope all is well your way. your hair and lipstick look really good. of course, you always do. don't be a stranger!!! xxxx

  2. I do like the color of that lipstick! Glad to hear the ring was insured, but I'm sure you would rather have the ring back. Poor Skip! It did look nasty; glad he was able to get help for it sooner than later; hope he has a speedy recovery. I do like your new flooring choice! As long as I am blogging, I will always be following your blog!


  3. I like that song! Not a big fan of the video. I'm not sure he realizes he's an older white man and not a groovy young black rapper. His rapping isn't bad - it's just all the weird hand gestures.

    Poor Skip. He probably just kept wondering why there was a bit of extra breeze on his neck. Then he saw something shiny and forgot about it.

    You didn't put a pic of the new hair!

  4. After being gone since September 25, I have a lot of catching up to do!

    I had to come to your Blog first..... :)

    I guess I should have started back and worked my way forward. I never do anything the way it's supposed to be anyway. Meh.

    I hope the fur baby is better.

    That lipstick is fab, x 10.

    Of to read about the ring.....


  5. Love that wooden floor. Hate that gaping hole. Ewww. So glad the pup is on the mend.

  6. Poor Skip! At least he got bacon out of the ordel. ;)
    Ring insured--good. Flooring is nice. I like the deep, rich color.
    Bummer about your closet. :(
    I have been watching Breaking Bad on Netflix and they only have through season four, too. I've been watching Dexter, Mad Men, True Blood, The Big C, Nurse Jackie, Justified, Burn Notice, Boardwalk Empire, and The Walking Dead (I know, I can't believe it but I heard so much talk about it--LOL!)...but I have to be very patient because on Netflix I am always a year behind, at least, and they take a while to finally get them after they are released to DVD. But, since I don't have cable, it works for me. Oh and The Tudors was awesome if you like period pieces and lust! ;)

  7. Oh poor Skip! Glad to hear he's going to be okay. Thanks for the comment on my blog. My pups are good. I should post some new pics of them soon.

  8. Yea that your ring was insured!

    I hate to see animals get hurt. Maybe Skip has learned his lesson? Probably not.

    Your wood floor looks very similar to the one in our main bath. I love it!

  9. Breaking Bad is awesome, awesome, awesome! Your poor dog...that was a horrific injury! I'm jealous you get a hand massage along with a haircut!


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