Monday, October 15, 2012

Back up in here

I plan for this to be quick, we shall see...

The funny story behind the gun photo: the photographer (a good friend of mine from way back who has taken pics of the boys and family pics when my inlaws were still alive) picked a place by an old bridge near the river. It is very secluded and people tend to party out there. Also, there is no phone service. When we turned onto the gravel road, a car followed us. An older but pimped out car. She immediately got nervous because we had my Escalade, her new SUV, her very expensive camera, the little one's 2, silver and gold, very nice baritone's (which belong to the school) and of course we were all dressed nice (I had been at work, she was dressed up like she always is and the little one was dressed for pics, duh) and looked out of place in this rustic river area. The car parked a bit down from mine and they sat in there and stared at us. She immediately wanted to leave but I was not having it until we got the photos done so I told her I kept a 9mm in my car. And a taser. Because my husband makes me. The little one tucked the gun in the back of his jeans and off we went. And the pictures are amazing. Here are a few she sent me:

The guys never left and I don't know if they were getting high, meeting someone there to make a drug deal, eating lunch or enjoying the weather. We left them alone and my photog felt safe.

Somehow that day, I lost my pinkie ring. My anniversary ring that I adore. It was chilly and windy and between the airport, the river and the park, it fell off my finger because my fingers were cold and the ring was loose. I have looked everywhere and although we had it appraised to insure it, I don't remember if we filled out the papers and turned them in. We will find out today.
RIP little ring. I know you are a material object but I still loved you so.
Stupid me. 

I have discovered Breaking Bad on Netflix and I am addicted to it. I am on the last episode of season 2 and it fascinates me.

Since we go to the city every Monday for the big one's therapy, I get a lot of Sephora time. And mall time (I love the mall, always have) I don't always buy but I make lists of what I want and then snap photos of my lists so I don't have to carry the notebooks around. Each page is for a different product type like lips, eyes, face, perfume, body and clothing items. I have both drug store and high end names on the lists. Any time someone tells me about a great product or I see it on tv or a blog or YouTube, I jot it down. When I purchase it, I cross it off the list and if I like it, I write little notes to share with others.
Last week was Clinique Bonus time at Macy's (which makes my and my sister's hearts sing) and I needed an eyeliner and mascara. I got a great new lipbalm and eyeshadow free plus a travel size mascara and a few other things. Mine has the bright pink gloss and the purple and gray eyeshadows.

I picked up this dress
Kensie Dress, Long-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Asymmetrical-Hem
Kensie Dress, Long-Sleeve Scoop-Neck Asymmetrical-Hem  

to wear Friday to the football game for senior night. We have to walk out onto the field with our senior in front of everyone who goes to the game (which is everyone in town, pretty much) which makes me ill. I got it in brown and I picked up some black leggings and will wear my brown and black leopard flats
I also got a few fall tops that were half off. This one is my favorite.

At Sephora, I picked up one of their holiday lip sets.
For the price of one gloss, I got 6. I simply love Lorac glosses and these are scented in Candy Apple, Frosted Gumdrop, Sugar Plum, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch and Creme Brulee.

I added this to my want list. Dot by Marc Jacobs.
Love the scent, love the bottle.

Date night last Tuesday.
We went for sushi.

He squinted last minute with the flash, I promise he isn't high.Or pissed.

Fall is here. I took this yesterday:

I have my hair appt. Thursday. It feels longer than 8 weeks since I had it done. I like the length so maybe just a trim but the color needs freshening up.

Now for a catch-up....

* The big one turned 22!! (on Sept. 28th)

* We had an interview with a naval recruiter a couple weeks ago. He spent 3 hours with the little one telling him all of the ins and outs. He is a retired captain 5th level. There is still a lot to do, letters to the vice president, 2 senators, congressmen, an endurance test, etc...
He did say his ACT scores, gpa, grades and leadership accomplishments are off the charts. There is way more to it than that but we are still full steam ahead.

* Our grass is finally green. We got some rain and my husband's elephant ears and hostas are happy. It is too soon to tell but I think we lost a few shrubs and trees this year.

* The hummingbirds are finally gone. I cannot even tell you how many we had this year. I plan to wash and store the feeders today.

* Mr. Funny got us a small patio set for the bedroom balcony. We have had our coffee out there a few times on cool sunny mornings but now it is time to put it away. He got it on clearance so it was worth the long wait.

* Walgreens had their Nexxus products on sale recently so I stocked up. I picked up some Therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner. Love the smell. I still use all of my Aveda products, I just rotate these in.

* Gave myself a purple fall pedi:

* And I am loving my striped scarf, also purple.

Scarf and earrings- Francesca's, t shirt- Old Navy

*I haven't had much time to read blogs or even comment but I am trying to make time. Things are so busy right now.

*I made the decision to skip fall and Halloween decorating this year. It takes me days to drag out all the stuff, organize it and do my dining room table. I don't have a straw bale or a pumpkin in sight. I will resume next year though. I did dig up my Fall, Autumn and Pumpkin B&B Works candles.

Busy week. Housework/laundry today, work and date night tomorrow, painting the living room as time allows, closet rehaul for winter, dog grooming, putting away patio furniture, last football game Friday/senior night, and Saturday I am working a half day and we are going out of town to the last marching competition. Having 3 nights off together this week is going to be wonderful.

I went to dinner with a friend last night and then we watched The Lady in Black. Scared the crap out of us!!!  

Have a great week!!!


  1. His pics turned out great!
    I like your nail polish! Good luck at Senior Night!

  2. Little's pictures turned out awesome. That last one, in front of the plane, is a little sexy.

    I want to see the dress!! I tried clicking on the link, but only got to Macy's webpage. :(

    Um...yeah...and the story about why you had a gun...SCARY! I love that you carry a gun, though. I always knew you were one cool chick!

  3. Love the pics, and what a story! I probly would have been too scared and went somewhere else....but I don't have weapons...LOL
    so glad to hear from you and that you got to play catch up with your past couple of posts. Sometimes busy is good, but it's also great to have down time. Take care and keep posting!
    by the way, I think I'm gonna break down and get me some good (which means costly) foundation. Someone recommended Clinique...what do you think?

  4. You're going to look so nice on Senior Night. Love it, and love that scarf. Fabulous!

    Also on my love chart, Breaking Bad. That show is addictive and incredibly interesting!

  5. Great to see you back. I don't think I would ever have to worry about feeling safe with you around. Love the toes and the scarf. I'm afraid I would eat those lip glosses instead of wear them. I got to play in Ulta the other day. Picked up a couple NYX eye shadows, and I really like them. It's hard to leave that place.

  6. That was interesting about the car hanging around when Little One was getting his pictures taken; glad you had "protection" with you; I would have been a bit leery myself under the circumstances, but you are right the pictures did come out great! How did Big One turn 22 already? I swear we were just mentioning his 21st birthday like it was yesterday!

    Does sound like you have been busy; glad you guys do make an effort for date night! And I so agree about not decorating; just save it and get an early start for Christmas!


  7. Great pics handsome fella, I changed my blog name no more footsteps same Janice though. Loved catching up with this lovely purple colors you are sporting in the photos. Happy Week get some relaxing in ok?

  8. Pictures turned out GREAT! - Was there just a random airplane out there? LOL As always.. love your style!

  9. Cute gun photo and story. Hubby always has his gun on him. ALWAYS. I have C&C but forget to carry most of the time. It pisses him off.

    You have been very busy! Busy time here too. Blogs can wait. Hopefully our friends will still be there when we return.

    Enjoy these drop dead gorgeous Fall days! I didn't think it was going to happen this year.

  10. I found your ring. It's in the picture of you with the purple scarf. And it makes me sad.

  11. OMGosh! What a newsy post! I think with the strangers in the car it might have been a good thing to pose him with a gun--LOL! ;)
    What a lot of goodies! I love that bug perfume container!! I'd want it just for that alone. :)
    Enjoy your weekend, busy lady!! :) :)

  12. LOVE that scarf, the pedi and those earrings are TDF.

    I want to come sit out on that balcony and drink coffee with you!

    Going to Sephora a week from tomorrow (the closest one is an hour away) and am putting the lip glosses on my list to pick up!

    Off to look up Breaking Bad on Netflix.



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