Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hello! Is anyone still out there?

It has been really cold here the last few days so I have been going straight home from work and getting in my comfy clothes. Yoga or fleece pants, long sleeved soft tees and my Ugg slippers. My flip flops and sandals have been put into hibernation for the winter.

I have been spending a bit of time on my friend, the internet, looking for fall and winter items to add to my "want" list (lordy, it is long, sorry honey)
Some of the things I purchased, others are n my "later" list.

I really get terrible dry skin in the colder months. I am bad about putting lotion on all over in winter because I get out of the bath and wrap myself in a big robe and then put warm clothes on. I do, however, moisturize my face like crazy.
My very favorite, for 2 years now, is this:

I just ordered this one today, it is for very dry skin.
I wear a retinol cream at night and layer this over it.

I love baths. I am too tired and lazy to shower at 5:30 am so a cup of coffee and a hot bath wake me up slowly. I shampoo my hair daily and then add some Aveda products to smooth my hair before flat ironing but I don't always condition. One of the girls at work reminded me of this product and then again I saw it on a YouTube video so I bought some. 
It is less than $3 at Walmart and it makes my hair so soft and the smell is amazing.
A new favorite!

My husband bought me/us a tv for the bathroom when they had a big sale Labor Day weekend. I want it mounted to the wall but until then, I have it on the platform the tub sits in. I catch up on Apple tv, Netflicks, Hulu Plus and YouTube beauty videos that I love. I love to use my various bath lovelies while I marinate.
Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop are obvious faves but my newest obsession is Lush.
I just ordered a new stash of soaps and a solid perfume and lip scrub. 
This Sultana of Soap is my favorite.

This, from The Body Shop, is on my wishlist.

I picked up some flannel sheets at Target the other day. They were festive and inexpensive ($20!) so I just did it.
I will probably put them on the bed sometime in November. Maybe with a red fleece throw.
Land's End and LLBean have the best winter things. I love their throws and blankets and fleece jackets and winter coats. I could go on and on. In December, Land's End has a sale on a certain item every day and I have gotten some great Christmas gifts for family and friends.
I want this blanket.

If you know me, you know that I love Ugg.
I wear the flip flops, the sneakers, gloves the boots and of course the slippers. Although a bit pricey, I wear the crap out of all of my boots. I have 4 pair and I don't play favorites.
This year I want a dressier pair to wear with skinny jeans or leggings. These caught my eye:

I am going to have to get them.

This is gorgeous. And wayyyyyy out of my price range.

I picked up a gray, long cardigan sweater at Target last week. It isn't on their website but the brand is Converse and it is the softest, warmest sweater. I love a long cardigan that I can throw on for work with a cute tank or top. 

I had to have this Anthropologie top. It is cute in the warmer months and a good layering piece in winter. I love the crazy sleeve detail.

Last up is another Target purchase. I have been looking for a rose gold watch but I didn't want to spend very much so this one fit the bill.
It was $20. Love.

What are your cooler weather favorites? I might need some new ideas, let me know!


  1. Ok, I know this is crazy, but I'm a bit worried about this TV situation in your bathroom. It doesn't sound very safe!!! I can't help but keep picturing you in the tub, and having that thing fall off the platform and into the tub with you!!! Get that baby mounted on the wall already!

    I totally get the tv in the bathroom, though. I used to love to bring my little 13 inch tv into the bathroom while I soaked in the tub. But, I set it on the closed toilet, across from the tub!!! Man, some nights, I would watch about 3 hours of tv in that bathtub, adding hot water every 20 minutes or so. Ah...the good old days.... ;-)

  2. Love those boots. The cranberry bath crystals sound heavenly. I just did a little shopping myself, so I'm getting ready to do a birthday goodies post.

    Have you tried any essential oils for moisturizing? I just bought some grape seed oil and lavendar oil, but I have not used it long enough to be able to tell a difference yet.

  3. We just had snow last night. Since I rarely ever leave the house these days makeup has become a thing of the past along with anything but comfy clothes, but I am always searching for good moisturizers. My hands are the driest, but body and hair are next. I will look for that Aussie Moisturizer. I am a shower person. I love putting on Neutrogena Body oil right after I'm done showering. Don't need much and not greasy, either. :)

  4. I agree, the soap and bath crystals sound so nice. I'm going to have to check out Lush. And you've totally inspired me to copy you and order those cute flannel sheets!

  5. I love L.L. Bean for my husband's clothes. Love those boots w/ the fur. But, I'm in FL,...can't imagine every needing them. Dang.

  6. I need a big old TV in my bathroom like right this minute. I live for my baths too! And that Clinique Moisture Surge is awesome. I love that stuff!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. So so sorry for all your losses. Your week did suck. On the flip side, I love flannel sheets!!


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