Thursday, November 15, 2012

Observations and Comments

No makeup in this post (hold yourselves together and stop crying)


Why do people care so much who John Mayer dates? He is not that cute and he seems to be a schmuck to women. His music all sounds the same.
Also, Taylor Swift. For being a sweet role model, she does sleep with a lot of guys and then sing about it. Annoying songs.

I really hate being cold. My hands are always icy and it makes me fussy. Ok. Fussier.

I have never and will never join the ranks of Black Friday shoppers. Too many people, too much insanity, the possibility of death or being maimed. Is a tv or a toy worth that? I say hell no!

I do, however, participate in Cyber Monday and the sales that ensue leading up to Christmas. I even get things for other people.

My dogs bark a lot these days. I blame the neighbors and their leaf blowers. The sound of the dogs barking and the blowers together make me want to stab my eardrums with a shrimp fork. I need to get a shrimp fork.

Speaking of neighbors, one of my neighbors lost a tree with the drought this summer. A huge branch narrowly missed my son's car. He felled it Tuesday. I wonder if he wants to keep it. My husband could use it for firewood.

Thanksgiving is next week. I realized this yesterday. Not a big deal for me this year as we will be a simple 5. And I have to be at work at dark o' clock Friday to feed the bleary-eyed Black Friday shoppers. This means limited alcohol consumption and an early bedtime. My favorite things.

My husband brought me a giant (venti for those that know) S Bucks peppermint mocha to work yesterday.

I sleep with my heating pad under me every single night. Possibly not safe but necessary. It started when my back was out this summer. Then I had neck problems. Now it is a security blanket thing.

 It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the little one's schedule. My husband has been mostly dealing with Naval Academy stuff and I am a secretary to them. I schedule appts. as needed and provide the clothing (bought and ironed) and healthy food needed. 
Here is an example of the past week: we were informed that he made State for band and has to travel 2 hours away for it on December 1st. He also has has an oral debate for a college Chancellor's Scholarship for his 2nd choice college on that same day. Guess what day his awaited NA interview with our State Rep and her board is???? 
My husband emailed her and moved the appt. To this Saturday. The day of the Christmas Parade (yes our town is ridiculous) and a school function that the little one is expected to march and play Christmas music in. So we had to talk to the band director (you really don't want to piss teachers off when you need them to write you letters of recommendation) and see if he would rather the little one missed the parade, or State.
I am driving the little one, this Saturday after working a few hours, to his appt. which is 3 hours away. So 6 hours round trip plus however long the interview takes.

In addition to all that, I need to buy him a new shirt to wear with his suit, be sure his shoes are polished and his shirt is pressed. He had his yearly teeth cleaning (it was time, he didn't need clean teeth for the interview) where we got the estimate for the 2 top teeth that he needs replaced (he knocked out his 2 front permanent teeth in DC years ago and has pretend teeth in there, he needs dental implants ($1,600)) and had a haircut complete with new Aveda hair products. He also took 2 flying lessons. He can officially take his exam to fly solo now which means he has to fly solo to take the test. 
So this was an expensive week.
My washer is making odd sounds. Need to call the repair man out to listen to it.
Need to make my grocery list for Thanksgiving. Do I want to buy or make the stuffing? Do we need ham and turkey? Do I have the magic stuff to make cheeseball? I think I need to get some of the stuff today so I can split the list into 2 trips. The non perishables can go in the pantry till next week. Maybe we should go out. I hate cooking.

I'm not going to Eureka Springs this year for our girl's trip/ my birthday/ shopping extravaganza. 

My day off, lots to do. Have a great day!


  1. You are like the busiest woman I have ever "known"!! When you figure out the turkey AND ham, let me know. I'm wondering the same thing :)

  2. I agree with Judy: your busy life makes mine seem so dull! :)

    I've gone out on Black Friday once or twice over the years, and I absolutely hated it. I don't like crowds on a normal day, and Black Friday is a million times worse. I'm not going this year, that's for sure.

  3. JEEZ. The Naval Academy process is intense. My boss is dealing with the Airforce Academy and there is so much!! I also think John Mayer is a tool and really could care less what he is doing and with whom! xxoo

  4. Damn, girl. I'm tired just reading all that jazz. I just got all my Halloween decor put away and Turkey Day stuff taken out and arranged. I have a lot of scarecrows. Just thought you should know that. I'm not happy you're not going with us. What if we go Thurs/Fri?

  5. Ugh! Sounds like you will need that Eureka Springs trip.

  6. Whew! You are one busy chick!

    I am with you on Taylor Swift....UGH. Have you ever seen her 'perform' live on past award shows? Can you say train wreck? She is completely one of those artists that only sound 'decent' with the help of technology. I can not stand her music. It's all whiny with a country twang. Bleck.

    I am also in accord with your stance on Black Friday. I did it ONCE at the request of my young daughter that wanted to see what it was all about...she was greatly disappointed and we both went home tired and frustrated. I am even considering staying away from stores that are now trying to be open ON Thanksgiving. Makes me mad.

    I HIGHLY recommend the Thanksgiving buffet out. While I am hosting this year (what was I thinking???) and enjoy cooking Thanksgiving meals for the most part, we opted to hit the Cracker Barrel last year. We had a bit of a wait (suggest eating early) but it was nice! No leftovers though. Go for it!

  7. Whew! I'm exhausted from just reading that!!

    I, too, just realized last night, at about 8pm, that Thanksgiving is next Thursday. WTF?? I have NO idea what we're doing, and right now, I don't really care, either.

    Glad you got so much done on your days off.

  8. Cyber Monday is a lot safter I think than Black Friday! It is exciting with Little One and all the things going on in his life! I never get why some people are so obsessed with celebrities (but then I do like to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians at the gym.....

    I like the idea of sleeping with a heating pad, that extra warmth must feel good! I hate cold hands too; I will sometimes heat up hot water, pour it into a coffee cup and wrap my hands around the cup to get my hands warm.

    Whatever you serve on Thanksgiving, I know it will be appreciated by those around your table!


  9. I too HATE cooking. Baking, on the other hand....

  10. I am just getting into the cyber shopping but I HAVE NEVER done a black friday shopping trip nor would I EVER & John Mayer ewwww I don't even like any songs of his either :))
    Remember to breathe

  11. I brave the Black Friday Shopping. I magically have lots of patience that day. I just go with my mom and cousins and help them shop. And John Mayer...I knew I liked you. He stinks! My body is a wonderland...really john, is it? And that song "say what you need to say" over and over again. I want to punch someone when I hear that. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  12. Wow, Lady!! I'm exhausted just reading this! ;)
    I wish your son the best in all his endeavors and choices.
    I totally agree with you on John Mayer, Taylor Swift, and Black Friday!!! Totally!!
    Quick--go ask the neighbor about the tree limb!
    Your hubby sounds like a sweetheart. :)
    Rest while you can, woman!! :):)

  13. Waaaaaaat??? No Makeup Post? Ga!

    I don't know how you get this all done.....superwoman you are!

    Oh yea....I see one below so I am off to read that one now!



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