Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sometimes I save all my ideas and put them in one long post

Phone dump:

Love my Target scarf
The little one at lunch on Saturday (that is a fake smile)
One of the lakes we drove over on Saturday

The same lake at sunset

Broke out the big guns on Monday (Uggs)
Story of my life.....
I'm gonna need this bottle
I knew there was a reason I liked baths
My fridge today, not even close to finished making dishes and out of room (the garage fridge is full too)
This happens daily, I don't actually KILL them though

RIP old friend

On my way to work

What a week!
* finished shopping for tomorrow 
* got a few Christmas gifts out of the way 
* found a big water damage problem in the basement stemming from a leak behind the fridge one floor above it and spent a good part of the night carrying soaked boxes of work papers (the ones you have to save for 7 years) upstairs to the garage to dry 
* had a repairman out to fix said leak in addition to washing machine, found out washer is going to cost as much to fix as buying a new one so had to go pick out a new washer yesterday
* had an estimate done for the wood flooring
* the little one went for his big interview (3 hours away) and they were very impressed (I actually knew one of the interviewers- he owns 2 restaurants here in town)
* bought the little one a little gift for his trouble, new running shoes for his Academy training

* also got the papers in the mail for his medical evaluations he needs, ear/eye/physical that he has to have before he can perform the actual physical tests for them
*  poor kid ended up with a 24 hour bug and threw up with a fever yesterday, he slept all day and woke up doing better today
* ordered a cute new sweater from Gap, I see it is on sale now (drat)

* I just got a phone call from some asshole named Jasper with a middle eastern accent in Seattle. He told me he was from Microsoft and that my Windows computer had sent him some critical messages recently and could I get on my computer and help him fix this situation. I told him "yeah, thanks" and hung up on him. I sent the number to my husband who blocked his own number and called the number back and it was a private answering machine with the same middle eastern voice. If you get these calls, end them. They are trying to get personal info from your computer. 
* I also got 2 emails this week from spammers, do not open mail like that, they can hack you that way too. 
* I raced home from work early today to make Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes, skillet cornbread for stuffing, cheeseball and chocolate pie. My house is only partly clean so that is also on my list tonight.
* the fridge leak ruined a few pieces of my kitchen tile, now I have 5 cracked tiles
* I got chewed out by a customer today for being closed on Thanksgiving. She said that since Walmart would be open all night, I should be open to feed the Brown Thursday (my word) shoppers. I let her know that we would remain closed so that our employees could be with their families. I wanted to add "suck it!" but I refrained.
* I told the big one he would be responsible for some of the dinner tomorrow, he chose the veggie platter. I hope he realizes how much washing and chopping he will be doing.
* sweet potatoes and yams are not the same thing, a customer and I had this talk and I googled it to hush him up

I am thankful for God, my husband, my kids, my family and extended family, my employees, my home, my business, cars that run, a warm bed, good friends, blog friends, my annoying dogs, jeans that fit, food to eat, electricity, the ability to still pay my bills, a sense of humor, vodka, wine, nail polish/lipgloss/makeup, the invention of the flat iron, great customers, black olives, sunshine, beaches, therapists, perfume, health, knees that hurt but still work, magazines, deodorant, seat heaters, coffee, razors, sunglasses, computers and being able to help those who are less fortunate.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Not this year

To my husband

Yes. Yes I do.


  1. I LOVE that picture of you labeled "on my way to work." You look so pretty.

    Your fridge picture made me laugh out loud!! That's what mine usually looks like, and not just for holidays. :(

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!!


  2. I need a little drinky drink, too! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Great pictures! That scarf is so pretty.

    That wine in the bathtub e-card describes me perfectly. Love it!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Little One is really growing since the last picture I saw of him; he is turning into a mighty handsome young man! Loved all the pictures of you!! So many blessings we have, don't we? Great to have tomorrow to be thankful (and eat and drink too much :)

    I commend you for not being open on Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Yea you for sticking to your guns and giving your employees the opportunity to spend time with their families. And what is up with moving up the shopping to Thanksgiving Day! That just plain pisses me off. But then, I don't do Black Friday either. I'm not that insane. Sorry I've been away from the blogs so long. Hopefull everyone in your life is doing good. Congratulations to the little one on his successes! You should be very proud, as should he.

  6. I hope it was a good one after all those disasters to clean up after--goodness!
    But there are always so many things to be thankful for. :) :)

  7. In no particular order:
    1. Your washer doesn't look that old.
    2. I love your mustard colored sweater. Where did you get it?
    3. Love the Uggs. Know where I can find them.
    4. I buy our kids gifts for achievments and Jen-determined special occasions. Glad you do too.
    5. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Being cloed on Thanksgiving. Brown Thursday (great name), is STUPID. For crying out loud, try enjoying some time with your families people!
    6. Finally, someone whho sees that sweet potatoes and yams are not the same thing. They aren't even the same color!


  8. Okay, my daughter found this interesting website concept and I instantly thought of you since you love to shop, love cute clothes (and rock every item you wear!) and enjoy's called wanelo.

    You just sign up (it reminds me a little of pinterest) and you can 'save' items to your favorites but the cool thing is, you can click right on the item and buy it from its distributor/company if you want to. Very cute, unique things!

    Thought I'd share it!

    Have a marv-y and might I add, a little LESS eventful week?! :)

  9. You are one busy woman! I think you would be a great girl to have a drinky drink with! :-)

    Love that yellow sweater on you! And good luck to your son and all of his interviews/tests. That is so awesome!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Since I discovered your blog I have gone back and am catching up. I enjoy it so much I have set my library books aside. I have a few thoughts....
    You make me feel lazy, you accomplish so much!
    You are an amazing decorator.
    I need your fashion advice.
    You are part of a wonderful family.
    You run a successful business and you work your butt off to do so. We owned a family business for 25 years and the investment, hours and stress at times cannot be understood by someone who has not done it themselves.
    You are not bragging and your finances are no one's business. You have earned your success!
    Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of your life and making us laugh (and) cry with you. I hope you will continue.
    Only a few more weeks and the days will be getting longer--dec 21.

  11. Helloooooooooooooooooo...u ok??

  12. Oh, I am SO buying that water bottle!

  13. Hey Funny! You out there? . . . You must have a shopping update for us... or a wish list update . . . or any kind of update. . .

  14. Hey there! Just wanted to say that we hope you have a great holiday with your family!! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. What a hoot. I love those cartoons. I've seen some that made me spew wine on my computer screen :)


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